Pokemon Gym Leaders Who Need Better Backstories

Within the mainline Pokemon video games not all Gymnasium Leaders are created equal. Some, like Flannery of the Hoenn area’s Lavaridge City Gymnasium in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, are given a transparent arc. She has solely lately turn into a Gymnasium Chief while you encounter her and is attempting too arduous to be somebody she is not. Her loss to you teaches her that she must be herself and loosen up in her new position. It is a quick, easy and pleasurable story.

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Different Gymnasium Leaders exist solely as obstacles in your path. Some have a backstory on show, however it simply is not sufficient to color a full image and leaves you wanting extra. Learn beneath to search out sufficient Gymnasium Leaders to kind their very own Pokemon League, all of whom want extra backstory.

8 Allister

Allister in a battle stadium in Pokemon Shield

In comparison with some Gymnasium Leaders, Allister really does have some fascinating parts to him. Chief of the Stow-on-Aspect Gymnasium in Pokemon Protect, changed by Bea when you go for Pokemon Sword, Allister is a Ghost-type specialist. He turned Gymnasium Chief at a younger age, is so painfully shy that he at all times wears a masks, and claims to have the ability to see deceased Pokemon after he was in an accident when he was 4.

All of that is fascinating, however it merely is not sufficient. What was this mysterious accident? If he’s so uncomfortable round strangers that he opts to put on a masks, what drove him to take a public place like Gymnasium Chief? Particularly within the Galar area the place Gymnasium battles happen in stadiums full of followers. Allister is an enchanting character who deserves extra story not as a result of he does not have any, however as a result of what he has is so intriguing.

7 Marlon

Marlon with his goggles posing in front of the sky

Chief of Humilau Metropolis’s Gymnasium Marlon is a main instance of a Gymnasium Chief severely missing backstory. Showing in Black & White 2, Marlon is the ultimate Gymnasium Chief you may face who’s notable for being so carefree that he does not even know who Crew Plasma are — which appears somewhat unbelievable after their antics in Pokemon Black & White.

Other than that there’s so little to his character that it is easy to neglect he existed in any respect. He does technically help you in opposition to Crew Plasma by decreasing a gangplank so you possibly can attain them, however he does not even stick round to assist battle the identified criminals. It is not unreasonable to count on the ultimate Gymnasium Chief in a area to be memorable given Giovanni set the usual within the unique video games, and Marlon simply does not reside up.

6 Erika

Erika greeting the player in front of a tree

Erika could also be one of the vital underrated Gymnasium Leaders in all of Pokemon and a part of the rationale why is that the writers of Pokemon Purple & Blue by no means gave her the eye they need to have. In future video games, the sequence would give us extra outwardly female Gymnasium Leaders, however Erika was the unique.

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Sadly, we all know subsequent to nothing about her. She dozes off regularly, solely likes Pokemon she considers visually interesting and… that is it, actually. Of all of the Kanto Gymnasium Leaders, she’s proven the least narrative care and she or he completely deserved higher.

5 Olympia

Olympia using her psychic powers with a planet behind her

Olympia, undeniably, has an unbelievable design. A girl who exudes energy even with out utilizing her psychic talents she has the looks of an Elite 4 member, or perhaps a Champion. She shares the trait of many Psychic-type Gymnasium Leaders of being an precise, or at the very least supposed psychic, herself and past that there’s sadly little or no to speak about.

The one factor that stands out about her is that her cloak apparently has an antigravity area that enhances her psychic powers. Ignoring the questionable science behind this, if we settle for that it really is true one way or the other, it solely raises extra questions. The place did she get this technological marvel, and is the antigravity area what helps hold her hair in place like that?

4 Katy

Katy smiling right before her gym battle

Katy is more likely to be the primary Gymnasium Chief you encounter in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, though the open format of the sport additionally means you may encounter her a lot later and be vastly overpowered for the battle in opposition to her. Both manner performs into the story the sport gives for her — she is aware of she’s most Trainers first Gymnasium battle and intentionally retains her battles simple due to it. After her rematch, she resolves to cease doing this.

That is an fascinating level about how Gymnasium Leaders must function, however it is not something to do with Katy as a person. It is an institutional story relatively than a private one. As soon as we take this away, Katy is left as a baker with virtually no different elements to her character.

3 Tulip

Tulip gracefully holding a Pokebaal with two Medicham behind her at night

Tulip, “The Bewitching Beautician,” has loads of hyperlinks to different characters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Childhood pals with Dendra, the Battle Research trainer, and somebody with sturdy opinions about her boss Geeta. She’s additionally collaborated with Iono, one other Gymnasium Chief, up to now.

Her connections to others apart, we all know little or no about Tulip herself. She’s a make-up artist, fashionista, an overachiever, and that is it. It is potential that this was deliberate given her unbelievable design and her profession as a beautician, that she was supposed to be learn as somebody who depends on her seems and does not have a whole lot of character behind them. This looks like a beneficiant interpretation although, and the reality is that she simply wanted extra story.

2 Candice


Candice is a very fascinating Gymnasium Chief for taking part in in opposition to tropes, and being conscious of it too. As an Ice-type specialist, she feedback that she typically acts the alternative of how folks would count on an Ice coach to behave. She is not chilly and distant, however is as a substitute heat and energetic.

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That is such an fascinating matter for the video games to discover, the concept it’s anticipated sure forms of persons are drawn to Varieties of Pokemon. Sadly, outdoors of this remark, Candice does not do rather more to discover the thought, leaving it out within the chilly.

1 Lt. Surge

pokemon anime lt. surge

Lt. Surge was apparently an American lieutenant within the military who fought in an undisclosed conflict. If that does not look like a sentence that ought to apply to a personality from Pokemon you then’re proper to really feel confused. It is a holdover from the earliest days of Pokemon when the franchise was set at the very least partially in the true world.

It raises so many questions that there are simply no solutions to, and that is a disgrace. The notion of Pokemon being utilized in battle has been explored in video games like Pokemon Conquest, however it’s so tonally completely different from the strategy of the mainline video games that it begs additional exploration.

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