My smartphone and Xbox gamepad become a full-fledged portable gaming system thanks to this $15 controller clip

Whereas cell gaming is nothing new, online game streaming providers like Xbox Game Pass, Google’s Stadia, and Amazon Luna now give players instantaneous cell entry to lots of the similar video games they play on their residence consoles and PC. As a bonus, each Apple and Android devices now have native support for Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

As a result, when combined with the controller of your choosing and a simple $15 controller clip, your phone may transform into a full-fledged portable gaming console. This inexpensive and versatile attachment allows you to directly connect your controller to your phone for on-the-go gaming convenience.

The PowerA Moga gaming clip lets me simply join my Xbox controller to my smartphone for cell gaming.

I exploit the PowerA Moga gaming clip for Xbox controllers, allowing me to connect the controller and home my smartphone comfortably. The design lets me simply join the gamepad to the telephone through USB as a substitute for Bluetooth. Utilizing a USB connection enables me to avoid wasting battery and eradicate wi-fi delay. I can instantly use the controller to navigate my telephone’s standard interface and transfer between apps with no extra setup.

The clip is compatible with all models as long as the width does not surpass 3.12 inches. I use it with my Pixel 4 and Galaxy Note 9, but it will work with any model as long as the width does not exceed 3.12 inches (79mm).

You can change the screen positioning with a couple of knobs to your satisfaction, whether you want the phone to be directly above your hands while playing or at a higher angle over the controller. When not in use, the clip is simple to collapse, but due to its design, you’ll probably prefer to keep it in a bag rather than a pocket.

Is it necessary to purchase a controller clip?

With services like Xbox Game Pass and Amazon Luna+ now offering dozens of games for a monthly fee, and other in-home streaming services like Steam Link and Parsec allowing me to connect to my gaming PC, my controller clip has become one of my most frequently used gaming accessories, both at home and on the road.

The fact that my phone and gamepad are connected as a single mobile unit simplifies gaming, and a controller provides a significant upgrade above the standard touch controls used in mobile games. Although the PowerA Moga gaming clip I own is designed exclusively for Xbox controllers, Oivo also offers identical clips for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 gamepads.

If you already have a smartphone and a suitable gamepad, a simple clip may transform your phone into a full-fledged portable gaming system. It’s a cost-effective solution for gamers who don’t want to spend $200 to $300 on a Nintendo Switch to take their favorite games with them on the move.

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