Review of the Razer Enki X, a $299 all-day gaming chair designed for the rest of us

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I reviewed Razer’s $500 gaming chair, the Iskur, last year. While it was unquestionably on the pricier end of gaming chairs, it did include something unique: an adjustable lumbar arch for those extended gaming sessions.

Razer has returned with the Enki and Enki X. These are technically gaming chairs, but they’re designed for all-day use, making them better options for individuals who want less of a gaming chair and more of a truly comfortable office chair. Instead of a V8 sports car, consider a V6 sedan.

While neither has the mechanical lumbar arch that Iskur has, they do have a significantly lower starting price of $299. I’ll also argue that the Enki’s main selling point, the extra-padded seat cushion, makes it an excellent choice for the rest of us less serious gamers.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been using Enki X, and here’s what I’ve discovered.


  • It’s really comfy to sit for long periods of time.
  • Design that is both stylish and environmentally friendly
  • Simple to put together
  • Reasonable cost


  • If overtightened, the wheels might become squeaky.
  • More padding on the armrests would be beneficial.

Razer Enki X: Worth and availability

Enki24855 Shot1 R

The Razer Enki and Enki X are now available for purchase on the Razer website. Enki X starts at $299 and Enki starts at $399.

The most important aspect of these chairs is that they have the same seat, backrest, and general design. The $399 Enki, on the other hand, offers 4D armrests (rather than 2D), a “reactive seat tilt” with a 152-degree recline (rather than the Enki X’s 152-degree recline), and a memory foam headrest cushion (which you buy for Enki X separately). Everything else about the two seats is identical.

Razer Enki X: What’s good

Review of the Razer Enki X, a $299 all-day gaming chair designed for the rest of us

Enki X and Enki are designed for those who work at a computer all day and enjoy gaming. Perhaps you don’t even play games; instead, you work at a desk all day and want a nice office chair that isn’t as boring as anything from Staples.

Razer deserves praise for how simple it is to put together. When you open the huge package, you’ll find some amusing graphics, a pair of gloves, and a massive welcome letter that also serves as instructions. Enki X is even easier to assemble than Iskur, thanks to pre-threaded screws on some of the screws. The entire assembly process took 25 minutes, including unpacking.

Razer enlisted the expertise of a “aviation design professional… who previously developed cockpits and flight chairs to allow pilots to remain focused and comfortable when sitting for long periods of time” to create Enki. It was well worth it. Enki has a 21-inch seat base, which allows you to cross your legs and move about more freely than Iskur. Typical gaming seats, on the other hand, are more like jetfighter cockpits – tight and constraining.

Review of the Razer Enki X, a $299 all-day gaming chair designed for the rest of us
Really helpful weightLower than 300 pounds less than 136kg
Beneficial top5’5″ to six’8″166cm to 204cm
Chair cowl shadeInexperienced, black, quartz
Chair cowl materialsEPU artificial leather-based
BaseAluminum base
BodyMetal body
Armrests4D metal-reinforced armrests
Casters60mm PU coated casters
Fuel carry classClass 4
Foam typeExcessive-density PU molded foam
Complete recline angle152 levels
Adjustable headrestReminiscence foam headrest pillow
Guarantee size36 months

When comparing Enki to other chairs, Razer made a big issue about “pressure mapping” people’s behinds, claiming that Enki had less pressure spots due to the way weight is distributed. It’s all true, too. I can sit on Enki all day and not feel any discomfort or pressure spots in the bony part of my butt (the ischium for you anatomy nerds). This astounds me because all seats eventually create exhaustion from sitting, but this is the first time it hasn’t happened to me. I wish airlines would use these seats for more than just pilots.

Review of the Razer Enki X, a $299 all-day gaming chair designed for the rest of us

While Enki’s lumbar arch isn’t as good as Iskur’s, it does offer a smaller fixed arch that feels supportive while reclining back.

Razer says it is created with “reduced energy usage and carbon-emission methods, with no environmentally damaging chemicals used in its creation,” and claims it uses premium “dual-textured eco-sustainable synthetic leather” (the same as several luxury automobile companies). The overall impact and appearance are fantastic.

And, unlike some leather (or faux leather) gaming chairs, the Enki’s patterned cloth in the centre keeps you firmly in position during the game. It also has a professional appearance.

Razer Enki X: What’s not good

Review of the Razer Enki X, a $299 all-day gaming chair designed for the rest of us

With Razer Enki, there are a few minor issues. I observed some squeaking coming from where the seat base and back met after installing the chair. It was the rubbing of the EPU synthetic leather and some of the plastic. Perhaps I overtightened the screws because loosening them reduced the effect substantially, however it still exists if I force it.

The wheels are likewise in good condition. They soon gather up dirt and dust and don’t roll as smoothly as I’d like. They get you around, but for a more luxury experience, I could see upgrading to something better.

The reclining mechanism can also be a little loud and harsh, though it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Similarly, the 2D armrests (4D on Enki) aren’t as smooth or high-quality as the Razer Iskur (but then again, you’re saving $200).

Adding some softer padding to the armrests wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. While they do a good job of supporting your arms during long typing sessions, after a few hours of resting on them, my elbows become tired. So, Razer, here’s my suggestion: use the same material as the seat cushion for the armrests. I anticipate receiving a payment in the mail.

Razer Enki X: Competitors

There aren’t many chairs that straddle the border between gaming and business chairs as well as the Razer Enki and Enki X, as most fall into one of two camps.

Secretlab is Razer’s most obvious opponent in the premium chair market. It just released the TITAN Evo series, which has received a lot of favorable feedback and appreciation. Secretlab specializes in mass manufacturing with personalization, allowing you to choose from a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. However, as excellent as the TITAN Evo is, it starts at $499, making it more comparable to Razer’s premium Iskur. If you’re shopping, it’s still worth a look.

E-WIN, another well-known gaming chair brand, is available for less than $300. It’s not as comfortable all day as the Enki, but it’s only $269. Cold-cure foam and PU leather are used in the E-WIN Calling series, which allows you to choose from a variety of colors.

Razer Enki X: Must you purchase it?

Enki26321 Lifestyle Shot3 R

If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, this is the book for you.

  • You want a computer chair that is pleasant to sit on all day.
  • You’re cool with the gamer (Razer) look.
  • You find “cockpit” chairs to be overly confining.

If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, this isn’t the product for you.

  • You work in a traditional office setting.
  • If you’re looking for the best lumbar support, you’ve come to the right place.

Razer is still a relatively young player in the extremely competitive gaming chair market. I try to stay away from reviewing too many of these seats because they’re all so similar and, to be honest, boring. But Razer has shattered the market twice, first with Iskur’s articulating lumbar arch and now with Enki’s supremely comfy seat base: this is fantastic stuff.

I believe that anyone who enjoys the aesthetic of Enki would enjoy this chair. It’s quite comfy, has outstanding quality, is simple to install, and comes with a three-year warranty.

The pricing is also reasonable, starting at $300, which sounds reasonable and more flexible than Iskur’s $500 price. In comparison to Iskur, I believe this is a better choice for individuals who plan to sit for eight hours a day rather than a “battle chair” designed for long gaming sessions. They’re both fantastic, but for different reasons.

To be honest, I’d love to see Razer merge the two ideas. Add Iskur’s articulating lumbar arch to a more expensive Enki “Pro,” some plusher armrest cushioning, and call it a day.
Overall, the Razer Enki X (and Enki) is an easy recommendation for anyone looking for one of the best all-day computer chairs. Some people may not appreciate the all-black style and gamer ethos, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Razer offers more color options, such as the fabric gray Iskur. I’ll be utilizing it from now on because Iskur is taking over as our secondary generic office chair.

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