Razer’s Zephyr smart facemask with RGB and N95 filters can now be yours for $99

What you should know

  • Razer has announced that the Zephyr smart facemask will be available today.
  • N95 filters with two-way protection and a pair of 2-speed fans for circulation and cooling are included in the mask.
  • It also has a transparent front that allows people to view facial emotions and interpret lips by filtering RGB illumination.
  • The Razer Zephyr is available for $99.99 starting today.

Razer debuted Project Hazel earlier this year, a smart N95 medical-grade mask with Chroma RGB lights. It was renamed Zephyr two months ago. Following a beta test, the mask is now available for purchase, as RazerCon revealed today.
When compared to the early photos of Project Hazel, the Zephyr has a few design tweaks, but the overall concept remains the same. It’s a wearable air purifier with built-in technology to aid communication.
The Razer Zephyr is FDA-approved and lab-tested for bacterial filtration efficiency of 99 percent (BFE). It has two-way protection and N95 grade filters. The filters, according to Razer, last three times as long as single-use disposable masks. Disposable masks, on the other hand, lack RGB, a silicone seal for a secure fit, and a transparent front that allows people to view facial expressions and read lips, all of which are available on the Razer Zephyr.
The Razer Zephyr filters the air you breathe in and out, safeguarding you and those around you. Two air exchange chambers allow air to flow in and out. There are also two 2-speed fans to help with circulation as well as cooling.

The front of the facemask has a soft silicone face seal, while the back has a dual strap design. This configuration should allow the mask to fit snugly while remaining comfortable.
While the 2020 COVID pandemic is Zephyr’s main emphasis, recent occurrences of the Delta strain (and Lambda) have brought mask use back to the center of public health.
For many people, masks have become popular as a way to prevent the respiratory symptoms of airborne pollution and allergies. Furthermore, given previous epidemics like as SARS, the 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic, and the frequency of Asian Dust, wearing masks has become increasingly common in many Asian countries. As a result, Zephyr could be more profitable in those regions than in Western nations where wearing masks is more difficult (even one as cool looking as Zephyr).
The Zephyr, like many other Razer products, supports Razer Chroma RGB. The Razer Zephyr app, which is available for iOS and Android, allows you to control the interior lights (even turning them off) and fans.
More intriguingly, the $99.99 price tag is the big news. Since its unveiling in January, there has been speculation that it could cost hundreds of dollars. This pricing appears to be more feasible.

Of course, Razer took a few steps to bring the Zephyr’s price down. Most notably, unlike the original Project Hazel design, it lacks microphones and speakers for voice amplification. There isn’t even a sophisticated shell with UV lamps to sanitize it while simultaneously charging it. If there is enough demand for such features, Razer said it may include them in a future premium edition.
The mask’s decreased price should make it more accessible to folks who need to wear a mask all day while still looking fashionable. Each filter lasts three days and costs $30 for a set of ten Razer N95 filters. For $150, you can get a beginning kit that includes the Zephyr and three N95 filter packs.

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