I got a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro from Apple for $150 less than the new iPhone 12 Pro

  • I purchased a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro from Apple, and it is in excellent functioning condition.
  • Although the refurbished discounts aren’t huge, they’re still less expensive than buying new.
  • Refurbished iPhone models from the past are not recommended because they are of low value.

For some, the term “refurbished” conjures up images of a used equipment that has been cleaned and resold at a reduced price, and there’s always the risk of inheriting cosmetic or even functional problems.

We wanted to check if that was the case with Apple’s refurbished iPhones, which are the company’s best-kept secret. We’re looking at the iPhone’s appearance as well as its functionality, such as the cameras and batteries.

Instead of receiving a unit through the typical press routes, we purchased a refurbished 256GB iPhone 11 Pro for $849 for this test to guarantee that our refurbished item represented what everyone else would get. That’s a $150 savings over the full $999 pricing of a 128GB iPhone 12 Pro, according to Apple.

The short of it is that the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro we received is absolutely faultless, and everything works properly. This is due to Apple’s policy of replacing practically everything, including the back glass, screen, metal frame, and battery. The logic board, which contains the CPU and other hardware that makes the phone operate, as well as the camera module, are the only pre-owned original parts in refurbished iPhones.

In essence, when you use an Apple refurbished iPhone, everything you touch is as new.

Just keep in mind that refurbished iPhones are in high demand, and availability is limited. The reconditioned Phone 11 Pros listed below are now the greatest deals from the Apple refurbished shop, especially since they’re the 64GB base storage devices. However, they may not be around for long.

What does it mean to have a “refurbished iPhone”?

A refurbished iPhone is one that has been previously owned by someone else and has been reconditioned, as well as fixed if necessary, in order to be sold to a new owner at a reduced price.

The quality of the refurbishment or remodeling is one of the greatest concerns when purchasing a reconditioned goods. Apple’s refurbishing quality is particularly excellent in the case of its refurbished iPhone store. Take a look at the visual and functional state of the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro we purchased from Apple:

  • The reconditioned iPhone arrived in a plain cardboard box.
  • A white iPhone box is secured in and tight in the delivery package when you open it. Unlike when purchasing a new iPhone, the iPhone packaging is completely white and reads “Apple Certified Pre-Owned” towards the bottom.
  • The iPhone 11 Pro is packaged in the same way it would be if it were brand new. Plastic wraps the front and rear, which you can easily peel off.
  • Apple claims to replace the “outer shell” of used iPhones, which includes the back, front, and metal frame.
  • Basically, everything your hands and fingers come into contact with on this refurbished iPhone is brand new and devoid of flaws.
  • The logic board inside, which houses the processor and other electronics, and the camera module are the only items that are original. The metal frame is completely scratch-free.
  • The power button is visible on the right side of the frame, which shows no indications of wear. This iPhone does not appear to have been previously owned in any way.
  • Rather, it feels as if you purchased an iPhone from Apple. This is the refurbished iPhone’s top edge.
  • The volume buttons are on the left side.
  • All of the accessories, including the charger, charging cord, and wired EarPods, are as new.
  • And look at this: even if you buy a refurbished iPhone, you’ll receive Apple stickers.
  • Because it’s a pre-owned iPhone, it’s not the first time it’s been turned on, but it’s ready to be set up right out of the box.
  • After the standard setup, you’ll have a completely new and clean iPhone.
  • The battery is fully charged, indicating that it is a new battery. If it were a used battery, the capacity would be smaller. Wireless charging and charging with a cable both function as intended.
  • I can also attest to the fact that all three cameras function flawlessly. This picture was captured with a standard wide-angle camera.

Should I buy an Apple reconditioned iPhone?

Yep. Refurbished iPhones from Apple are in excellent shape, and you never get the impression that the phone was once owned by someone else when using it. Apple’s refurbished iPhones come with the same one-year warranty as new iPhones, as well as a 14-day return policy.

With that said, we wouldn’t buy any refurbished iPhone you see in Apple’s refurbished store simply because it’s on sale. For example, you can acquire a refurbished 64GB iPhone XS for $639 at the time of writing, which is a bad price. Instead, for that money, we’d recommend the $600 64GB iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 is not just less expensive, but it is also a newer phone with a faster processor and better cameras.

Refurbished iPhones don’t come with huge reductions. The $150 savings on the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro is comparable to what we’d get on a new unit of an older model. However, the iPhone 11 Pro series from last year is only available as a refurbished model. Even so, it’s in excellent shape, and a deal is a discount. By trading in your old phone with Apple, you may extend the savings even more.

The main disadvantage of purchasing a refurbished iPhone from Apple is that supply is limited, and the greatest deals, such as the iPhone 11, always sell out quickly. You’ll also find refurbished devices with more capacity, such as 256GB rather than 64GB. It’s not worth acquiring a refurbished unit that costs more than the base storage model if you don’t require a lot of storage. You must check frequently or keep an eye out for headlines indicating when the model you want is back in stock.

Where can I purchase a refurbished iPhone?

So far, we’ve only tried Apple’s refurbished store for refurbished iPhones, but we want to try refurbished iPhones from other major stores that sell refurbished iPhones, such as Backmarket and Amazon.

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