How to Reinstall Your Xbox Series Games After Deleting The Games or Been Reset?

  • On your Xbox One, you can delete games to free up memory space so that you can download more new games and apps.
  • It’s not just quick and easy to delete — or uninstall — a game from an Xbox One, but it’s also totally reversible.
  • Thanks to cloud backup saves, if you reinstall a game that you previously removed from your Xbox One, your stored data will be preserved.
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The Xbox One has a large amount of storage. You’ll start with either 500GB or 1TB of storage, depending on the model you select, so populating the hard drive completely will take some time.

However, if you have enough games and apps installed on your Xbox One, you will ultimately reach that limit. If you want to download anything new after this happens, you’ll have to delete some of your software.

But don’t worry: your game won’t be lost forever. You may always reinstall your games, and your save data will be preserved thanks to cloud backup saves.

How can I remove a game from my Xbox One?

2 Xbox

1. To access the console’s main menu, press the Xbox button on the controller.

2. Select “Games” from the Games & Apps menu.

3. Now go to the game you want to delete and press the menu button while it’s chosen (the button with three lines stacked on top of each other).

4. To complete the deletion, select “Uninstall,” then “Uninstall All.”

How do I reinstall games on my Xbox One?

How to Uninstall a Game on Xbox One to Free Up Space
As long as you haven’t been playing exclusively online, all the saved data for your games should remain intact. 

1. Insert the game’s CD or download it from the Microsoft Store if you want to reinstall it digitally.

2. Open the Games & Apps menu and choose “Games.”

3. Scroll down to “Ready to Install” and click on the game you want to install.

If you had previously saved data for that title, it should be immediately restored.

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