Riot provides Participant Card toimmortalize Crashies’ zipline Ace

Riot Games have added an exciting new Player Card in Valorant to remember the iconic Ace from Austin “crashies” Roberts over BOOM Esports on Fracture at the VCT Champions 2022.

Episode 7 Act 1 is all set to introduce Agent 23 Deadlock, much-anticipated Team Deathmatch mode, and agent contracts alongside a brand new battle pass. In addition to sprays, player titles, and weapon cosmetics, Valorant’s Battle Passes also feature new Player Cards, which typically refer to some iconic event that occurred in Valorant esports. In the upcoming Battle Pass, Riot is including a player card referencing an iconic play pulled off by Austin “crashies” Roberts against Boom Esports at VCT Champions 2022.

Riot immortalizes Crashies’ Zipline Ace

In the opening round of the VCT Champions 2022, OpTic faced off against the Indonesian team BOOM Esports. The first map of the series, Breeze was won by Boom Esports in overtime, and OpTic Gaming came back to win Bind, tying the series. Things were looking good for the North American team OpTic going into the third and decisive map, Fracture as they managed to establish a convincing 7-3 lead before half-time.

In Round 11, BOOM appeared poised to try an A execute, but OpTic’s repressive utility forced them to retreat. In an effort to gain more control on the other side of the map, they made the decision to take the ropes for a quick rotation. Unfortunately for them, OpTic’s Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen had already pushed up from B Main.

With no defense, Boom Esports was forced to use the Zip Line where each player was struck in the head by Crashies, who was stationed at the other end of the ropes. One by one, he slaughtered them all in what he jokingly referred to as the finest Ace of his professional career, giving him the easiest five kills in Valorant. In the end, OpTic easily won the map 13-3 and the match 2-1 to advance to the winners’ match against LOUD Esports.

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While Boom Esports’ players were left frustrated by Crashies’ play, OpTic Gaming members appeared laughing at the ace that effectively landed Crashies five free kills. Following the match, Twitter was flooded with comments from the Valoront community as well as casters and pros. After the championship, Riot teased the Ace in Fracture by placing a “safety warning” close to the Defender side spawn to alert players of the rope incident. Riot Games has now permanently inscribed this legendary play within its game by making it available to players as a player card (the Mind the Drop card). 

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