Riot Video games takes management of Valorant Mobile Development: delays anticipated

A piece of unfortunate news is emerging for the gamers who were anticipating the Valorant Mobile for a long. Some leaks from the side of prominent mobile leakers are circulating that Riot Games has taken over the development of Valorant Mobile from Tencent. Riot was reportedly not happy with Tencent’s progress and decided to develop the Valorant Mobile from scratch.

No doubt, Tencent is a global leader when it comes to mobile games. Either be it Arena of Valor, Honor of Knights, and the most popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile, Tencent has a proven record.

Keeping this in mind, Riot associated with Tencent to deliver the best Valorant Mobile experience. However, it looks like Tencent was failing to match the expectation of Riot. This led Riot to take matters into their own hand and scrap all the progress so far.

While the news has yet to be verified by us, it is worth noting that the leaker @SargeOP_ has provided credible information on numerous occasions. Therefore, even if we take the news with a grain of salt, its significance cannot be ignored.

Valorant Mobile

Tencent Games has already stopped it’s development.

Riot Games took over Valorant Mobile and is developing it from scratch. The title is being remade under Riot LA with its console version.

— SARGE  (@SargeOP_) July 10, 2023

This news also sheds light on why there has been no update from the developers regarding the development of Valorant Mobile, despite it being two years since the initial announcement.

Valorant Mobile release might get delayed further

In short, if the report of Riot Games’ developing Valorant Mobile from scratch is true then there is no doubt about a potential delay in final release. There is a high chance that Valorant Mobile may now launch somewhere between late 2024 or early 2025 provided there is no further obstruction.

Big challenge

The next couple of years appears to be challenging for Riot’s development team as they are fully committed to working on the console version of Valorant. A recent job listing indicated that the beta version of Valorant for consoles may be approaching.

The addition new task of Valorant Mobile development will undoubtedly pose a new set of challenges. Now, not only do they have to develop but also deliver to validate the hype without compromising the quality.

At the time of writing, Riot Games has not yet provided any official confirmation or details regarding a potential console version of Valorant. Therefore, there is no confirmed release date available at this time. However, there remains optimism that the console version of Valorant may be released sometime in 2023.

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