Review of Rocket League Sideswipe (iOS)

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While it won’t be able to replace the real thing, Rocket League Sideswipe transforms the outstanding arcade sports game into a fun smartphone companion.


  • Efficiently simplifies Rocket League’s gameplay for cellular units
  • Retains a deceptively excessive ability ceiling
  • Syncs expertise throughout current Rocket League account
  • Excessive manufacturing worth


  • Often irritating contact controls
  • Annoying, free-to-play-style development system


Video games PlatformCellphone
Video games StyleSports activities
ESRB ScoreE for All people

Rocket League was created in response to a simple yet strange question: What if go-karts played soccer? This resulted in one of the best sports games of the contemporary age, with enough depth for competitive esports activity while being approachable enough to be a zany arcade hit. Rocket League Sideswipe is a free mobile spin-off that is aimed to complement rather than replace the original. To make Sideswipe a viable mobile experience, sacrifices were made, but Rocket League’s inherent charm shines through.

Review of Rocket League Sideswipe (iOS)

Horsepower on the Go

I recommend starting with the original Rocket League before moving on to Sideswipe if you haven’t already. It’s free, it’s wonderful, and you can play it right now on your Nintendo Switch. Existing Rocket League aficionados will be intrigued by how Sideswipe simplifies the basic formula for Android and iOS devices (I played on an iPhone 12 mini). It’s almost like a demake, a fan project that imagines how modern games may be stripped down and ported to previous platforms.

The overall goal of Sideswipe stays the same. To score points in the enemy team’s goals or hoop, ram your automobile into the enormous ball. The presentation, however, is dramatically different. You go back and forth on a confined 2D screen instead of driving around an open, 3D field. The two-minute bouts consist of 2v2 clashes and 1v1 duels instead of 3v3.

The different perspective also affects the way you drive. For a limited time after boosting, you can freely soar in the air. Make unreal interceptions or blast onto the roof with this. It’s almost as if your car transforms into a rocket ship. In the meantime, you can hop and dodge in different directions, just like in the original game.

Because Sideswipe retains the finely tuned physics system that gives Rocket League its famed learning curve, these tactics are required. To get the ball exactly where you want it, you need to make shots at at the perfect angle with just enough force. You’ll make a lot of mistakes, but when you hit a home run, it’s incredible. Sideswipe had my heart beating in minutes, just like a real Rocket League encounter. More than anything, this desire for finesse keeps Sideswipe feeling like Rocket League rather than, say, Lethal League, Rayman’s Kung Foot, or some generic 2D arcade sports game.

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, the touch controls can’t always keep up with the action. Your thumbs may struggle when trying to execute high-level plays since you use virtual joysticks and buttons to release moves. It’s not a dealbreaker; the game’s condensed format makes it quite enjoyable on mobile, but it’s the same issue we experienced with League of Legends: Wild Rift, another esports mobile translation. At the very least, you can change the size of the joystick and lock the buttons in place.

Review of Rocket League Sideswipe (iOS)

Getting Ready for the Races

Psyonix, the game’s developer, was acquired by Epic Games after the game’s great popularity. For better or worse, Rocket League Sideswipe seems like a game from the obscenely wealthy firm behind Fortnite. Given the ongoing Fortnite legal battle, I’m almost amazed Apple allowed it in the App Store.

For starters, Sideswipe is visually and sonically stunning. My car’s gleaming chassis is one of my favorites. With dazzling neon highlights and vivid explosions, each of the three arenas stands out. Chunky sound effects immerse you in the game, while an upbeat music including licensed artists gives the impression that a real game is being played someplace.

Competitive gamers will also have a plethora of alternatives. You can use emotes or quick chat to connect with colleagues on the field, for example. When a teammate scored on our own goal by accident, they were quick to apologize. You can also change the latency, input buffering, and force feedback settings. If you want to be number one, leaderboards show you who is standing in your way.

Rocket League is a video game developed by Rocket League Because Sideswipe is a free-to-play game, it contains all of the typical (and equally aggravating) hooks that appear to be designed to drain your bank account. Cosmetics and mystery items can be purchased, as well as incentives from the battle pass subscription. However, unlike what I had first understood, you cannot currently spend real money in the store. Only the SP cash earned by breaking down things can be spent in-game. Even without spending any real money, I find this long-winded free-to-play growth system grating. And, given that the original Rocket League allows users to spend real money, I’d be surprised if Sideswipe doesn’t implement a similar monetization scheme soon, given that it already has the foundation in place.

If you link your Epic Games account to Sideswipe and proper Rocket League, you can share experience points to finish tasks faster. This immerses you further in the ecology. Inventory items, on the other hand, remained bound to their individual games. I can only use a llama topper, aero mage wheels, and bubble boost if I unlock them in Sideswipe. Because Rocket League and Sideswipe are two different games with two different ranking systems, their wins, losses, and other stats do not match. Fortunately, you can play Sideswipe against bots when offline.

Get ready for takeoff

Rocket League Sideswipe is a throwback to the days when AAA games had mobile spin-offs. Unlike the majority of other games, Rocket League Sideswipe delivers a lot of Rocket League flavor in a 2D, mobile format. It’s a free-to-play mobile game with the usual control and progression concerns, but it’s nice to know that Rocket League reigns supreme regardless of platform.

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