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Review of the Samsung Odyssey Ark: A Powerhouse Gaming Monitor


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The Samsung Odyssey Ark is both the most ridiculous and incredible gaming monitor currently available. The swivel stand on this curved display with a 55-inch screen allows for a smooth transition between the landscape and portrait viewing modes, making it ideal for use as a TV. You have the option of gaming on the entire 55-inch screen, reducing the display for a more concentrated session, or placing numerous inputs on the screen at the same time so that you can keep an eye on other applications.

Review of the Samsung Odyssey Ark: A Powerhouse Gaming Monitor

Samsung Odyssey Ark

Powerhouse Gaming Monitor
Incredible high-resolution screen for gaming.
Simple rotation between the portrait and landscape orientations
It is equipped with all of the necessary gaming features.
In addition to that, a fantastic productivity monitor
Access to apps through the Samsung Smart Hub.
In Multi-View mode, you can only connect one HDMI source at a time.
In Multi View, additional app choices would be helpful.

This enormous screen supports PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X gaming thanks to its 4K resolution, 165 Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology. This display can manage all of your entertainment requirements thanks to the various TV apps that are integrated and the connecting options that are available. Because it has an anti-glare coating, you can use it even when the room is brightly lit, making it an alluring choice for placement on a desk or TV stand. The Samsung Odyssey Ark comes equipped with high-quality speakers and has the ability to wirelessly connect to a soundbar through Bluetooth or eARC. Eclipse Lighting, which synchronizes LED lights to what’s happening on your screen, brings the mammoth to a satisfactory conclusion.

Through the utilization of the Samsung Odyssey Ark

The Samsung Odyssey Ark is a very magnificent gaming display that can either tower over you or wrap completely around you. I used an Xbox Series X to test out this display’s gaming capabilities. To take full advantage of the capabilities, you will need either a very powerful computer or an advanced gaming console.

Because the display’s 1000R curve extends to the edges of my peripheral vision, games like PUBG, Call of Duty, and Forza Horizon 5 feel more immersive to me. The gaming experience may be made to feel highly responsive thanks to the monitor. The 4K display is capable of delivering a refresh rate of up to 165 hertz, and a 1 millisecond latency looks amazing across all of these games. It also provided a stunning canvas for Forza Horizon 5 that appeared to run extremely smoothly. The gaming monitor is equipped with both HDR10+ and Quantum Mini-LED technologies, which together provide improved HDR performance as well as deeper blacks. The content that is displayed on the screen is analyzed and adjusted by a Neural Quantum Processor Ultra that is driven by artificial intelligence.

I have no trouble turning the screen in any direction I want. The monitor’s height can be easily adjusted thanks to the stand’s exceptional stability, and the display can be rotated into portrait orientation with relative ease. The curved display is much taller than I am. The alignment adjusts itself automatically, bringing the primary HDMI input up to about the same level as my eyes. From that point on, I may use the Multi View capability to bring additional content into view on the screen.

Review of the Samsung Odyssey Ark: A Powerhouse Gaming Monitor

The anti-glare display is one of the nicest I’ve ever used, and it doesn’t pick up any glare from the other things in the room or the window that’s right next to my desk. Using this as a monitor for work causes less strain on the eyes as a result of this feature.

When the display is switched between the two modes, the embedded LED illumination splatters on the wall, giving the impression that the experience is even more all-encompassing than it really is. When watching an intense movie in a dimly lit environment, the ambient lighting is also fantastic.

It is surprising how good the sound is given that the speakers are integrated in. The Ark has a speaker installed in each corner of it, in addition to two woofers. This feature, which Samsung refers to as the Sound Dome, has the ability to create surround sound that immerses you in the action. For first-person shooter games, you should be good to go if you use the built-in speakers or headphones. However, you do have the option to connect an external sound bar or Bluetooth speaker.

Even though it is a 55-inch monitor capable of 4K resolution, you won’t always want to make use of the entire screen. This is where even more magic takes place. You are able to use the screen for a range of different gaming and productivity purposes thanks to three characteristics.

In Multi View mode, for instance, you are able to position your game on one side of the display while simultaneously watching a video guide on YouTube on the other side. In addition to screen mirroring from a personal computer, a phone, or a Mac, the Multi View function also offers a camera option, the YouTube app, and Samsung TV Plus. You also have the option of displaying some widgets.

The most significant limitation is that you are unable to access all of the entertainment apps that are available through the Samsung Smart Hub, and you are also restricted to using only one HDMI connection at a time. This is the most significant obstacle, as I would like to be able to position a piece of hardware like the Xbox Series X in one area, an application like Netflix in another, and a computer in the third space. We can only hope that this is something that can be included at a later time.

You are able to modify the size of the display that is being utilized by using Flex Move Screen. If you are playing a first-person shooter, for instance, and you are sitting somewhat near to the monitor, you could find that you need a more compact screen. When I’m working with the Ark as my primary display, I also make use of this capability. When comparing spreadsheets and websites for eight hours straight, using a smaller window size helps alleviate eye strain caused by having to glance from corner to corner on such a wide display.

When utilizing a gaming PC, you also have the option of employing a display with an aspect ratio of 21:9 or 32:9, which is analogous to an ultrawide monitor. This gives you access to a wider field of view when you are playing the game. You may also make use of the Minimap Zoom function with this configuration to extend the portion of the screen that is occupied by the minimap and position it in the upper part of the display.

Review of the Samsung Odyssey Ark: A Powerhouse Gaming Monitor

You have the option of activating an Active Ambient mode, which will display either Spark Particles, a Hazy Window, or a Polygon Planet effect while you are only using a portion of the screen. This is appealing to the eye, and the color scheme complements the action that is taking place in the primary part of the display. You also have the option to turn this off, however it is a feature that we find to be very useful.

The Samsung Odyssey Ark has a very substantial screen. To properly put it up on a desk, you will require the assistance of two people. The monitor is held in place by a substantial stand, which gives the impression that the entire assembly is of high quality. Both the stand and the mechanism that allows it to swivel are strong. This is not a low-priced display at all.

All of your inputs and electricity are sent to a compact control box, which has a single connection that leads to the display. Because the cord is routed via the stand, and because cable management is included in the package, you won’t have to bother about re-configuring anything when you change the position of your screen from portrait to landscape. The control box comes equipped with four HDMI 2.1 inputs, ethernet, optical audio, and USB ports, among other connectivity options.

Either the remote control that came with it or the Ark Dial can be utilized to operate the monitor. The Samsung Ark Dial is a desktop accessory that provides lightning-fast access to the display settings described earlier, including Flex Move Screen, Multi View, and a variety of additional gaming options. It has a cool appearance, and using the dial to handle these features is a terrific way to do it. You won’t have to worry about recharging it because it has a solar panel that does the job for you.

In addition to supporting Airplay and a variety of screen mirroring functions for Android and Windows PCs, the Samsung Smart Hub, which is included with the Odyssey Ark, gives users access to a wide variety of entertainment applications, similar to what they would find on a Samsung television.

Review of the Samsung Odyssey Ark: A Powerhouse Gaming Monitor

The Xbox One X was added to the hub without any input from the user and is just one of the many game streaming providers that are included in the Gaming Hub. Built-in support is provided for services such as Xbox Game Pass, Stadia, Prime Gaming, and GeForce Now, among others.

The software that controls the display also comes with a feature called Ambient Mode, which enables the user to transform the entire display into a moving work of art. The dedicated Workspace even gives you the option to log in remotely to a computer so that you can get some work done.

Should You Make the Investment on a Samsung Odyssey Ark?

Review of the Samsung Odyssey Ark: A Powerhouse Gaming Monitor

At a price of $3,499.99, the Samsung Odyssey Ark is a significant financial commitment and is not something that every gamer can bring to their setup. It does give a great deal of value in a packaging that is quite appealing to look at. It is possible to use it in place of two screens in a multi-monitor system, and it may also fulfill the requirements of a variety of different kinds of displays. Because it has a screen size of 55 inches, you may use it not only as a monitor for work but also for gaming and as a replacement for your traditional television set.

The Odyssey Ark is an amazing display that can meet the requirements of a number of different individual devices, despite the constraints placed on it by Multi View apps and the fact that it can only accept a single HDMI input at a time.

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The Samsung Odyssey Ark is both the most ridiculous and incredible gaming monitor currently available. The swivel stand on this curved display with a 55-inch screen allows for a smooth transition between the landscape and portrait viewing modes, making it ideal for use as...Review of the Samsung Odyssey Ark: A Powerhouse Gaming Monitor