Satechi introduces a new 30W USB-C GaN charger, as well as the first USB 4 cables

With the latest additions to its charging kit, Satechi is expanding its stable of Apple accessories. There’s also a pair of new companion Satechi USB-C 4 cables entering the portfolio, as well as a smaller and more compact 30W GaN USB-C charger than we’ve seen from the firm previously. All of the specifics are shown here, and you may purchase it now with launch savings.

The Satechi family now includes a new 30W USB-C GaN charger

100W USB-C PD Compact Charger - GaN Charging - Satechi

Last fall, Satechi introduced a new USB-C adapter with the small 20W model. While the original iteration of its updated adapters lacked Gallium Nitride, that is changing with the latest iteration released today. The new Satechi 30W wall charger debuts with a portable size factor, making it the company’s most compact USB-C GaN offering.
This time, you’re looking at a shrunken version of the same overall design we’ve come to anticipate from the range of other chargers. The new 30W USB-C GaN charger from Satechi is the smallest we’ve seen from the company so far, and it achieves this by foregoing silicon-based semiconductors in favor of more efficient Gallium Nitride technology.

Satechi is also introducing a new companion accessory to go along with the new USB-C adaptor. These new cords are designed for compatibility with the latest Macs and are the company’s first set of USB-C 4 cables. They have 100W charging speeds, 8K video throughput, and will operate with everything from ordinary USB-C to Thunderbolt 4 and all standards in between. These specifications should allow the connections to handle standard charging as well as pairing with external docking stations, SSD storage, screens, and other bandwidth-intensive applications.
At launch, the Satechi USB-C 4 cable will be offered in two lengths: a 10-inch version and a 2.6-foot one.

Both of Satechi’s new accessories are now available for purchase, with a 25% launch discount attached. To get the discount, simply enter the code CHARGER25 at checkout. The latest 30W USB-C GaN Charger had a list price of $29.99, but it’s now reduced to $22.49. The new USB-C 4 cables, which normally start at $25, will be discounted to as low as $18.74 depending on the length you choose.

Final Words

Satechi’s USB-C GaN chargers have always impressed me in the past, and their current 30W model appears to be no exception. Its multiport chargers from last year are still among my favourites on the market, and I expect the same from the more compact option — at least in the lower 30W weight class.

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