Star Trek: Weirdest Starships


  • Star Trek’s starships typically showcase distinctive and weird designs, both attributable to in-universe eventualities or real-world design decisions.
  • Some starships, just like the Enterprise-D, problem widespread sense by carrying a civilian crew on harmful missions, whereas others, like Warship Voyager, endure from mischaracterizations in historic information.
  • The Whale Probe teaches the human race a brutal lesson about sustainable dwelling, whereas the ISS Charon showcases the facility of the Terran Empire however threatens to destabilize a number of realities.

House is commonly described as the ultimate frontier within the Star Trek universe, and it is actually residence to some bizarre starship designs. The usual twin nacelle and saucer blueprint for Federation vessels has turn out to be well-known in standard tradition, as have the long-lasting designs of Klingon and Romulan starships.

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Star Trek‘s extra uncommon starships are sometimes the results of in-universe eventualities, though loads are weird attributable to their real-world design and growth. From evident design flaws to shape-shifting drones, these house oddities are a testomony to the franchise’s writers and artists.

10 Enterprise-D

Star Trek: Enterprise D

A lot ink has been spilled in regards to the suitability of the Galaxy-class Enterprise-D as an exploratory vessel. Though its superior shields, technical methods, and weapons permit the starship to carry its personal in opposition to most foes, a number of critics have questioned why a starship concerned in such harmful missions carries a civilian crew.

Whereas many Starfleet vessels are completely crewed by officers, the Enterprise-D is residence to each civilians and kids. This city-in-space idea might embody the Federation’s utopian nature, however it does problem widespread sense.

9 Warship Voyager

The warship Voyager in Star Trek: Voyager.

Though the USS Voyager‘s voyage residence from the Delta Quadrant can’t be mentioned to have been a wholly peaceable one, it could be unfair to characterize the Intrepid-class vessel as a warship. Nevertheless, that is exactly what occurs within the episode “Residing Witness,” by which Voyager‘s holographic Physician is reactivated centuries sooner or later.

The Physician learns that the historic file of 1 Delta Quadrant civilization depicts the crew of the starship as ruthless marauders. Photos of the so-called Warship Voyager, a closely armed cruiser, are widespread within the aliens’ archives. Nevertheless, the Physician is ready to right these misconceptions.

8 Whale Probe

Whale Probe

Whereas the so-called Whale Probe from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Residence is just not particularly visually spectacular, its motivations are very peculiar. The huge cylinder threatens to unleash hell on Earth when it learns that no extra whales are remaining within the planet’s oceans.

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Aliens have threatened the human race in galactic wars and unprovoked assaults, however there are sometimes political or ideological causes for these actions. The unknown creators of the Whale Probe don’t search to dominate the Earth, however they’re prepared to show the human race a brutal lesson concerning the significance of sustainable dwelling.

7 “Alice”

The haunted shuttle Alice in the Voyager episode

In 1983, famous horror writer Stephen King printed Christine, a novel by which a person discovers that his automotive is haunted. Over a decade and a half later, Star Trek: Voyager provided viewers a sci-fi twist on the idea. Season 6’s “Alice” sees crack pilot Tom Paris repairing a shuttle that seems to have a thoughts of its personal.

The shuttle, nicknamed “Alice” includes a flight interface that psychically bonds along with her pilot. Alice‘s laptop system can seem to the pilot as a hologram, taking the shape of a pretty girl, and management the vessel’s occupants. Nevertheless, the haunted shuttle is quickly exorcised by the USS Voyager.

6 Biomimetic USS Voyager

The disintegrating biomemetic replica of the Starship Voyager.

Star Trek typically performs with viewers’ assumptions. Whereas maybe essentially the most well-known instance is the Horta in The Authentic Collection, Star Trek: Voyager provides its personal twisty soak up “Course: Oblivion.” This Season 5 episode sees the crew of the Starship Voyager endure from an odd situation that causes them to soften. However all is just not because it appears.

“Course: Oblivion” is in actual fact a sequel to an earlier episode, “Demon,” and this Voyager and crew are literally goo-based replicas of the originals. Nevertheless, neither ship nor crew can maintain their types for lengthy, and ultimately perish, proving as soon as and for all that appearances will be misleading.

5 Romulan Drone Ship

The Romulan Drone Ship in Star Trek: Enterprise.

The Romulans rank among the many Federation’s most devious enemies, so it’s no shock that they make the most of stealth expertise to menace the nascent superpower in Season 4 of Star Trek: Enterprise. The Romulan Drone Ship is able to assuming the looks of different species’ ships, and ferments mistrust between Earth and its allies with a sequence of false flag assaults.

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Regardless of its dimension, the Drone Ship doesn’t carry a crew. As an alternative, these ships will be managed at nice distances because of telepathic expertise. Nevertheless, the ships require an Aenar pilot to perform, resulting in the kidnapping of a number of members of this species by the bloodthirsty Romulans.

4 USS Grissom

The USS Grissom orbits a planet in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock.

Though the Oberth-class USS Grissom makes solely a blink-and-you’ll miss it look in Star Trek III: The Seek for Spock, this unassuming vessel has been the topic of fervent fan debate. The starship’s uncommon design, with an underslung foremost hull hanging on angular pylons beneath the saucer part, has left many followers with a query. Simply how does the crew get between the 2 sections?

Whereas some followers contend that the pylons home turbolifts, others declare that there merely is not house. Different options, akin to using transporters to journey across the ship have additionally been proposed. Regardless of the case, this obvious design flaw has turned an unremarkable ship right into a hot-button subject throughout the Star Trek group.

3 USS Discovery

USS Discovery Star Trek

The Crossfield-class USS Discovery holds the excellence of being the testbed for spore drive expertise within the twenty third century. This experimental drive allowed the ship to leap from one place to a different slightly than using standard warp. The spore drive allowed Discovery to show the tide of the Federation–Klingon Battle and to enterprise into the Mirror Universe.

The USS Discovery can also be uncommon in that it possesses a complicated dwelling laptop, Zora. Whereas the Crossfield-class might not be the Federation’s strongest starship, Discovery‘s numerous quirks and modifications make it stand out from the group.

2 USS Archer

The single-nacelle USS Archer seen in profile, with the USS Enterprise in the foreground.

The tiny USS Archer makes a number of appearances in Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds. The starship is notable for diverging from creator Gene Roddenberry’s preliminary starship design guidelines. Whereas Roddenberry insisted on his starships having symmetrical warp nacelles, the USS Archer has just one.

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The Archer‘s design is an homage to the single-nacelle designs seen in basic expanded universe materials, just like the FASA RPG Federation Ship Recognition Handbook and 1975’s Starfleet Technical Handbook. Though the design might not respect Roddenberry’s ideas, it’s nonetheless rooted in Star Trek historical past.

1 ISS Charon

The ISS Charon in Star Trek Discovery.

The mammoth ISS Charon is greater than only a starship. It’s each a palace and a metropolis in house, designed to exhibit the energy of the Terran Empire. But the starship is not any toothless figurehead: its weapons devastate the floor of a planet in Star Trek: Discovery‘s first season.

One notable characteristic of the Charon is the big ball of vitality situated in direction of the rear of the vessel. This super-mycelial reactor supplies huge quantities of vitality to the starship however at a horrible value. In truth, it threatens to destabilize a number of realities. As such, it’s a mercy that the ship is quickly destroyed by the USS Discovery.

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