Star Wars: Best Pilots, Ranked

When the setting is outer area, and the creator of the story is impressed by the dogfights of World Battle 2, the plot goes to incorporate some well-known pilots. The lore of Star Wars contains all types of heroes and villains, and the roster of well-known names contains among the finest starfighters within the galaxy.

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A couple of of essentially the most expert Star Wars pilots are family names together with their well-known ships or name indicators. All of them turned the tide of the battles they fought in, and regardless that they weren’t at all times schooled or expert in a standard means, they’re going to go down in galactic historical past.

8 Han Solo

Han and Chewie flying the Falcon in Solo A Star Wars Story

Maybe one of the vital well-known names within the Star Wars franchise can also be considered one of its most expert and infamous pilots, and his ship, The Millenium Falcon, is simply as well-known. Watching him on the helm of various ships in Solo gave followers some background when it got here to Han’s historical past of piloting abilities.

The lifetime of a smuggler is as a lot about fancy flying as it’s about stealth and trickery, and Han Solo is the kind of pilot who has to assume past the idea of sunshine pace. It is a mixture of pace, deception, and guerilla warfare that makes Han such a terrific pilot.

7 Adi Gallia

adi gallia jedi council scene star wars clone wars

Earlier than the Clone Wars broke out, Adi Gallia held a prestigious function as one of the vital astute political strategists within the Jedi Order. She got here from Coruscant and grew up in an upper-class household with ties to native management together with essential enterprise connections, which served her effectively throughout her time as a part of the Excessive Council.

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After the conflict began, she was promoted to the rank of Jedi Common within the Grand Military of the Republic, and far of her time was spent within the air. Her function within the Battle of Lola Sayu included flying as considered one of Common Saesee Tiin’s Wing Commanders.

6 Luke Skywalker


When Luke first seems within the Star Wars franchise, his aim is to attend the native flight academy alongside together with his buddies. He is at all times been keen to flee the gradual, boring lifetime of farming on Tatooine, and will get greater than he bargained for with a crash course in fighter pilot coaching when he will get combined up with the Insurgent Alliance.

Luke Skywalker is likely one of the finest pilots within the lore of Star Wars, and most would say that he inherited his abilities from his father. Like Anakin, Luke already had a fame for his abilities with speeders and small tactical ships earlier than he piloted X-wings in area.

5 Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron from Star Wars with Chewbacca

Poe Dameron’s piloting abilities are paying homage to Han Solo’s within the sense that he received them from smuggling and survival versus formal coaching. His first ship was a definite X-wing fighter with a darkish shade scheme. It was referred to as Black One, and it appeared in The Power Awakens.

Poe has many notable accomplishments as a pilot, and some of essentially the most well-known occurred in the course of the Battle of Starkiller Base, during which he led the cost to destroy the planet. He is well-known for figuring out the best way to fly absolutely anything.

4 Wedge Antilles

Dennis Lawson As Wedge Antilles in Star Wars

One of many few pilots who served with Luke Skywalker and survived so long as he did, Wedge Antilles was one of many two lone survivors of Purple Squadron. He made a couple of fast appearances within the authentic Star Wars movie as a part of the Insurgent Alliance and a member of the assault pressure on the unique Loss of life Star.

He would seem once more because the chief of Rogue Squadron within the Battle of Hoth, and he fought once more within the Battle for Endor within the skies above the forest moon. Few different pilots within the Star Wars universe have been as expert and fortunate as Wedge.

3 Hera Syndulla

hera syndulla with new republic generals in star wars: ahsoka

Hera Syndulla grew up in the course of the Clone Wars, so when the time got here to take a facet, she joined the Insurgent Alliance and fought to revive the Galactic Republic. She organized her personal small insurgent pressure aboard her ship, the Ghost, and it was so efficient that it drew the patronage of Senator Bail Organa.

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Hera and her piloting abilities, not solely as a stealthy freighter pilot but additionally as a lethal and agile fighter, continued to be a thorn within the facet of the Empire proper up till their last defeat.

2 Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren with Stormtroopers in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Unsurprisingly, Han Solo’s son and Anakin Skywalker’s grandson could be top-of-the-line pilots within the Star Wars universe. He combines the very best of each worlds together with his formal coaching combined with a inventive approach.

His ship was a TIE-fighter silencer, a prototype that cleared the best way for the First Order to improve their flight methods and grow to be much more deadly in fight. The scene in The Power Awakens that options Kylo Ren attacking the Alliance fleet additionally options this distinctive TIE-fighter design.

1 Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker & Obi Wan's Jedi Interceptors in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

If Ben Kenobi referred to as him the very best star pilot within the galaxy, then it have to be true. It is doable that Ol’ Ben was making an attempt to heat as much as younger Luke by flattering his father, however Anakin did have some spectacular strikes, at the same time as a child with a glorified go-kart.

It appears that evidently Anakin did not lose his abilities as a pilot after turning into Darth Vadar, both. When issues get tense in the course of the assault on the primary Loss of life Star, he will get into his personal Tie Fighter, a call that finally saves his life.

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