Release date, trailer, platforms, and everything you need to know about Star Wars Eclipse

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Star Wars is a brand ripe with possibilities, but it’s generally stayed in a fairly restricted region of the galaxy since Disney bought it: the prequel, original, and sequel eras, which cover about 70 years. That changed when it launched the High Republic program, which took place hundreds of years before the events depicted in the movies. The High Republic, which began in literature, will soon make its way to video games for the first time in Star Wars Eclipse.

Though it’s still in production and will take at least a few years to reach stores, the game’s reveal video gives us a taste of the planets we may anticipate to visit. Lucasfilm Games also revealed further details on what players will do once they get their hands on the game. Here’s all we know about Star Wars Eclipse so far.

Star Wars Eclipse: What’s it?

Star Wars Eclipse is an action-adventure game set during the High Republic, with a branching narrative and several characters in which your choices will impact how events unfold. Eclipse introduces new animals and habitats to the franchise that have never been seen before. Each character has their own “morality, personality, goals, and impact on each other and the story as a whole,” according to Quantic Dream.

Quantic Dream is the studio behind Star Wars Eclipse.

Star Wars Eclipse Drummer
Lucasfilm games

While EA previously held exclusive rights to Star Wars games, that agreement is slated to expire in 2023, allowing other developers to enter the market and potentially create some of the best Xbox games. Star Wars Eclipse is being developed by Lucasfilm Games in collaboration with Quantic Dream, and the news hasn’t been received well.

David Cage, the founder and producer of Quantic Dream, has been accused of harassing staff and creating a toxic workplace filled with misogyny, racism, and severe crunch. In 2018, French media Le Monde, Mediapart, and Canard PC published pieces that expanded on these charges. According to reports, the studio has a big collection of manipulated images of employees in sexual scenarios or dressed in Nazi uniforms.

Despite the fact that Quantic Dream won a libel claim against Le Monde on a technicality without actually establishing the allegations, Mediapart won its own libel suit against Quantic Dream, proving that its story was done in “good faith.”

The allegations of abuse and wrongdoing have followed the studio in the years since the initial revelations. Cage allegedly used a homophobic slur and made other sexist statements during court hearings for the libel suits as recently as 2021, according to a report by Solidaires Informatique.

Star Wars Eclipse: Gameplay

Star Wars Eclipse Two Jedi Bridge
Lucasfilm games

The cinematic announcement trailer revealed no gameplay details, which is understandable given the game’s early stage of development. According to reporter Tom Henderson, it will be open-world, but the company is having trouble developing it because its internal engine was not designed to support open-world games. Though Quantic Dream has previously specialized in interactive experiences, the fact that Star Wars Eclipse is being marketed as a “action-adventure” game suggests that it will place a bigger emphasis on battle than previous Quantic Dream titles.

In the reveal trailer, we also saw space battles alongside lightsaber combat, implying that players can expect both styles of warfare in the game, but Quantic Dream has not specified whether players would be playing as Jedi.

If you want to get a sense of how the graphics will appear, look at Quantic’s most recent game, Detroit: Become Human, which was released in 2018. There’s little doubt that graphical capabilities will have increased by the time Star Wars Eclipse is released (and have already improved since the release of Detroit), but it shows that Quantic will likely go for a hyper-realistic design.

Star Wars Eclipse: See the Excessive Republic in a brand new gentle

Star Wars Eclipse Ship Pier
Lucasfilm games

From approximately 300 BBY to 82 BBY, the High Republic Era occurs (Before the Battle of Yavin, when the first Death Star was destroyed in A New Hope). With the Galactic Republic at its peak, it’s characterized as a golden period for the Jedi, a time of vast exploration and expansion across the galaxy. Though there was fighting between the Jedi and Nihil in the Outer Rim, it was generally seen as a peaceful time.

It’s unknown when Star Wars Eclipse will take place during the High Republic, but we do know that it will take place in the Outer Rim in a “uncharted area of the galaxy.” During their journeys, players will visit various planets that have never been seen before.

Star Wars Eclipse: Story and characters

Star Wars Eclipse Yoda Jedi Temple
Lucasfilm games

Yoda, seen staring out of the Jedi Council Room on Coruscant, is the only confirmed character in Star Wars Eclipse so far. Duros, Mon Calamari, Anomids, and Neimoidians are among the other confirmed species. Several new personalities will be followed by players, but their identities have yet to be revealed.

Its plot is also shrouded in secrecy, with Quantic Dream merely revealing that it “allows you to play as a diverse cast of captivating people, each with their own narrative, powers, and role to play in the tapestry of events that threatens the Outer Rim’s finely managed peace.”

Star Wars Eclipse: Launch date and platforms

Star Wars Eclipse Ship Asteroid
Lucasfilm games

Star Wars Eclipse is still in the early stages of production, so it won’t be released for a few years, maybe by 2024 at the earliest, according to Lucasfilm Games. Because no platforms were mentioned during the announcement, it’s unknown whether it’ll be an exclusive (like the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake) or a multiplatform title for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Regardless of the case, given its main launch window, we’ll probably solely see it come to current-gen programs and skip out on the Xbox One and PS4. You probably have an Xbox Series X, Series S, or PS5; you need to have the ability to play it when the time comes.

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