Star Wars: Most Unusual Lightsaber Designs


  • The Star Wars franchise has constantly launched new and authentic lightsaber designs, a few of which have been beloved by followers and others which have confused audiences.
  • Characters like Mace Windu, Kylo Ren, Jocasta Nu, and the Grand Inquisitor have wielded distinctive and weird lightsabers, every with their very own distinctive options and designs.
  • From Mace Windu’s purple saber to Ahsoka Tano’s white blades, these unconventional lightsabers have added depth and intrigue to the Star Wars universe, leaving a long-lasting affect on followers.

Constantly, for years, the Star Wars franchise has managed to intrigue followers with one of the vital authentic weapons in cinematic historical past, the lightsaber. From the early days of the franchise, when designs and lightsaber appearances had been restricted, to the big variety of recent weapons showing within the collection, there have at all times been nice new designs.

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Nevertheless, whereas there have been many lightsaber designs universally beloved and a few which have been reviled by many critics and followers, there are some head-scratching designs which have confused all people as effectively. Whether or not it was an actor’s selection or a particular design chosen for a cause, lightsabers have continued to alter and evolve production-wise, and due to this fact, in-universe in Star Wars.

7 Mace Windu’s Purple Saber

mace windu with his purple lightsaber star wars revenge of the sith

One of many largest lore adjustments within the Star Wars Universe relating to lightsabers got here due to Samuel L. Jackson. When the actor was solid as Mace Windu within the prequel trilogy and had to choose relating to his character’s weapon, he determined to not go for one of many extra historically coloured lightsabers.

As an alternative, Jackson wished Mace Windu to wield a purple lightsaber. For the reason that shade of lightsabers has some significance to their characters, further lore needed to be added to the franchise’s canon to elucidate the reasoning for why Mace Windu has such a wierd shade when it has rarely been seen exterior this single character’s blade.

6 Kylo Ren’s Saber


Whereas the lightsaber has been in comparison with varied different designs and historic swords (some not even canon anymore as a consequence of their solely being included in Legends materials), no one earlier than the sequel trilogy ever tried to make a lightsaber with a harmful hilt, however Kylo Ren modified this with a uniquely designed crimson blade.

Ren’s Sith lightsaber has slight protrusions on both aspect of the blade, making it look extra like a medieval nice sword than the extra frequent, smooth, and thinly designed lightsabers that followers are extra used to seeing all through the franchise. This was an interesting new design, and Ren was proven to make the most of the smaller lasers accessible on the aspect of his blade at completely different occasions.

5 Jocasta Nu’s Lightsaber Rifle

jocasta nu vs darth vader star wars

One of many weaker Jedi in a battle, Jocasta Nu was designated the job of librarian within the Jedi Temple. She appeared to take pleasure in this job, however clearly, when the Jedi Temple fell, it was solely a matter of time earlier than she needed to get into the battle herself to a minimum of a point.

Within the Star Wars comics, Jocasta managed to flee the preliminary destruction of the Jedi Order, however she was later hunted down by Darth Vader. In her ultimate moments, Jocasta revealed a gun-like weapon that used her lightsaber as gasoline, permitting her to successfully have a lightsaber gun. This was by far one of many strangest ideas launched within the Star Wars comics over time.

4 The Grand Inquisitor’s Disc-Saber

Grand Inquisitor holding his double-bladed spinsaber star wars

It’s arduous to know how you can confer with the Grand Inquisitor’s lightsaber; this design is unquestionably one of many strangest within the historical past of the Star Wars franchise. Although the hilt is a standard lightsaber one, it’s linked to a disc that the double blade can spin round, making for one of the vital terrifying weapons within the franchise.

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The Grand Inquisitor has at all times been an intimidating determine since his preliminary introduction in Star Wars: Rebels. The completely different lightsabers of the Inquisitor Order had been a wierd bunch of designs, however none of them was practically as unusual or troublesome to deal with as that of the Grand Inquisitor himself, who didn’t usually get an opportunity to showcase this unimaginable blade in motion.

3 The Darksaber


One other weapon first seen in animated Star Wars tv that has made its manner into live-action, the Darksaber was a weapon created for the primary Mandalorian who was inducted into the Jedi Order, and it has been a chunk of important historical past to the Mandalorians who later thought-about the wielder to be the rightful chief of Mandalore.

Although the Darksaber was destroyed by Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian season three finale, there’s nothing to say that it couldn’t be re-forged someplace down the highway. Both manner, this darkish blade has had a long-running historical past and stays one of many strongest blades within the Star Wars franchise, whether or not it’s thought-about a real lightsaber or not.

2 Darth Maul’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber

Darth Maul Star Wars Battlefront 2

Darth Maul was already a fairly unusual character to introduce within the Star Wars prequels, however although the underused villain reappeared within the animated exhibits, his largest mark on the franchise has been his introduction of the double-ended lightsaber.

This weapon, which helped Maul tackle Obi-Wan and kill his grasp Qui-Gon Jinn in The Phantom Menace, is now legendary. Many different unusual lightsaber designs have been launched, notably for Sith and Darkish Jedi, due to the spectacular manner that Maul’s blade linked with followers and was beloved by them.

1 Ahsoka Tano’s White Blades

Ahsoka Wielding Her Purified Lightsabers in Star Wars: Ahsoka

Ahsoka Tano has confirmed she has a variety of spectacular and distinctive drive talents over time, however essentially the most unusual of all was her potential to purify of the Kyber crystals housed contained in the lightsaber of the Sixth Brother from the Inquisitor Order.

The facility to purify Kyber crystals is a uncommon one, and virtually no different Jedi has ever been proven utilizing white blades, making Ahsoka and her weapons doubly uncommon so far as lightsabers go within the Star Wars franchise.

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