Star Wars: Underrated Prequel Characters


  • The supporting characters within the Star Wars prequel trilogy are sometimes ignored however have intriguing backgrounds and play essential roles.
  • Characters like Poggle the Lesser have hidden depths and contribute considerably to the story, regardless of their restricted display time.
  • The prequel trilogy introduces many characters who all have distinctive qualities and make precious contributions to the Star Wars universe.

In a franchise as outdated and massive as Star Wars, there exist a whole lot of distinctive and memorable characters. Many of those come from the prequel period. Although the three prequels weren’t that well-received on the time of their launch, these days there exists a big fan base devoted to those films, and customarily, the movies’ enchantment has elevated massively.

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Except for the principle characters, the prequel trilogy has a big supporting forged, made up of quite a lot of each human and alien characters from throughout many intriguing and distinctive planets. Whereas some won’t have a very long time within the highlight, even their brief scenes reveal them to be one thing greater than how they’re introduced. This could invite followers to not neglect them though they solely seem briefly.

10 Poggle The Lesser

Poggle the Lesser giving the Death Star plans to Dooku

The Archduke of Geonosis and main voice of the Separatist Council, Poggle was instrumental in fulfilling Darth Sidious’ plans. Most notably he was very educated in engineering and really created the plans for the Demise Star, which he fingers to Dooku in Assault of the Clones.

He additionally commanded huge droid armies within the 1st and 2nd battles of Geonosis. Although subservient to the Queen of the Geonosians, as revealed in The Clone Wars animated TV sequence, he owned the enduring Petranaki Area and the huge droid factories, which served to overwhelm and defeat many Jedi and thus begin the Clone Wars.

9 Saesee Tiin

Saesee Tiin accompanies other Jedi to arrest Palaptine

A protracted-serving member of the Jedi Excessive Council, Saesee Tiin was a valued and expert Jedi Grasp. Not like lots of his counterparts, he wasn’t skeptical of Qui-Gon Jinn’s claims that Anakin Skywalker was the long-awaited Chosen One. He seems in all three films, albeit with out dialogue however was proven to be a extremely expert starfighter pilot and warrior.

After surviving the first Battle of Geonosis, he was instrumental in lots of key battles of the Clone Wars, such because the “Citadel” and “Water Battle” arcs in The Clone Wars sequence, and the pivotal battle over Coruscant as seen in Revenge of the Sith. As a result of he was held in excessive regard by Grasp Mace Windu, he was chosen to accompany him to arrest Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Nonetheless, Tiin grew to become the second sufferer of the good Jedi purge when he was minimize down by Palpatine.

8 Sly Moore

Sly Moore in Palpatines' Office

Current in Episodes 2 and three as a background character, Sly Moore is the Chief of Workers and Senior Administrative aide to Palpatine himself. Because it stands, she is totally conscious of his hid identification as Darth Sidious and even serves to help his rise to energy. In addition to threatening Chancellor Valorum’s aide with blackmail to make her resign, Moore is Pressure-sensitive and beforehand proved her allegiance to the Sith.

When Darth Maul captured her and took her to an historical tomb, Moore was attacked by useless Sith. After withstanding this, thus proving her loyalty to the Sith, Sidious welcomed her into his “Grand Plan” for the galaxy.

7 Dexter Jettster

Dexter Jettster from Star Wars Episode II

Whereas Dex might appear to be an unsophisticated however pleasant café proprietor, from his scene in Assault of the Clones it’s clear way more lies beneath the floor. The very fact he’s an outdated buddy of Obi-Wan clearly reveals he’s bought an intriguing previous.

It’s revealed he was once a prospector on the planet Subterrel. He’s additionally intelligent and possesses information even the Jedi Temple droids don’t as he instantly acknowledges the poisonous dart as a Kaminoan Saberdart. With the ability to divulge to Obi-Wan what planet it’s from, and even that the Kaminoans are cloners, proves he’s bought an unlimited untapped library of data even the Jedi can name upon.

6 Tion Medon

Tion Melon from Star Wars Episode III

The Port Administrator of Pau Metropolis, the planet Utapau’s capital, Tion Medon might solely be in a comparatively brief scene in Revenge of the Sith however this supplies adequate perception into his character and the way he performed a pivotal position in helping the Jedi.

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When Basic Grievous took refuge on Utapau with the Government Separatist Council, thereby holding the Utapauans hostage and killing its Committee members, Medon didn’t simply give up. As an alternative, although being watched, he secretly galvanized Pau Metropolis’s Safety Forces right into a resistance. His actions had been picked up by Republic Intelligence, thus revealing to the Jedi the place Grievous was hiding. So, if not for Medon, Obi-Wan wouldn’t have discovered and killed the vile Basic.

5 Chieftain Tarfful

Tarfful with Yoda as he speaks to the Jedi Council

Although lesser identified than the well-known Chewbacca, Tarfful was a fearsome and highly effective Wookiee warrior. He was each the Chieftain of Kachirho, a coastal metropolis on his house planet Kashyyyk, and a basic within the military and led a militia valiantly in opposition to the oncoming Separatist droids.

Showing in each The Clone Wars animated sequence and Revenge of the Sith, he demonstrates each loyalty and energy. Within the film, he’s most well-known for helping the well-known Jedi Luminara Unduli and Grasp Yoda within the Battle of Kashyyyk alongside Chewbacca. He’s additionally pivotal in guaranteeing Yoda’s escape from the clones as soon as Order 66 is activated. This fierce Wookiee is a power to be reckoned with and is even thought of a buddy of Yoda.

4 Captain Panaka

Captain Panaka close-up

Selfless and dependable, Quarsh Panaka was Queen Amidala’s private protector through the Invasion of Naboo as seen in The Phantom Menace. He’s identified for being firmly devoted and accountable for the monarch’s security. He even devised the system of decoys, in that somebody of an analogous look to the Queen would swap locations together with her, so she may stay disguised and thus protected. He had a pivotal position in retaking Theed Palace.

Nonetheless, he was usually pessimistic and grew paranoid concerning the Queen’s security, as seen when he was outraged at Qui-Gon’s suggestion to take her to Tatooine. It was his elevated paranoia after the Invasion which finally soured his relationship with Amidala. Though he was succeeded by his nephew Typho as Amidala’s chief protector, Panaka maintained pleasant relations together with her dad and mom Ruwee and Jobal, and was reinstated as the private protector of the longer term Queen, Jamillia.

3 Zam Wesell

Zam prepares to assassinate Padme

This bounty hunter proves her value within the opening to Assault of the Clones. Solely simply failing on two makes an attempt to remove Senator Amidala, the actual fact she is ready to put Anakin and Obi-Wan on a prolonged, gripping chase via Coruscant proves she is extremely expert as a pilot. She’s additionally a singular species, a Clawdite, capable of take the type of any humanoid. Her backstory was expanded within the spin-off sport Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.

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Zam proves herself as an iconic albeit reckless bounty hunter in each the movie and the sport. She’s additionally not afraid to be unbiased, since she would’ve betrayed Jango Fett by telling Skywalker and Kenobi who’d employed her, had Jango not shot her. Some might surprise why she didn’t deploy her changeling powers whereas hiding from the Jedi within the Outlander Membership as an alternative of attempting to shoot Obi-Wan.

2 Sabé

Sabé prepares to speak to Boss Nass on behalf of the Naboo people

Handpicked by Panaka to be the chief decoy for Queen Amidala, Sabé is an extremely courageous, gifted, and intelligent particular person in The Phantom Menace. Her position put her in nice hazard and made her very harassed, but she accepted it dutifully and put her monarch’s security forward of her personal. Sadly, she’s usually ignored as a result of confusion many viewers have had over who was who by which scene.

She pretends to be the Queen quite a few occasions, which suggests she is beneath fixed strain to not seem false in any approach. She was superb at her job as even Viceroy Gunray was fooled into believing she was real. A detailed buddy of Amidala, Sabé is a girl to uphold.

1 Cliegg Lars

A close-up of Cliegg Lars, a Tatooine moisture farmer

Cliegg is a severely underrated character. The great-natured, kindly proprietor of the enduring Lars homestead deserves extra consideration for his heroic acts. It was he who freed Shmi Skywalker from slavery and married her, making her genuinely completely happy after she was parted from Anakin.

His bravery shouldn’t be forgotten both. When Shmi is kidnapped by Tusken Raiders in Assault of the Clones, Cliegg reveals how he’d organized a bunch of thirty others to go and rescue her. Although the try failed and Cliegg misplaced his leg, he expresses how he doesn’t need to surrender on her and that he’d be again on the market looking out if he may. Not a lot else is understood of him however what viewers do hear offers adequate perception into the caring and valiant individual he was.

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