Stardew Valley: Best Gifts for Penny

Constructing relationships with the townsfolk in Stardew Valley is a vital side of the sport’s immersive gameplay. Among the many residents of Pelican City is a kind-hearted and book-loving villager named Penny. She is an NPC that captures the hearts of many gamers, to the purpose that some are keen to marry her.

Whether or not gamers intention to deepen their friendship with Penny or romance her and win her affection, the right presents will make all of the distinction. As with different NPCs in Stardew Valley, gamers can provide Penny as much as two presents per week, and yet one more on her birthday (Fall 2).

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Penny’s Liked Presents

On receiving one thing she loves, Penny will say Thanks! I actually love this!. Together with All Common Loves (besides Rabbit’s Foot), Penny loves being gifted the next objects.


diamonds stardew valley

Diamonds are uncommon and invaluable gems which might be appreciated by most villagers, and liked by Penny. The Diamond is actually a Mineral that may be obtained from Diamond Nodes. These nodes are discovered within the Mines on flooring 50+. One other approach to get Diamonds is from Gem Nodes which can be found on any flooring within the Mines. There’s a 0.1% probability for monsters within the Mines to drop Diamonds when slain.

They can be present in Fishing Treasure Chests or obtained by Panning.


An Emerald is a valuable gemstone identified for its vivid inexperienced coloration. It’s one other Mineral discovered within the Mines. Gamers can acquire Emeralds from Emerald Nodes and Gem Nodes obtainable within the Mines. There’s a 10% probability for a Dwarvish Sentry within the Volcano Dungeon to drop an Emerald when slain.

Emeralds can be present in Fishing Treasure Chests or obtained by Panning.


Melons in Stardew Valley

The Melon is a fruit crop that grows from Melon Seeds. It takes 12 days to be prepared for harvest. These juicy and candy treats are solely present in Summer season. Not many villagers are a fan of Melons, however Penny completely loves them.

Melon Seeds will be bought from Pierre’s Normal Retailer for 80g and Joja Mart for 100g. They’re sometimes obtainable within the Touring Cart for 120–1,000g.


poppy seeds stardew valley

The Poppy is a colourful flower, with loads of culinary and medicinal makes use of. It takes 7 days for Poppies to develop from Poppy Seeds. In contrast to all different flowers, Poppies are a universally hated reward. Penny is the one villager in Stardew Valley who loves them. Poppy Seeds will be bought from Pierre’s Normal Retailer for 100g and Joja Mart for 125g.

Gamers may also buy Poppy flowers from the Touring Cart for 420–1,000g.

Poppyseed Muffin

The Poppyseed Muffin will be simply ready contained in the kitchen or through the use of a Cookout Package. Penny loves these Muffins as they supply a soothing impact. On Winter 7, 12 months 2, the recipe for Poppyseed Muffins was shared in an episode of “The Queen of Sauce” cooking present. The components required are 1 Poppy, 1 Wheat Flour, and 1 Sugar.

Poppyseed Muffins can be obtained as a present on the Feast of the Winter Star, or from Krobus if he’s the participant’s roommate. Gamers may also buy these muffins on the Touring Cart for 750–1,250g.

Purple Plate

The Purple Plate is a dish ready utilizing the kitchen in an upgraded farmhouse or a Cookout Package. Loaded with antioxidants, the Purple Plate is kind of straightforward to make. Gamers can supply the recipe from Emily on reaching a seven-heart friendship together with her. The components wanted are 1 Purple Cabbage, and 1 Radish.

Often, the Purple Plate could seem in Krobus’ Store on Saturdays or within the rotating inventory at Stardrop Saloon.

Roots Platter

The Roots Platter is a cooked dish that leaves individuals craving extra. Gamers unlock the recipe for this scrumptious platter upon reaching Fight Degree 3. The components required are 1 Cave Carrot and 1 Winter Root.

The Cave Carrot will be discovered by foraging within the Mines, on Ranges 10-20; whereas the Winter Root is a foraging merchandise that’s solely obtainable in Winter.

Gamers can discover Roots Platter within the Volcano Dungeon Store or Krobus’ Store on Saturdays. Often, 5 Roots Platters could also be discovered within the treasure room within the Cranium Cavern.


sandfish stardew valley

The Sandfish is a singular sort of fish that’s discovered within the pond at The Desert. It tries to cover itself utilizing camouflage, however gamers can catch this fish throughout all seasons. Sandfish could randomly seem in Rubbish Cans after unlocking the Desert. They’re additionally offered at Stardew Valley‘s Touring Cart for 225–1,000g.

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Tom Kha Soup

Tom Kha Soup is a dish that may be ready within the kitchen or through the use of a Cookout Package. Gamers can get the recipe for this extremely flavored soup from Sandy. She shares the recipe within the Mail when gamers develop a seven-heart friendship together with her.

The components required are 1 Coconut, 1 Shrimp, and 1 Frequent Mushroom. Tom Kha Soup can be present in Krobus’ store on Saturdays or within the Stardrop Saloon’s inventory.

Stardew Valley is obtainable now on Cellular, PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Swap, Xbox One, and Xbox Sequence X/S.

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