Stardew Valley: How to Milk Cows

Stardew Valley’s picturesque countryside could be incomplete with out cows. These light creatures add a pure enchantment to the digital farm. Similar to in actual life, cows are the commonest supply of milk within the sport.

Milk is a flexible ingredient utilized in quite a lot of cooking recipes in Stardew Valley. It may be bought immediately or became priceless merchandise like Cheese. Promoting milk could be a worthwhile enterprise, particularly if gamers have quite a lot of well-fed and blissful cows. Studying tips on how to milk cows not solely deepens the connection between the participant and their digital homestead but additionally contributes to the farm’s monetary success.

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The best way to Get a Cow in Stardew Valley

Petting a Cow Stardew Valley

Gamers have to assemble a Barn earlier than they will preserve cows on the farm. A traditional Barn could be bought from Robin on the Carpenter’s Store for 6,000g. The constructing supplies required are 350 items of Wooden and 150 Stones.

As soon as the Barn is constructed, gamers should purchase a Cow at Marnie’s Ranch for 1,500g. There are two forms of cows accessible: White and Brown, that are randomly assigned to gamers on the time of buy.

The best way to Milk Cows in Stardew Valley

how to milk a cow stardew valley

If a Cow is fed each day, it is going to mature after 5 nights have handed. A totally grown grownup cow produces Milk every day. On reaching ample Friendship factors and Happiness ranges, cows begin producing ‘Giant Milk.’ To gather milk from the cows, gamers require a ‘Milk Pail,’ which could be bought from Marnie at her Ranch for 1,000g.

Gamers can place a Chest inside their Barn to retailer the Milk Pail in order that it doesn’t take up priceless stock house.

To take advantage of a Cow, gamers have to first equip the Milk Pail from their Stock. Subsequent, they should method the Cow and click on on it to start the milking course of. The method naturally stops when the cow has no extra milk left. After efficiently milking the cow, gamers will discover a bottle of milk added to their stock. Milking a cow will increase Friendship by 5 factors.

Cows can solely be milked as soon as per day.

When gamers attain Farming Degree 10, they will buy an Auto-Grabber from Marnie’s Ranch. It prices 25,000g however mechanically milks all of the cows contained in the barn the place it’s positioned, saving gamers quite a lot of effort and time. Nevertheless, The Auto-Grabber prevents gamers from gaining the +5 Friendship factors usually earned by manually milking a cow.

Stardew Valley is offered now for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Change, and Xbox One.

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