Starfield Enemy Has Unexpected Reaction to Being Shot

Starfield Enemy Has Unexpected Reaction to Being Shot


  • Taking pictures enemies’ jetpacks in Starfield can set off a scripted sequence the place they malfunction and launch into outer area, including to the sport’s record of hilarious moments.
  • This interplay is feasible in each low-gravity and high-gravity environments, as proven in footage taken on Procyon III-a, a planet with 7% extra gravity than Earth.
  • The dying animation attributable to taking pictures an enemy’s jetpack is probably going a physics bug and never an intentional characteristic, however followers of Bethesda video games usually get pleasure from these entertaining glitches.

One Starfield participant found that taking pictures enemies outside can typically make them attain the escape velocity of a given celestial physique, or on the very least seem to take action in a extremely amusing vogue. Their discovery provides to the rising record of hilarious shenanigans that Starfield gamers have been as much as because the sport reached early entry at the start of September.

Whereas Starfield’s tons of of planets and moons are modeled realistically so that every of them has its personal mass, diameter, and ensuing gravity, escape velocity is not truly part of the sport’s underlying calculations. For readability, that physics time period refers back to the preliminary velocity that an object wants to achieve in an effort to escape the gravity of any given physique by advantage of inertia.

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But one fan not too long ago stumbled upon a peculiar interplay that permits Starfield gamers to seemingly propel enemies into outer area. Doing so is so simple as aiming the killing shot at their jetpack, which might set off a scripted sequence that sees the gadget malfunction, launching them into an erratic spiral. Alternatively, it seems that the identical animation also can ship enemies flying into outer area earlier than vanishing, just like how Workforce Rocket tends to vanish when blasted off within the Pokemon anime, minus the flicker. The primary identified proof of 1 such humorous incident was shared by Reddit person AndrewEffteeyay.

Whereas it is intuitive to imagine that this uncommon interplay is barely attainable in low-gravity environments, that’s truly not the case. Specifically, AndrewEffteeyay’s footage was clearly taken on Procyon III-a, the only real habited planet within the Procyon binary star system, which has an in-game gravity of 1.07g, or 7% greater than Earth. Naively assuming it has the identical diameter as that of humanity’s residence planet, its escape velocity would quantity to 11.984 km/s, or roughly 7.45 miles per second, a daft velocity that this unlucky enemy clearly didn’t attain.

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Mixed with the truth that there’s been no indication of escape velocity being coded into the sport, it might seem that this sudden dying animation shouldn’t be an precise characteristic, however merely one in all Starfield’s physics bugs. Entertaining glitches of this type are these days synonymous with Bethesda video games, with the developer’s followers largely accepting them with endearment as a substitute of frustration, as underlined by the reactions to this newly surfaced incident.

The seemingly bugged Starfield dying animation may also be extremely amusing to set off indoors; taking pictures an enemy’s jetpack may cause them to crash into the ceiling, leaving them hanging by their heads, which is by design.

Starfield is offered now on PC and Xbox Collection X/S.

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