Starting this summer, iFixit’s Steam Deck replacement components will be available

iFixit’s Kevin Purdy tells The Verge that the company aims to start selling Steam Deck replacement parts this summer. Valve first announced in February that iFixit, a repair company, will be one of the authorized vendors of replacement components, but did not provide a particular date for when they would be available. Because the vast majority of consoles are difficult to fix, having official Steam Deck replacement parts available, even if they aren’t now available, is a positive thing for customers. It is hoped that this would encourage other hardware manufacturers to follow suit in the future.

We’ve asked iFixit whether it can share details on which parts are available and how much they’ll cost. Valve indicated “thumbsticks, SSDs, and possibly more” would be accessible in its official Steam Deck deconstruction video from October, so it’s probable those will be featured on iFixit.


Valve, on the other hand, strongly advised against creating a Steam Deck in that video. “Even though it’s your PC — or will be after you’ve received your Steam Deck — and you have every right to open it up and do whatever you want,” the narrator of the movie started, “we at Valve really don’t advocate that you ever open it.” “The Steam Deck is a very well-planned system, and the parts were carefully picked for this product’s unique structure, so they aren’t actually supposed to be user-swappable.” However, if you’re ready to take a chance and swap anything out of your Deck, it appears that certified replacement parts will be available from iFixit this summer.

When a few of the initial Steam Deck buyers noticed thumbstick drift, an issue most commonly associated with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, it seemed like there could be an immediate need for replacement parts. Thankfully, Valve identified the drift as a software flaw rather than a hardware issue and released a remedy within hours. The Verge spoke with three users who had been suffering drift and said that the update appeared to have fixed the problem.

You can sign up for a waitlist to be alerted when iFixit’s Steam Deck official replacement parts become available. While you’re waiting, have a look at iFixit’s official disassembly of the smartphone.

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