Superman’s Villains Discovered the Grossest Way Possible to Beat His Super-Senses


  • Superman’s invulnerability makes his mind the excellent secret lair, as villains can plot nefarious issues inside with out him ever realizing.
  • Having a secret base in Metropolis is sort of unimaginable due to Superman’s tremendous listening to and x-ray imaginative and prescient, forcing villains to get inventive of their hiding spots.
  • The villains’ presence in Superman’s mind offers them a big benefit, as they’re undetectable and practically achieve killing him with Kryptonite.

One in every of Superman’s most well-known talents is his invulnerability. It is extraordinarily tough to damage Superman by standard means, and this naturally makes him a nightmare for many villains to cope with. Surprisingly, it additionally makes him a improbable secret lair. This was explored in gross element when a bunch of villains determined to make their secret villain base proper in the center of the Man of Metal’s mind.

This stunning location for a secret base is seen in Motion Comics #6 by Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert, John Dell, Brad Anderson, and Patrick Brosseau. This problem contains a group of villains having a secret nefarious assembly in the one place Superman would by no means see: straight inside his mind.

Naturally, Clark is a bit involved about this, however his buddies guarantee him that the villains will not danger increasing inside his mind — for concern of being crushed by his invulnerable mind matter. Nonetheless, not wanting villains planning their plots inside his head, he has his allies go in after them, which ends up in the villains releasing Kryptonite and really practically killing Clark. However not less than they’re not in his head.

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Superman’s Mind Is the Good Villainous Lair

Villains Try to Flood Superman's Brain with Radiation

This can be very tough to have an elaborate evil villain lair in Metropolis. Due to Superman’s tremendous listening to and x-ray imaginative and prescient, he can simply scan the total metropolis if he has trigger to accomplish that. Whereas it has been touched on a couple of occasions why Clark would not liberally use his x-ray imaginative and prescient on the metropolis, if he has motive, he’ll. This has made it exceedingly difficult to preserve anyplace to plot nefarious issues in Metropolis with out vital sources. Characters like Lex Luthor are in a position to have total metropolis blocks retrofitted to block out Superman’s sight or listening to, however different villains have to get a bit extra inventive.

The concept of evading Superman’s senses has come up in comics many occasions over the years. Lex Luthor is most well-known for exploiting the weaknesses of Superman’s powers together with his bases normally using lead partitions and the like. Different characters, equivalent to the Invisible Mafia, tried holding conferences in lead sound-proof containers. However the villains in Motion Comics #6 determine to take it a step additional and stay straight inside Superman’s mind. In accordance to his allies, the tesseract inside Superman’s mind may maintain a complete of 30 individuals, and the comedian reveals not less than a couple of dozen inside him — with Superman none the wiser.

Superman Is Poisoned from Inside

Superman Is Weakened by Villains Poisoning His Brain

Whereas the villains are finally chased out by Superman’s allies, that they had been there in any respect gave them an enormous benefit in a number of methods. They had been in a totally secure place; they had been undetectable by most heroes; they usually had been even in a position to practically kill Superman by releasing Kryptonite once they had been pressured to go away. The one motive they had been found in any respect is as a result of one in every of Superman’s allies learn the thoughts of a villain who knew they had been in there. If it wasn’t for that, it is probably Superman’s mind would’ve made the excellent indefinite evil hideout.

Motion Comics #6 is out there now from DC Comics!

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