Tears of the Kingdom Gleeok Fight Has Unintentionally Hilarious End

Tears of the Kingdom Gleeok Fight Has Unintentionally Hilarious End


  • Gleeoks in Tears of the Kingdom can shock gamers by performing a barrel roll mid-combat, as one participant lately found.
  • Thunder Gleeoks in Tears of the Kingdom are significantly difficult enemies, and encountering them can result in intense fights.
  • Whereas throwing Gleeoks off cliffs might look like a intelligent technique, it isn’t a dependable method to defeat them, and gamers ought to method these enemies with warning.

Whereas Gleeoks in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom normally struggle to the bitter finish, it seems that they will additionally peace out with a barrel roll mid-combat, as one participant lately found. The footage of their uncommon encounter later made the rounds on social media, including to the ever-expanding record of hilarious Tears of the Kingdom clips.

Since Gleeoks are a few of Tears of the Kingdom’s rarest enemies, it ought to come as no shock that encountering one all the time results in a few of the most difficult fights in your entire recreation. And aside from the King Gleeok variant, the Thunder model of those three-headed dragons occurs to be essentially the most threatening of the lot, not least as a result of gear providing resistance to electrical harm is tough to come back by in comparison with fire- and ice-resistant tools and consumables.

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Be that as it might, Reddit consumer MetaByte7 lately skilled an uncharacteristically simple encounter with a Thunder Gleeok, which ended up barrel-rolling over a cliff in fairly a hilarious style after the participant acquired it down to only under half of its whole well being pool. “I used to be so confused,” the fan wrote, including that they anticipated the dragon to fly again up after this uncommon maneuver. Alas, that by no means occurred, with the participant consequently descending the mountain and capturing the glitched creature with arrows. They mentioned that doing so induced the Thunder Gleeok to proceed tumbling down the cliff slope till their Tears of the Kingdom struggle got here to its anticlimactic finish.

The partial footage of the incident that lately made its method to the entrance web page of the r/TearsOfTheKingdom subreddit signifies that the rolling animation might need been erroneously triggered by the Thunder Gleeok’s proximity to the sting of the close by cliff, though there was loads of room under it to easily fall flat on its three faces, because it normally does when all of its heads are in a downed state. Regardless of the case could also be, this uncommon encounter is not the primary time that the fandom witnessed how nicely gravity works even towards flying enemies within the recreation; again in July, one participant shared a intelligent method of eliminating Tears of the Kingdom’s Gleeoks by deliberately doing what MetaByte7 achieved on accident: throwing them off a cliff.

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And whereas many Gleeoks within the recreation are typically present in excessive locations, hurling them off mountain edges is not precisely a dependable technique for coping with these three-headed monstrosities. Gamers are therefore suggested to not tackle Gleeoks till they’re robust sufficient to defeat them the common method, that means these Tears of the Kingdom enemies needs to be fully prevented within the early recreation.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is obtainable now on Nintendo Change.

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