Thanos Just Exposed the Illuminati’s Biggest Mistake Since Causing World War Hulk

Accommodates Spoilers for Thanos (2023) #1-3!


  • The Marvel Illuminati have made a giant mistake by hiding the character Roberta Marshall, who’s secretly Dying, from Thanos, thus placing a whole metropolis in danger.
  • The Illuminati’s hubris is on full show as they continuously overestimate their talents and make self-aggrandizing choices.
  • The true identification of Roberta as Dying is revealed in Thanos #3, however there are nonetheless unanswered questions on the authentic Marie Collins and Roberta’s notion of herself.

Marvel’s Illuminati are specialists at making errors, and their latest blunder has put a whole metropolis in danger as they’ve drawn the ire of Thanos. The Illuminati are supremely assured in themselves, however they could have bitten off greater than they will chew this time, as they’re coping with not simply the Mad Titan, however a being far, way more highly effective than even him. Why they made their latest mistake has but to be revealed, however it’s a biggie.

Thanos (2023) #1 (written by Christopher Cantwell, penciled and inked by Luca Pizzari, coloured by Ruth Redmond and lettered by VC’s Cory Petit) introduces the character of “Roberta Marshall” a younger girl from Fresno who mysteriously turns into the goal of Thanos.

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Roberta has an inherent potential to know individuals’s names even when she shouldn’t, and there are fairly clear hints that she’s secretly another person solely, even when she doesn’t comprehend it herself. When Thanos kidnaps Fresco, it’s a brand new model of Marvel’s Illuminati that greets Roberta, and so they appear to know precisely who she is and why Thanos is after her.

Marvel’s Illuminati Have Given Dying a New Face

lady death with rose

Now, League of Comic Geeks has posted the solicit for Thanos #3 by Cantwell, Pizarri, Redmond and Petit. The preview confirms what the collection’ first concern hinted: Roberta is secretly Dying, and the Illuminati have made an enormous mistake in attempting to cover her. As the solicit reads –

“Thanos unlocks Roberta’s true reminiscences as the goddess Dying—and she or he shouldn’t be blissful about it! Nor are the Illuminati, who’re the ones who had given her this new human identification—however first, they have to cope with getting the complete metropolis of Fresno safely again to Earth!”

In Marvel cosmology, summary ideas like Dying have consciousnesses, and Thanos has been famously infatuated with Dying for years. Thanos #3’s preview has confirmed that the Illuminati are accountable for giving Dying her identification, and certain her reminiscences, as Roberta, and as such they’ve put the complete metropolis of Fresno in danger. That they thought anyplace on Earth was a protected place for hiding Dying is just hubris.

Whereas Roberta’s identification has been revealed, there are nonetheless questions surrounding Dying’s human type. In Thanos #1, Roberta is acknowledged by an older girl, Christine, who identifies Roberta as “Marie.” Earlier in the concern, Roberta visits the grave of a “Marie Collins,” who could be roughly her age but doesn’t appear to make the connection. What’s implied is that Dying is utilizing the type of Marie Collins for her disguise. The query is what occurred to the authentic Marie, and what does Roberta assume occurred? She possible doesn’t understand she’s utilizing the useless lady’s look, which could possibly be defined “psychological blocks” on her reminiscence talked about by Emma Frost in the concern.

The Illumanti are Consultants in Self-Aggrandizing

Marvel Comics Illuminati side by side.

Hiding Dying is completely in line for the Illuminati, whose hubris is aware of no bounds. From capturing the Hulk into area to considering they might remedy the impending destruction of the multiverse on their very own, the group has continuously overestimated their very own talents. What’s so enjoyable is that they’re offered at first look as the picture of an über-competent secret society — and so they definitely consider themselves that method — however their actions undercut their pretensions time and time once more. Now, the Illuminati’s hubris in attempting to cover a cosmic power like Dying on Earth has introduced Thanos again to the planet, however certainly the Illuminati received’t screw this struggle up, proper?

Thanos (2023) #3 will likely be obtainable February 7, 2024 from Marvel Comics

Supply: League of Comic Geeks

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