The 20 Best Armor Sets


  • There are many totally different armor units in Fallout 4 that supply varied buffs and perks to the participant. Listed below are the very best 20.
  • Fits just like the Nuka-Lady Area Swimsuit present specialty harm resistance and excessive resistance to vitality harm, making it perfect for preventing foes with vitality weapons.
  • In the meantime, fits just like the Rescue Diver Swimsuit give particular perks, like permitting gamers to spend as a lot time underwater as wanted with out surfacing.

Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4 has all kinds of substances to gather, however maybe none as helpful and memorable as its expansive collection of armor units. Venturing into the guts of the nuclear-ravaged wasteland requires one to get decked out in the very best armor lest they fall prey to the Commonwealth’s cruelest enemies. These armor units can flip the extremely susceptible sole survivor right into a damage-resistant machine, or they will simply as simply make them a well-dressed sitting goal. Both method, selecting, customizing, and upgrading a set of armor is among the greatest elements of the sport.

With tremendous mutants, gigantic bugs, and ravenous Loss of life Claws lurking about, one should both discover or craft the suitable armor units to remain alive. The base model of Fallout 4 comes with loads of glorious armor units that individuals ought to instantly attempt to get their fingers on, however there are some nice choices within the DLC expansions. Some are right down to enterprise, whereas others are strolling style statements, in addition to protecting gear.

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20 Mantis Armor (Legendary)

+ Agility, + Notion

This two-piece legendary armor set, comprised of the Mantis Left Greave and the Mantis Left Armguard is definitely among the finest in Fallout 4; nonetheless, it’s so uncommon that almost all have no idea it exists. The full set gives the only survivor a 10% likelihood to disarm melee attackers on hit and a plus one to their agility and notion stats. This distinctive heavy leather-based armor set may be bought from the touring caravan service provider Lucas Miller, and whereas it comes at a reasonably steep monetary value, it’s definitely price it, particularly within the early- to mid-game.

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19 Nuka-Lady Area Swimsuit (Costume)

+ Charisma, + Capacity To Breathe Underwater

For many who need extra pizazz of their outfits, together with specialty harm resistance, the Nuka-Lady Area Swimsuit is an efficient choice. It may be looted from a model contained in the amusement park sector of Nuka World. It bears all of the logos of typical Fifties Sci-Fi motion pictures nonetheless beloved by audiences immediately, making it fairly distinctive amongst Fallout 4‘s armor units. Sadly, the swimsuit shouldn’t be superb in a standard firefight; it does boast a very excessive resistance to each vitality and rad harm, making it a strong selection when going up in opposition to foes wielding vitality weapons. The glass bowl helmet additionally permits them to breathe indefinitely underwater.

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18 Rescue Diver Swimsuit (No Class)

+ Breathe Underwater

The Rescue Diver Suit armor set from Fallout 4, a half-oxidized copper old-school diving suit.

Whereas not the hardest set of armor in Fallout 4, there are lots of benefits to the Rescue Diver Swimsuit, which make it a must have for wasteland explorers. First, it permits the participant to spend as a lot time underwater as wanted with out having to floor. Second, it is extraordinarily cellular and an excellent various to utilizing a full set of Energy Armor. The swimsuit may be acquired after finishing the “Altering Tide” quest within the Far Harbor DLC. Along with trying distinctive and intensely cool, it additionally gives 250 factors of rad resistance, which is ideal for wading into excessive radiation areas with out having to bulk up with energy armor.

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17 Diamond Metropolis Guard Armor (No Class)

+ Injury Resistance, + Power Resistance

A group of Diamond City guards in Fallout 4.

The residents of Fallout 4‘s Diamond Metropolis, regardless of residing on the sector of an previous baseball stadium, have not pieced collectively how the sport was really performed. They imagine that gamers attacked one another with bats whereas carrying catcher’s gear, and this false impression could have led to the town’s safety patrol adopting the previous apparel as their official uniform. Whereas the Diamond Metropolis Guard Armor is not significantly nice from a stats perspective, it is really not a foul perk of Fallout 4‘s Diamond Metropolis within the early sport. The whole set can pretty simply be pickpocketed from an unaware Diamond Metropolis guard.

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16 Raider (Energy Armor)

+ Injury Resistance, + Power Resistance

Clunky Fallout 4 armor assembled from scrap metal.

Raider Energy Armor would not stack up properly in opposition to different Energy Armor variants; it boasts insignificant stats in comparison with its mightier counterparts. All the identical, this attention-grabbing and distinctive armor set may be looted from Raiders. Raider energy armor matches the scrappy aesthetic of survival in Fallout 4‘s post-apocalypse wasteland very properly – with the looks of scrap steel that was as soon as seemingly used to construct a Energy Armor body. Although it might not maintain up properly to the issue of taking part in Fallout 4 in Survival Mode, for an informal playthrough, it might make a deeply immersive and thematically acceptable selection.

15 Apocalypse Armor (Distinctive Wearable)

+ Power & Injury Resistance When Well being Is Low


To entry this very uncommon and helpful armor set in Fallout 4, gamers should observe down a personality often known as the Scribe, an NPC who randomly seems all through the sport. With excessive sufficient speech expertise and a settlement with 10 or extra members, the Scribe may be satisfied to hitch the group, at which level he’ll arrange an armor store in no matter settlement he is ordered to remain in.

The Scribe will then provide the Apocalypse Armor chest piece – the primary a part of the armor accessible on the market. Following this, gamers must journey to Goodneighbor and go to Resort Rexford to recruit one in all Fallout 4‘s pleasant ghouls, the Vault-Tec rep, in the identical method, and his vendor retailer will provide the Apocalypse left greave. It would not appear like a lot, however its harm resistance is implausible, plus it has two uncommon results not seen in different armors. First, time will gradual for gamers as they accrue extra harm, whereas harm resistance climbs on the identical time.

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+ Injury Resistance, + Power Resistance

The Disciples faction from Fallout 4's Nuka World DLC.

The Disciples are one of many main factions that one will encounter throughout a playthrough of Fallout 4‘s Nuka World DLC – they will both make for highly effective allies or intimidating foes. A part of their daunting nature may be ascribed to the visually distinctive armor they put on. Like one thing out of Mad Max, the faction undoubtedly appears the a part of a nuclear wasteland. Whereas the Disciples Metallic Armor is beneficial because it gives a formidable base harm resistance of 122 and an vitality resistance of 140, a full set is extremely heavy and may be fairly burdensome for the only survivor.

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13 Elder Maxson’s Battlecoat (Distinctive Clothes)

+ Notion

Throughout the principle story of Fallout 4, the Brotherhood of Metal faction has an essential position, and by extension, the chief of the East Coast Brotherhood of Metal, Elder Maxson performs an important half within the story. It is his coat, nonetheless, that may provide the only survivor an attention-grabbing various armor set. Upgrading Maxson’s battlecoat with ballistic weave offers the fashionable coat a surprisingly aggressive set of stats whereas sustaining its innate low carrying weight. The solely catch is that it will possibly’t be pickpocketed from Elder Maxson, that means one should get their fingers soiled to accumulate it.

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12 Military Fatigues & A Fedora (Mixture)

+ Power, + Agility, + Luck

Player standing in the street wearing army fatigues in Fallout 4.

As soon as a participant joins and completes a number of quests for the secretive Railroad group, they are going to unlock the flexibility to spice up the defensive stats of some clothes gadgets. As outfits and jumpsuits are worn below extra standard units of armor in Fallout 4, this capability lets individuals basically put on two units concurrently. The greatest clothes gadgets to spice up with the Ballistic Weave improve are military fatigues and a fedora, as these things improve Power, Agility, and Luck by one level every. By carrying enhanced military fatigues and a fedora below extra standard armor, a participant will basically turn into a strolling tank – an excellent technique to spice up protection.

11 Fight Armor (Tier 3)

+ Injury Resistance, + Power Resistance[

Player wearing green Combat Armor in Fallout 4.

The Fight Armor set is flexible and fairly nice – in the end, it’s going to provide enough safety to the participant throughout the overwhelming majority of their wasteland journey. This armor offers balanced safety from each customary harm and vitality harm; it’s also extraordinarily customizable. Moreover, it’s pretty simple to get a full set of Fight Armor, as, in Fallout 4, enemies that belong to The Gunner mercenary group have an affinity for this type of safety. This armor is certainly not the very best in any given state of affairs, however its versatility and well-rounded stats make it perfect for individuals who wish to discover and tackle challenges as they arrive.

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10 Synth Armor (Fight)

+ Power Resistance

Character in stormtrooper-esque Synth armor in Fallout 4 aiming a gun.

The Synth Armor is moderately just like Fight Armor in Fallout 4, albeit with an elevated give attention to vitality protection and a a lot gaudier look – it will also be more durable to discover a full set of Synth Armor versus Fight Armor. Synth Armor typically solely seems on Synth Troopers and turns into more and more uncommon if a participant decides to destroy the nefarious Institute. Paradoxically, this armor is right for taking over synth-type enemies, because the elevated vitality resistance counters their use of laser weapons. Whereas the swimsuit appears like a Stormtrooper armor variant from Star Wars, Synth Armor undoubtedly has its benefits and may be very helpful in opposition to robotic enemies.

9 Marine Armor (Fight)

+ Base Ballistic, + Power Resistance

Player wearing dark Marine armor in Fallout 4.

The Marine Armor set is among the strongest regular armor units in Fallout 4; nonetheless, it is just accessible to gamers who bought the Far Harbor DLC. Whereas this armor set is heavy, it boasts virtually unmatched protection, particularly if a participant takes the time to improve the set to the Assault Marine Armor variant. With these excessive stats comes rarity, however a full set of Marine Armor will spawn on the DLC’s island if a participant solves further puzzles inside DiMA’s reminiscence. These further puzzles may be fairly tedious, however they’re properly price it for the reward of getting among the greatest armor in Fallout 4.

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8 Mechanist’s Armor (No Class)

+ Injury Resistance, + Power Resistance

The Sole Survivor wearing the Mechanist's Armor and holding a laser pistol in Fallout 4.

The funniest armor set within the Fallout 4 Automatron DLC comes within the type of the Mechanist’s Armor, which appears like a mix of a mid-century sci-fi robotic combined with the nonsensical and weird design aesthetic of the Cybermen from Physician Who. The armor may be secured after finishing the DLC, and it is a fairly good set. The full set gives 85 harm and vitality resistance, plus an additional 15 p.c harm discount from robotic enemies, and a plus one enhance to Endurance, Charisma, and Intelligence. It is sure to show heads, probably for the improper causes, nevertheless it’s pretty strong in the case of a very good old school Fallout 4 firefight.

7 Grognak (Costume)

+ Melee Injury

The Grognak Costume is a goofy armor set in Fallout 4, nevertheless it’s extraordinarily helpful in sure circumstances. Primarily a parody of the long-lasting, eponymous character from Conan the Barbarian, the Grognak Costume takes related visible cues in the case of apparel. This armor set boosts a personality’s Power by two factors and will increase the harm inflicted with melee weapons (resembling Grognak’s Axe) by 20 p.c. This makes Grognak Costume a must have for builds that target dealing harm with melee weapons. Furthermore, some items of armor may be worn over the costume, which mitigates its weak protection; nonetheless, including extreme armor may take away from the barbarian look.

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6 Destroyer’s Armor (Fight)

+ Velocity, – Injury From People

The Sole Survivor wearing the Destroyer's Armor set in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4‘s Destroyer’s Armor is a novel set of fight armor with some significantly helpful results. Not solely does the armor lower harm from human enemies by 10 p.c, nevertheless it additionally will increase a personality’s pace and blocking effectiveness whereas elevating the Sole Survivor’s Charisma and Intelligence by one level every. A participant wants to purchase the assorted elements from retailers discovered throughout the wasteland, as the assorted elements that make up this armor can’t be looted from defeated enemies. Past being helpful in battles in opposition to people, the Destroyer’s Armor rewards gamers who discover Fallout 4’s world and exit of their approach to work together with NPCs in varied settlements.

5 T-60 (Energy Armor)

+ Injury Resistance

Even when it isn’t the strongest Energy Armor within the sport, the T-60 has some unbelievable defensive stats, and it’s a lot simpler to search out than most. Moreover, the T-60 Energy Armor is simpler to restore than its bulkier counterpart, and it’s also essentially the most customizable Energy Armor within the sport. Whereas the T-60 Energy Armor can burn by means of Fusion Cores fairly shortly, it is nice for going up in opposition to bosses or giant hordes of enemies. Additionally present in different titles, like Bethesda producer, Todd Howard’s favourite, Fallout 3, the T-60 Energy Armor is a no-nonsense armor set that intimidates foes, offers confidence, and offers a much-needed enhance throughout battles.

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4 Operators Armor (Heavy)

+ Injury Resistance, + Power Resistance

The Sole Survivor wearing the Operators Heavy Armor in Fallout 4.

Obtainable completely in Fallout 4‘s Nuka World DLC, the Operators Heavy Armor set gives the participant a sturdy set of defensive stats, offering strong safety in opposition to vitality and ballistic harm. It may be bought from distributors or obtained by means of the looting of corpses. The solely draw back to this armor set is its lack of aesthetic worth. Whereas it is not going to win any awards for being trendy, fascinating, and even visually cool, it’s sensible. Within the depths of the wasteland, aesthetics should be a secondary consideration. What issues is harm negation, and the armor gives a stat of 127 in that space, with an additional 127 towards vitality resistance.

3 Silver Shroud (Costume)

+ Notion

The Silver Shroud costume is definitely some of the entertaining outfits in Fallout 4. Past its aesthetics, it’s properly price getting the Silver Shroud costume, as it’s going to grant the Sole Survivor some distinctive dialogue choices as sure NPCs will work together with them in another way. This costume can also be upgradable and has among the greatest harm and vitality resistance within the sport. The Silver Shroud missions are among the most fulfilling in Fallout 4, and carrying the costume can yield loads of gameplay choices that instantly have an effect on the story. It is also a testomony to the way in which the Fallout franchise handles quirky humor, in addition to post-apocalyptic horror.

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2 Freefall Legs (Fight Armor)

– Fall Injury

The Freefall Legs armor in the video game Fallout 4.

The Freefall Legs are distinctive in Fallout 4 attributable to being a set composed solely of leg armor; nonetheless, they make up for this restricted protection by having among the finest results within the sport. Carrying the Freefall Legs fully negates all fall harm. This makes exploring the eerily stunning Fallout 4 wasteland much more enjoyable and handy, as a participant can now fully ignore a serious environmental hazard. To seek out this Fallout 4 armor set, the participant must go to the Mass Fusion constructing whereas carrying Energy Armor with a jetpack. It could kill among the immersion, nevertheless it’s a helpful armor set to have.

1 X-01 (Energy Armor)

+ Injury Resistance

The X-01 is a uncommon and experimental form of Energy Armor that gives nothing however the very best protection. On prime of nullifying radiation harm, this armor additionally significantly reduces bodily harm and vitality harm. The X-01 Energy Armor can also be extraordinarily customizable, and gamers who take pleasure in making use of Bethesda crafting techniques can modify it to spice up their stats, scale back Motion Level consumption, and mechanically heal. The solely draw back to this armor set is that it requires extra sources to restore than every other armor within the sport. Even with that caveat in thoughts, it’s nonetheless the very best armor in opposition to the various threats of Fallout 4.

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