The Best Finesse Weapons In Baldur’s Gate 3

The proper addition to your nimble Rogue, sharpshooting Ranger, and martial artist Monk (or another character you’re role-playing with a excessive DEX stat), finesse weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 are melee weapons that let you add your Dexterity modifier to assault and injury rolls as an alternative of Power.

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Finesse weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 are typically lighter and extra agile – except just a few magical objects you’ll discover peppered all through your playthrough. That signifies that daggers, darts, rapiers, scimitars, and shortswords are a secure wager when you’re trying to find your subsequent finesse weapon of desires. Right here, we’ll rank those it is best to maintain your eyes peeled for in your subsequent jaunt to Faerûn.

10 Githyanki Shortsword

In game screenshot showing stats for Githyanki Shortsword weapon

The Githyanki Shortsword is an unusual martial melee weapon that does 1d6 Piercing injury with a conditional +1d4 Psychic injury when you assault with 50 p.c or much less Hit Factors. Proficiency with this weapon additionally unlocks the Flourish bonus motion, which might doubtlessly knock your foes off steadiness, and the Piercing Strike motion, which might stab enemies and presumably inflict Gaping Wounds.

You’ll be capable to decide up the Githyanki Shortsword in Act 1 from the Githyanki patrol close to Waukeen’s Relaxation (when you handle to defeat this formidable bunch, that’s) or on a Githyanki corpse within the Mountain Cross space of Act 2. Nevertheless, we advise making an attempt to select it up earlier relatively than later, as there are much more highly effective finesse weapons to loot in Act 2.

9 Speedy Reply

In game screenshot of Speedy Reply weapon stats

Speedy Reply is an unusual scimitar and martial melee weapon that boasts 1d6 Slashing injury and the distinctive trait Nimble Assault, which grants Momentum for 2 turns when efficiently placing an enemy. On prime of this, proficiency with this weapon unlocks the Flourish bonus motion and Lacerate motion, making this an important merchandise you possibly can decide up early-game to present you a bonus if you’re nonetheless comparatively underpowered.

You could find Speedy Reply on the corpse of a lifeless caravan Agent on Risen Highway in Act 1 (coordinates X:25 Y:606 in your map). However don’t fear, anybody doing the Discover The Lacking Cargo quest is unlikely to overlook it — as at all times, simply be sure you loot, loot, loot!

8 Sussur Dagger

Baldur's Gate 3 Blurred Picture Of Player Using Forge At Blighted Village With The Sussur Dagger Shown On Top

The Sussur Dagger is a uncommon dagger that grants you +1 weapon enchantment (which means you’ll get a +1 to your assault and injury rolls) and applies the Silence standing impact to the goal on a profitable hit. As many spells and cantrips require verbal activation, Silence can stop spellcasters from utilizing their arsenal in opposition to you, making this dagger a useful little early-game weapon.

The Sussur Dagger could be discovered within the Blighted Village in Act 1. To get it, you’ll want to finish the End the Masterwork Weapon quest and select to create a dagger within the basement forge.

7 Adamantine Scimitar

in game item description of the adamantine scimitar in Baldur's Gate 3

The Adamantine Scimitar is a uncommon martial melee weapon positioned in Grymforge. It grants a +1 weapon enchantment and does 1d6 +1 Slashing injury (higher but, it even ignores enemy Slashing resistance). Like all of the Adamantine Forge weapons, the Adamantine Scimitar additionally carries the Diamondsbane trait, which means that any melee assault with this weapon will routinely be a crucial hit.

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As beforehand talked about, you’ll discover the Adamantine Scimitar at Grymforge as a part of The Adamantine Forge quest in Act 1. You’ll want the Scimitar Mould and Mithral Ore to craft this weapon.

6 Phalar Aluve

in game description of Phalar Aluve in Baldur's Gate 3

The Phalar Aluve is a uncommon longsword with a +1 weapon enchantment able to shelling out 1d8+1 Slashing injury one-handed and 1d10+1 Slashing injury two-handed. On prime of this, proficiency with this longsword unlocks the Pommel Strike bonus motion and Lacerate and Rush Assault actions. However the pièce de résistance of this spectacular finesse weapon is its Singing Sword trait.

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As soon as per lengthy relaxation, you possibly can buff or debuff allies and enemies inside a six meter radius — giving them a +1d4 on Assaults or -1d4 on Saving Throws, respectively. You’ll discover the Phalar Aluve throughout Act 1 within the Underdark, close to the Selunite Fort. Merely put together your most trustworthy or tankiest participant for a Power or Faith test, and the sword is yours.

5 Sorrow

In game screenshot showing stat comparison of Sorrow and Greataxe weapons

Sorrow is a uncommon martial two-handed melee weapon with a +1 weapon enchantment and 1d10+1 Slashing capabilities. Select this, and also you’ll get entry to the Rush Assault, Lacerate and Brace actions in addition to the Sorrowful Lash cantrip — a long-reaching thorny whip that pulls small to medium foes three meters nearer to you. Because it’s a bonus motion, too, you possibly can simply yoink your enemy nearer and deal devastating injury multi functional flip.

The Sorrow finesse weapon could be present in Act 1, contained in the Hidden Vault within the Druid’s Grove. Whilst you can steal it from Rath, we suggest retaining your nostril clear and rescuing Halsin from the Goblin Camp as an alternative. This manner, you’ll get Sorrow as a reward and received’t need to take care of a horde of indignant nature lovers.

4 Larethian’s Wrath

In game screenshot of Larethian's Wrath weapon stats

Larethian’s Wrath is a uncommon longsword with a +1 weapon enchantment able to doing 1d8+1 Slashing injury when wielded in a single hand and 1d10+1 Slashing injury in two arms.

Proficiency unlocks the Pommel Strike bonus motion, Lacerate and Rush Assault actions, and the Razor Gale trait — a strong AOE assault that offers catastrophic injury to all of your foes inside vary. Throughout Act 1, you should purchase Larethian’s Wrath from the Githyanki service provider A’jak’nir Jeera in Creche Y’llek.

3 Selune’s Spear Of Night time

in game description of Selune's Spear of Night in baldur's gate 3

Selune’s Spear of Night time is a legendary versatile weapon and the most effective spear in Baldur’s Gate 3. Alongside a +3 weapon enchantment, it grants 1d8 Piercing injury when wielded with two arms and 1d6 Piercing in a single hand. Proficiency with this spear additionally unlocks the Rush Assault and Maiming Strike actions.

Nonetheless, it’s the Selune’s Blessing buff that makes this weapon stand out, granting you a bonus on Knowledge Saving Throws and Notion Checks. However that’s not all! You additionally acquire entry to Darkvision, Moonbeam and Moonmote. Whew! What doesn’t it do? To keep away from spoilers, we’ll simply say that to amass mentioned super-weapon, you will want to make the decidedly non-evil alternative within the pivotal Chosen of Shar questline.

2 The Dancing Breeze

In game screenshot of The Dancing Breeze weapon stats

The Dancing Breeze is a really uncommon glaive with a +2 weapon enchantment that may deal 1d10+2 Slashing injury and packs a heavy AOE assault more likely to skyrocket this weapon straight to the highest of your must-have checklist. Proficiency with The Dancing Breeze unlocks the Rush Assault, Lacerate and Brace actions, in addition to its distinctive trait, the Whirlwind Assault — a punishing spin assault that may strike a number of close by foes and recharges each Brief Relaxation.

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Should you search so as to add The Dancing Breeze to your assortment, you possibly can get hold of the weapon from the service provider Exxvikyap in Rivington throughout Act 3.

1 Blade Of The First Blood

In game screenshot of the Bloodthirst Dagger weapon stats

Blade Of The First Blood is a legendary dagger with a +2 weapon enchantment that may deal 1d4 Piercing and Necrotic injury. This dagger grants Improved Important, a trait that decreases the quantity you could roll to attain a Important Hit from 20 to 19. Moreover, proficiency with this weapon offers you entry to the True Strike motion, Exploit Weak point (which makes foes weak to Piercing injury), and True Strike Riposte (which lets you acquire True Strike if an enemy misses an assault).

Nevertheless, acquiring Act 3’s Blade of the First Blood requires a little bit of ahead planning. Should you’re curious about including this to your arsenal, it would be best to ensure that to dispatch Orin within the Temple of Bhaal earlier than killing the Cultists, as looting her physique after the combat will change the dagger to Bloodthirst, making the merchandise successfully unusable.

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