The Best Low-Cost Mattresses Under $400

An excellent mattress is necessary for a good night’s sleep, but let’s face it: no one likes to spend more money than necessary. The majority of mattresses on the market cost well over $1,000, which is a significant sum of money for many people. The good news is that you can still get a reasonably priced mattress that is comfy and supportive.

The Textiles Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute tests mattresses at various price categories, from budget buys to luxury splurges. Our research includes boxed beds, organic mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and more. Our fiber scientists examine materials and unique features before putting them to the test with our product analysts and customer testers for real-world sleep reviews. We also poll our testers to receive detailed feedback on the mattresses they’ve bought. Over 5,500 mattress owners responded to our most recent poll, and we analyzed over 126,000 data points to assist us in making these decisions.

We last examined this article in February 2022, and we stand by our suggestions based on our thorough research. The most excellent inexpensive boxed mattresses you can buy for under $450 for a Queen may be found after this post, but first, here are the best cheap boxed mattresses you can buy:

The Allswell Hybrid Mattress 

The Allswell 10" Bed in a Box Hybrid Mattress, Queen

• Firmness levels: Medium Firm • Height: 10″

• Available in the following sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King

Our testers love Allswell mattresses, and this is the most affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. It has a coil base for stability, airflow, and that bouncing mattress feel, as well as a layer of foam on top for comfort and pressure relief. Even the quilting on the exterior cover gives it a more abundant appearance than its pricing would suggest.

The owners of this mattress all expressed satisfaction with their purchase. Everything from the ease of delivery and setup to the comfort, support, and sleep quality received top marks. “Firm yet comfortable,” one person said, while another added, “The price is well worth it!”

The mattress comes in a box and comes with free shipping and returns (up to 90 days), so there’s no danger in checking it out.

  • Comfortable and supportive are the top ratings.
  • Coils and foam in a hybrid
  • Shipping is quick and free.
  • Some people report it’s firmer than they expected.

Look into it.

Hybrid 8-Inch Mattress

The Best Low-Cost Mattresses Under $400

• Firmness levels: Medium Firm • Height: 8″

• Available in the following sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King

This mattress is not only a bargain, but it’s also Amazon’s #1 bestselling mattress, with over 83,000 reviews and a 4.6-star average rating. On the inside, it’s primarily innerspring with a layer of luxurious memory foam for added comfort. While the 8-inch mattress has a firmer feel, you may upgrade to the 10-inch bed for a medium feel or the 12-inch mattress for a plusher feel for under $400 for a Queen.

Another top-rated brand from our survey was Linenspa. Hundreds of users praised its excellent value, with one owner of the cheapest 8-inch model telling us, “You won’t find a nicer mattress for the money.”

The company is fantastic; the mattress arrived in superb condition two days after I placed my order!” “Opening the mattress was easy and took less than 5 minutes till I put it on the bed frame,” the same user added.

  • Queen is only $200.
  • Delivery and setup are simple.
  • Our panel gave it high marks, and Amazon reviews backed it up.
  • Height reduction

Look into it.

Mattress with Adaptive Foam

The Best Low-Cost Mattresses Under $400

• Firmness levels: Medium • Height: 8″

• Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King sizes. California King

According to our panel, Tuft & Needle is one of the best mattress companies, and this Amazon-exclusive model is the cheapest. It features two memory foam layers: To feel like you’re being cradled, there’s a supporting layer on the bottom and a pressure-relieving layer on top. You won’t have to worry about hazardous levels of VOCs because the foam is CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard Gold certified.

It has a lower profile, but the upside is that a queen only weighs 40 pounds, making it easier to set up than other boxed mattresses (which can weigh well over 100 pounds). Plus, the company gives a 100-day trial period for any reason, so you can make sure you like it.

  • Support and pressure relief are provided by two foam layers.
  • Setting up a 100-day trial isn’t too difficult.
  • It’s barely under eight inches, according to some reviewers.

Look into it.

Olaf Mattress is a mattress designed by Olaf

The Best Low-Cost Mattresses Under $400

• Firmness levels: Medium • Height: 12″

• Available in the following sizes: twin, full, queen, and king

Cooling mattresses aren’t cheap, but if you’re a hot sleeper on a budget, this is your best chance. It has a cool-to-the-touch outer cover, and the top layer of memory foam is filled with gel to avoid overheating. For further comfort and support, there are two additional layers of foam underneath and a pillowtop layer with extra padding.

Despite its low price, it stands at an astounding 12-inches tall. This mattress “feels wonderful and cradles my body, no matter what position I’m sleeping in,” according to our tester. It’s medium-hard, but she described it as a little soft, perfect for folks who prefer a plush surface.

  • Ideal for those who sleep overheated.
  • 12″ in height
  • Several cradling foam layers
  • Models that are newer and do not have long-term feedback

Look into it.

tulo gel memory foam mattresses

The Best Low-Cost Mattresses Under $400

• Firmness levels: Firm • Height: 6″

• Available in the following sizes: twin, complete, and queen

If you want to touch and feel your mattress before purchasing it online, tulo beds are available in Mattress Firm shops across the country, giving you the best of both worlds. It still comes in a box for easy DIY installation, and there’s a free 120-night trial period to make sure you like it.

A five-inch layer of supportive foam and a one-inch layer of gel foam make up the inside of the six-inch mattress, giving it a firm feel that’s great for stomach and back sleepers. You can purchase 8-inch or 10-inch ones with medium firmness settings for a little more money, but they’re still under $400.

  • 120-night trial term sold at Mattress Firm stores
  • Firm
  • Lowest point
  • King doesn’t sell it.

Look into it.

I’m not sure how much I should spend on a mattress?

There are many solid options under $400 if you’re looking for a low-cost mattress. Some of our recommendations are even less than $200! Although you’ll lose some of the layers that assist balance support and comfort, our users claim these items are still wonderfully comfy.

Choose a mattress in the $500-$1,000 range if you’re concerned about long-term comfort with lesser beds and are ready to spend a little more. These prices are popular in the boxed mattress category. They usually include more substantial materials on the inside, such as a higher coil count for extra support and more foam layers for pressure relief. They usually have free delivery for you to set up on your own, as well as a free trial time so you can see if it’s a suitable fit.

There are several mattresses available that cost more than $1,000. At this price point, you’re likely receiving a high-quality bed that will last for years, as well as any extra features, such as cooling or customizable settings.

Organic mattresses are also more expensive due to the higher cost of producing these components. The My Green Mattress Kiwi, which starts at $689 for a Twin size, is an excellent option if you’re searching for a truly organic mattress on a budget.

What to Expect From a “Budget” Mattress

Whether you’re looking for the most excellent mattress on a budget for yourself or a temporary space or guest room, you’ll be able to find an economical mattress that offers excellent value. However, a low-cost bed will almost certainly have some disadvantages:

Lower height and fewer comfort layers: The most visible difference is that lower-cost mattresses are typically shorter than higher-cost mattresses, implying fewer layers on the inside. Fewer layers may mean less comfort, especially for someone who suffers from back discomfort, but you may always upgrade with a mattress topper.

Firmer feel: Because there are fewer press-relieving layers in cheaper mattresses, they tend to be firmer, but a mattress topper can assist add softness, which is vital because your hardness should match your sleep position: Side sleepers want a softer surface, stomach sleepers require a firmer consistency, and back or mix sleepers can be anywhere in the middle.

Doubtful brands: A low price may appear to be too good to be true, so be sure you buy from a trustworthy firm that can back you up if something goes wrong. Aside from well-known direct-to-consumer businesses, Amazon and Walmart sell reasonably priced mattresses with dependable customer support.

Low-cost materials: Mattresses can be made of coils, foam, or a combination of the two. Spring mattresses may be less comfortable, so opt for all-foam or hybrid mattresses instead. If you’re concerned about the safety of the foam in less expensive mattresses, look for CertiPUR-US or GreenGuard certification to ensure low levels of off-gassing VOCs.

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