The Best One Piece Villains


  • The One Piece collection has a variety of well-written villains who’ve left a big affect on each the story and the viewers.
  • A number of the strongest and memorable villains embrace Kaku, King, Queen, Bartholomew Kuma, Ryokugyu, Caesar, Smoker, Arlong, Kizaru, and Aokiji.
  • Every villain has their very own distinctive strengths and weaknesses, however all of them have managed to captivate the viewers and contribute to the general high quality of the collection.

The One Piece anime collection is legendary for having an enormous array of characters, and lots of these characters are very well-written. This is not simply restricted to the heroes — the collection boasts of some unbelievable villains who’ve left a drastic affect on each the viewers and the collection as an entire.

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The sheer quantity of villains within the collection makes it troublesome to decide on a favourite. Nevertheless, it is unattainable to disclaim a few of these rapscallions are a lower above the others. The following are usually not solely among the many strongest however depart an impression as a few of the most memorable personalities.

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Up to date November 11, 2023, by Suzail Ahmad: With over a thousand chapters, it’s hardly shocking that One Piece has a plethora of characters. All of them are distinctive and add to the general high quality of the story. Most of those characters are heroic and attempt to do issues the proper approach. Nevertheless, there are some people who do the bidding for the darkish aspect. These villains not solely trigger hassle for the heroes but in addition for the traditional individuals in One Piece. Every villain has its weaknesses, however a few of them handle to captivate the viewers no matter their shortcomings. Really, they belong on the listing of the perfect villains in One Piece.

28 Kaku

  • Affiliation: World Authorities
  • Bounty: None
  • Debut: Chapter 323
  • Satan Fruit: Ushi Ushi no Mi, Mannequin: Giraffe

Kaku is a masked murderer within the service of CP0. Initially, he belonged to CP9 however was kicked out after their loss to the Straw Hat Pirates. Finally, he was promoted, and he joined CP0. Kaku has acted because the antagonist in three totally different arcs, particularly, Water 7, Enies Foyer, and Egghead.

Within the Enies Foyer arc, he fought in opposition to Roronoa Zoro. The swordsman needed to give you a brand-new method to defeat him. Within the Egghead arc, Kaku as soon as once more opposed the Straw Hats, however this time Stussy put an finish to his rampage.

27 King

Unmasked King Staring At Zoro In One Piece

  • Affiliation: Beasts Pirates
  • Bounty: 1,390,000,000
  • Debut: Chapter 925
  • Satan Fruit: Ryu Ryu no Mi, Mannequin: Pteranodon

King was the right-hand man of Kaido. He’s a Lunarian, a uncommon race of people that have almost been worn out. King’s lineage made him extremely coveted, which is why Vegapunk carried out many experiments on him. His Lineage Issue helped Vegapunk to create the Seraphim.

King ate the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Mannequin: Pternaodon, which he used to fly at nice speeds by means of the sky. The Satan Fruit additionally granted him nice sturdiness and restoration pace. King might use Haki, which added to his total combative talents.

26 Buggy

yonko buggy clown

  • Affiliation: Buggy Pirates
  • Bounty: 3,189,000,000
  • Debut: Chapter 9
  • Satan Fruit: Bara Bara no Mi

Buggy is the chief of the Cross Guild and the captain of the Buggy Pirates. He debuted within the East Blue Saga and initially got here off as a vicious particular person. Slowly, it grew to become fairly clear that Buggy was only a humorous particular person.

He has appeared in different arcs, however he by no means comes off as a severe menace. Oda has used him to induce humor in conditions. Nevertheless, which may change since he’s very severe about claiming the One Piece. There’s a likelihood that Buggy will face the Straw Hats once more and combat them for a possibility to search out his former captain’s elusive treasure.

25 St. Jaygarcia Saturn

jaygarcia Saturn one piece

  • Affiliation: World Authorities
  • Bounty: None
  • Debut: Chapter 233
  • Satan Fruit: Unknown

St. Jaygarcia Saturn is without doubt one of the 5 Elders, which makes him one of many few endgame antagonists in One Piece. Though he appeared within the story earlier than the time skip, his title, together with that of his compatriots, wasn’t revealed till the ultimate saga. St. Jaygarcia’s look is sufficient to trick any particular person into reducing their guard, however in actuality, he’s nothing in need of a harmful monster.

Within the Egghead arc, Jaygarcia Saturn traveled to Vegapunk’s Island to personally take care of the latter’s betrayal. Upon his arrival, St. Jaygarcia Saturn nearly instantly started to make use of his energy. His transformation seems to be like some form of spider, so it’s attainable that it might be a Legendary Zoan-type Satan Fruit. Or it might be some form of supernatural capability.

24 Queen

Queen in One Piece anime

  • Affiliation: Beasts Pirates
  • Bounty: 1,320,000,000
  • Debut: Chapter 925
  • Satan Fruit: Ryu Ryu no Mi, Mannequin: Brachiosaurus

Queen was one of many All-Stars, which meant that he was one of many strongest members of the Beasts Pirates. What separated Queen from the remainder of the villains within the Wano Nation arc was his attention-grabbing character. Regardless of being an antagonist, Queen was extraordinarily entertaining.

His singing and dancing gained over the hearts of the followers. When it got here to energy, there weren’t many characters who might compete with him. Queen’s Ryu Ryu no Mi, Mannequin: Brachiosaurus, granted him immense energy and sturdiness. He had additionally made a number of modifications to his physique, making him a harmful opponent.

23 Bartholomew Kuma

Kuma using his Paw Paw fruit in One Piece

  • Affiliation: None
  • Bounty: 296,000,000
  • Debut: Chapter 233
  • Satan Fruit: Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

When Bartholomew Kuma appeared on Thriller Bark, his presence terrified all those that noticed him. Kuma was taciturn and solely spoke if it was completely vital. Within the Thriller Bark arc, Kuma might have simply killed the Straw Hat Pirates, however he determined to respect Zoro’s sacrifice.

Kuma fought the Straw Hat Pirates on Sabaody, and, this time, the result wasn’t a lot totally different. Fortunately for the pirates, Kuma was on their aspect, and he solely despatched them to places the place they might practice. Nevertheless, Luffy didn’t find out about Kuma’s intentions, so he was utterly distraught. It was one of many few instances that Luffy was helpless and could not do something however cry.

22 Ryokugyu

Ryokugyu One Piece

  • Affiliation: Marines
  • Bounty: None
  • Debut: Chapter 905
  • Satan Fruit: Mori Mori no Mi

Ryokugyu joined the Marines someday throughout the time skip. He was solely talked about by title within the Dressrosa arc, and he did not make an look till after the conflict of Onigashima. Ryokugyu traveled to Wano in hopes of capturing the big-name pirates to get inside Akainu’s good books.

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Ryokugyu used the facility of his Mori Mori no Mi to assault Momonosuke and his retainers. Earlier than he might trigger any additional injury, he was compelled out of Wano by Shanks. It was later revealed that he captured Edward Weevil, which is a giant achievement.

21 Caesar

One Piece Caesar Clown In His Half Gaseous Form

  • Affiliation: Germa Kingdom
  • Bounty: 300,000,000
  • Debut: Chapter 658
  • Satan Fruit: Gasu Gasu no Mi

Caesar was the primary villain of the Punk Hazard arc. A once-proud member of MADS, Caesar, suffered a number of setbacks, inflicting him to work with Donquixote Doflamingo. Caesar was a malevolent, egocentric particular person who solely cared about finishing his job.

Caesar had no ideas, which is why he determined to experiment on children. He did not even like his underlings, and he exploited their simplemindedness by making them do all kinds of harmful work.

20 Smoker

One Piece Smoker Luffy

  • Affiliation: Marines
  • Bounty: None
  • Debut: Chapter 97
  • Satan Fruit: Moku Moku no Mi

Smoker was the primary villain to really overwhelm Luffy in a combat. He made his debut within the Loguetown arc, the place he almost captured Luffy, who was solely saved by Dragon’s intervention. After letting Luffy slip by means of his palms, Smoker continued to comply with the younger pirate into the Grand Line.

The two crossed paths many instances, and every time Luffy narrowly escaped. After the time skip, Luffy’s energy elevated considerably, and he might simply defend himself from Smoker. The Vice Admiral’s personal energy has not been spectacular, and he was humiliated within the Punk Hazard arc, which is why he’s not among the many most feared villains within the collection.

19 Arlong

Arlong (One Piece)

  • Affiliation: Arlong Pirates
  • Bounty: 20,000,000
  • Debut: Chapter 69
  • Satan Fruit: None

Arlong was the primary antagonist of the Arlong Park arc. He was once a member of the Fishman Pirates, however he left them and began his personal pirate group. Arlong got here to Cocoyashi Village and took over by pressure. He started extorting cash from the villagers in change for protecting them alive.

Arlong was given a bounty of 20,000,000 berries, which was very low. The cause why his bounty was so low was that he had made a take care of the Marines, who didn’t report any of his actions. Arlong was a ruthless particular person, who had a robust hatred towards people, and he would by no means go up a possibility to torment them.

18 Kizaru

Kizaru Creating A Sword Of light In One Piece

  • Affiliation: Marines
  • Bounty: None
  • Debut: Chapter 504
  • Satan Fruit: Pika Pika no Mi

Endowed with the facility of the Pika Pika no Mi, Kizaru is without doubt one of the three Marine Admirals. He was the second Admiral to be launched within the collection, and he made his debut throughout the Sabaody Archipelago arc. When he arrived at Sabaody, each pirate started operating for his or her life.

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With the assistance of his satan fruit powers, Kizaru was simply capable of defeat a number of members of the Worst Era. Kizaru additionally fought in opposition to the Straw Hat Pirates and almost killed all of them, however fortunately, Rayleigh stepped in. Kizaru was additionally concerned within the Paramount Warfare, the place he injured Whitebeard, Luffy, and Marco. He’s but to be concerned in a severe combat after the time skip, however that may change quickly because the anime enters the ultimate saga.

17 Aokiji

Aokiji at Punk Hazard

  • Affiliation: Blackbeard Pirates
  • Bounty: Unknown
  • Debut: Chapter 303
  • Satan Fruit: Hie Hie no Mi

Aokiji is a former Marine Admiral, and one of many main antagonists of the Marineford arc. Aokiji possesses the Hie Hie no Mi, a logia-type satan fruit that permits him to govern ice at will. The capability could be very versatile, and it proved invaluable when he used it to avoid wasting the Marines from the tidal waves created by Whitebeard.

Throughout his first encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates, Aokiji defeated them single-handedly and with none issues. After the Summit Warfare was over, Aokiji left the Marines and joined forces with the Blackbeard Pirates. He was additionally concerned within the assault on Complete Cake Island, as he helped the Blackbeard Pirates to kidnap Charlotte Pudding.

16 Charlotte Cracker

One Piece - Charlotte Cracker

  • Affiliation: Huge Mother Pirates
  • Bounty: 860,000,000
  • Debut: Chapter 835
  • Satan Fruit: Bisu Bisu no Mi

Charlotte Cracker was the primary sturdy member of the Huge Mother Pirates that Luffy fought throughout the Complete Cake Island arc. Luffy struggled to beat Cracker and required Nami’s help to take down the Candy Commander.

Luffy complimented Cracker’s absurdly sturdy Armament Haki, which made his biscuit clones nigh unbreakable. Moreover, Cracker was capable of match Luffy’s pace in Gear Fourth fairly simply. If Nami hadn’t helped Luffy, then the crew would not have been capable of rescue Sanji.

15 Senor Pink

One Piece Senor Pink Devil FRuit Sui Sui no Mi Dressrosa

  • Affiliation: Donquixote Pirates
  • Bounty: 58,000,000
  • Debut: Chapter 702
  • Satan Fruit: Sui Sui no Mi

Senor Pink holds a particular place within the hearts of One Piece followers. Whereas he won’t have the evil charisma of his captain, Senor Pink had one thing else to make up for it— his hard-boiled perspective.

Senor Pink’s combat with Franky made him a fan favourite, and his actions in that combat endeared him to the group. ​​​​​​He additionally had a grim backstory, which revealed why he dressed up like a child. His satan fruit energy allowed him to swim in strong materials, and he used the facility fairly expertly all through the collection.

14 Vinsmoke Decide

Vinsmoke Judge leader of Germa 66

  • Affiliation: Germa Kingdom
  • Bounty: Unknown
  • Debut: Chapter 832
  • Satan Fruit: None

Vinsmoke Decide is among the many most inhumane characters within the collection, a personality that followers like to hate. He experimented on his personal youngsters by altering their lineage issue within the hope that they might awaken particular powers. Nevertheless, the experiments resulted in his youngsters growing no feelings. He solely wished to create youngsters to make use of as weapons to raze total battlefields.

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Decide additionally mistreated Sanji as a result of the latter had feelings and wasn’t sturdy like his siblings. Within the Complete Cake Island arc, Decide traded his personal son’s life to realize Huge Mother’s favor. He’s by far one of many cruelest characters within the collection.

13 Charlotte Katakuri

charlotte katakuri

  • Affiliation: Huge Mother Pirates
  • Bounty: 1,057,000,000
  • Debut: Chapter 860
  • Satan Fruit: Mochi Mochi no Mi

He is without doubt one of the Candy Commanders of the Huge Mother Pirates. Earlier than his combat in opposition to Luffy, Katakuri had an unbeaten file, which was extraordinarily spectacular. Katakuri ate the Mochi Mochi no Mi, which is a paramecia-type satan fruit, and it permits him to create and management mochi at will.

As an skilled fighter, Katakuri was ready to make use of the Superior variations of each Armament and Remark Haki. His Superior Remark Haki allowed him to look into the long run, and plan a counter accordingly. Katakuri used his highly effective Haki and satan fruit capability to clobber Luffy.

12 Gecko Moria

Gecko Moria One Piece laughing and bearing sharp fang-like teeth

  • Affiliation: Thriller Bark Pirates
  • Bounty: 320,000,000
  • Debut: Chapter 449
  • Satan Fruit: Kage Kage no Mi

Gecko Moria was the primary antagonist of the Thriller Bark arc. He was once rivals with Kaido, one of many 4 Emperors. After struggling heavy casualties, Moria determined to make a military of zombies that will permit him to succeed in the very prime.

Though he wasn’t on the peak of his powers, Moria proved to be a nuisance for the Straw Hats. The total crew needed to be a part of the combat when Moria was controlling Oars’ physique. Think about how nice a menace he’d be at his full energy.

11 World Authorities

One Piece Im World Government Empty Throne Five Elders

  • Affiliation: World Nobles
  • Bounty: None
  • Debut: Chapter 233
  • Satan Fruit: None

The World Authorities is without doubt one of the main enemies of the Straw Hats. They’re led by Imu, who holds the very best authority. The World Authorities has been concerned in lots of questionable incidents over time, such because the Void Century and the Ohara Incident.

With the intention to cease anybody from studying in regards to the true historical past of the world, the World Authorities has banned studying the Poneglyphs. This insinuates that they’ve dedicated many ugly acts over time.

10 Magellan

One Piece - Magellan Using His Deadliest Poison Against Impel Down Prisoners

  • Affiliation: Impel Down
  • Bounty: None
  • Debut: Chapter 528
  • Satan Fruit: Doku Doku no Mi

The former chief warden of Impel Down, Magellan, is without doubt one of the most fearsome fighters within the collection. Endowed with the powers of Doku Doku no Mi, Magellan has full management over every kind of poison.

Magellan was feared by each inmate in Impel Down, due to his capability to govern poison. Magellan defeated Luffy in a really one-sided combat, and the latter would have been killed if not for Ivankov’s miraculous therapeutic powers. He was additionally capable of wipe out Blackbeard’s total crew along with his satan fruit energy, however they have been saved by Shiryu.

9 Rob Lucci

One Piece Rob Lucci Now A Part of CP-0

  • Affiliation: CP0
  • Bounty: None
  • Debut: Chapter 323
  • Satan Fruit: Neko Neko no Mi, Mannequin: Leopard

Rob Lucci was the primary antagonist of the Water 7 and Enies Foyer arcs. Lucci gained the popularity of being a cold-blooded killer among the many Marines due to his ruthless perspective. At a really younger age, Lucci killed 500 hostages with out displaying any regret.

Lucci’s callous nature instilled concern into the hearts of his opponents and cemented his popularity as one of many strongest fighters within the World Authorities. His cruelty makes him one of many collection’ strongest villains.

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