The Best Weapons For Rogues In Baldur’s Gate 3

Rogues, the masters of stealth, are answerable for a few of the highest harm rolls, all because of their stunning Sneak Assault. That stated, Baldur’s Gate 3 offers you a lot alternatives to shine right here, as it isn’t tough to sneak up on enemies, even with closely armored characters. Nonetheless, to make sure most harm, you need to wield a correct weapon.

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Whether or not you are combating with two mild weapons, a mighty rapier, or bows, you should use some highly effective, magical variations of those weapons to trigger the utmost devastation. Often, a Rogue can wield any easy weapon plus shortbows, longswords, rapiers, and shortswords, however there are methods to get different weapons which can be value mentioning as we go.

We have chosen a wide range of weapons right here, together with ones you may get hold of within the early recreation after which substitute later, to present you a wider vary of choices regardless of the place you’re within the recreation.

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11 Sword Of Screams


By the tip of Act 1, there can be a personality within the Underdark you’ll seemingly struggle towards when you’re being a very good individual. That stated, he drops this rapier, which, although not the perfect weapon on this checklist, deserves credit score for displaying up comparatively early, being a very good possibility till you discover different weapons.

What makes this weapon efficient is the easy reality it has two harm sorts. Together with the first d8 of piercing harm, it additionally offers an additional d4 of psychic harm, which makes it fairly helpful, as few opponents are proof against this kind of harm, and extra cube to double when doing a vital hit is all the time good.

10 Ambusher

Ambusher from Baldur's Gate 3

A shortsword that’s helpful in the beginning of a struggle, helpful for Rogues and significantly Assassins. It is a +1 Shortsword that additionally offers you a +1 in your initiative rolls, providing you with a better probability of being the primary one within the flip order or no less than one of many first. It offers you a bonus on Notion checks, too, which is sweet however not our focus proper now.

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It additionally offers an additional d6 of necrotic harm when you goal somebody who hasn’t had their flip but. They’re often the targets Assassins go for since they naturally get a bonus towards these opponents. Nonetheless, it will be a +1 Shortsword all through the remainder of the struggle.

9 Bow Of The Banshee

Bow of the Banshee from Baldur's Gate 3

This bow is actually top-of-the-line bows, and it is fast to get, because it’s in the identical space because the aforementioned Sword of Screams. It is a +1 shortbow that will trigger the frightened situation on whoever you hit. Contemplating how efficient this situation is, that is already superb.

That stated, everytime you assault this opponent once more, you may get an additional d4 to hit, making it simpler to strike them, and an additional d4 on the harm, inflicting some further ache over your scared enemy.

8 Chilly Snap

Cold Snap from Baldur's Gate 3

The unhappy half about being a dual-wielding Rogue is that you simply will not trigger as a lot harm along with your off-hand except you begin multiclassing. Chilly Snap is an attention-grabbing possibility on your off-hand, nevertheless, because it causes the standard d4 harm from daggers and an additional d4 of chilly harm.

It additionally has specific options that solely set off if the weapon is in your off-hand. You get a +1 to your AC (Armor Class), and hitting individuals might give them the Chilled situation, which makes them susceptible to chilly harm, making certain this dagger will harm much more the following time. Chilled additionally makes them resistant to fireplace, so watch out with what spell your Wizard/Sorcerer/Warlock will use on their flip.

7 Darkfire Shortbow

Darkfire Shortbow from Baldur's Gate 3

Although this bow will not make you hit more durable, it will make you more durable to be killed. It grants you resistance to each fireplace and chilly harm sorts. Although chilly is not as frequent between enemies, fireplace is an effective resistance to have, and having a number of resistances usually is useful.

That is not all, although. It additionally lets you solid Haste as soon as per lengthy relaxation. The most effective spells within the recreation, you can assault twice with it, or you may haste your social gathering’s Fighter and watch as they assault six to 9 instances in a row, relying on whether or not they have their Motion Surge obtainable.

6 Sussur Dagger

Sussur Dagger from Baldur's Gate 3

As you be taught concerning the forge within the Blighted Village with the Sussur Bark, you get to forge a weapon amongst a couple of choices, one among them being a +1 Dagger, one thing you’re proficient with. Daggers will not trigger a whole lot of harm, however this blade may have a selected characteristic that makes it efficient towards spellcasters, so it is likely to be good to go away it in your off-hand.

This characteristic is the power to silence opponents you hit. Most spells within the recreation require the person to talk one thing, so silencing them blocks them from utilizing most of their talents.

5 Blightbringer

Blightbringer from Baldur's Gate 3

Although highly effective, the Blightbringer requires its person to be a Gnome or Dwarf — the previous is an effective race possibility for Rogues, so it isn’t an issue. When one among these races makes use of this shortbow, it causes a further d4 of its harm rolls and in addition has an additional d4 to hit.

Additionally — and this time for anybody wielding it — you may trigger the Gradual situation on whoever you do a vital hit. Via hiding and attacking, Rogues have a very good probability of inflicting vital strikes, which means you may gradual individuals very often.

4 The Lifeless Shot

The Dead Shot from Baldur's Gate 3

This weapon is a Longbow, so we advise taking part in as an Elf for this one — or multiclassing or utilizing a feat for proficiency. Longbows already trigger extra harm (d8) and have higher vary, and this one is a +2 Longbow, which makes it higher than the typical weapon by way of uncooked harm.

It additionally decreases the quantity you might want to roll for a vital hit by one — and it stacks with different gear that does the identical — and the proficiency bonus you get when attacking is doubled, which means a degree 12 Rogue with 20 on their Dexterity rating would have a +15 to hit with this bow.

3 Bloodthirst

Bloodthirst from Baldur's Gate 3

This +2 Dagger additionally decreases the quantity wanted for a vital hit by one, instantly making it an thrilling selection. Nonetheless, as a Legendary weapon, it has different results, although it modifications relying on which hand you are wielding the dagger.

If Bloodthirst is in your foremost hand, individuals hit with it develop into susceptible to piercing harm, which means your subsequent strike will trigger double the harm. If it is in your off-hand, you achieve a +1 to your AC and will hit the enemy once more in the event that they attempt to hit you and miss whereas additionally inflicting them the True Strike situation. We advocate wielding this one in you off-hand, because the bonus is much better — attacking extra typically as a Rogue is already a phenomenal plus.

2 Crimson Mischief

Crimson Mischief from Baldur's Gate 3

This +2 shortsword is the right pair with Bloodthirst, particularly contemplating you may get them collectively anyway. It causes a further d6 of necrotic harm on each hit. When wielded in your foremost hand, it causes a further d4 of injury if the enemy’s well being bar is beneath 50 % and an additional seven factors of injury when you had a bonus earlier than hitting the opponent.

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If the weapon is in your off-hand, it will as a substitute allow you to preserve your skill modifier on your assaults, primarily appearing as a dual-wielding combating fashion. Nonetheless, we advocate having this one in your foremost hand purely for the excessive further harm.

1 Gontr Mael

Gontr Mael from Baldur's Gate 3

One other longbow, the Gontr Mael is simply highly effective in most eventualities, so we advocate leaving it with one among your social gathering members, even when not your Rogue. This longbow has a +3 bonus, and, each time it hits, it has an opportunity of inflicting Guiding Bolt, which means whoever assaults this goal subsequent may have a bonus.

It additionally lets you solid Haste, letting you assault greater than as soon as or giving this profit to one among your teammates, just like the Darkfire Shortbow we talked about earlier than.

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