The Last of Us Clone Will get Pulled from Nintendo Swap eShop

The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival, the third-person action zombie game that looks awfully familiar to The Last of Us, has been pulled from the Nintendo Switch eShop, as Eurogamer first spotted.

Heading to the game’s official store page on Nintendo UK eShop will now result in a 404 error message. Trailers for the game have also been removed, which Eurogamer claims is due to copyright claims made by Sony.

PlayStation, Nintendo, and V.G. Games (which released The Last Hope) did not immediately respond to IGN’s requests for comment.

The Last Hope was released in June on the Nintendo Switch, and it quickly caught the eyes of many who started comparing the game to Naughty Dog’s 2013 masterpiece. They also criticized the game’s quality, with some deeming it “the worst game” they’ve played, including Digital Foundry’s John Linneman who did a technical breakdown of The Last Hope last month.

“The Last Hope is designed to take your money. There is no game here – this is effectively a scam,” Linneman explained. “We all knew this from the trailer, but the fact that the actual game is so much less than even that awful trailer is genuinely shocking.”

For more on the actual The Last of Us, check out our 9/10 review of The Last of Us Part I.

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