The Most Affordable Platform Bed Frames Under $300

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve the environment in your bedroom—a simple platform mattress body might be a game-changer. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to help your mattress, and it’ll make it more comfortable to crawl into while also preventing mold from building beneath it. We spent hours studying and testing mattress frames to find our three favorites—they’re all easy to put up, strong, stylish, and under $300.

CB2 Easy Black Steel Mattress Base

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Most OK for: Those that desire a low-profile body that may final for years and that received transfer round or creak, regardless of how stressed the sleeper (or how vigorous the nocturnal exercise).

Why it’s appealing: The CB2 Simple Black Metal Bed Base has a solid, easy-to-assemble body and a low (9-inch) minimalist design that should look good in almost any style or size bedroom, especially those with low ceilings. The matte black, all-iron body bears up to its name, eschewing any unnecessary elements in favor of clean lines. The powder coating on this mattress is thicker and more scratch-resistant than the finish on another bed we recommend. The body appears distinctive and high-end, in contrast to many of the budget mattresses we considered (most of which have been wooden). Suppose you decide you need a headboard later. In that case, CB2 has a broad selection of upholstered, inflexible, and metallic headboards that are specifically meant to attach to the body, which is ideal if you like to switch up your decor frequently. There was no other body we looked at that gave us many options.
The CB2 mattress body was the easiest to put together. It had fewer elements to keep track of than other, more complicated beds we looked at, with only eight major components. Although putting the body together took approximately 40 minutes, the CB2 was also the heaviest mattress we constructed (so contemplate skipping arm day on the fitness center post-assembly). Nonetheless, this one-person army moved everything into place without breaking a sweat.
The solid CB2 body has the smallest space between slats of everyone we looked at (this makes for a more substantial basis). The canvas strips connect the slats, allowing you to unroll them like a rope ladder across the body. Rozette Rago was the photographer for this image.
The CB2 body only required eight bolts to put together (a hex wrench was included to assist) and another 16 bolts to secure the slats to the body and the central beam. Fourteen 2-inch-wide, 34-inch-thick pine slats are connected to canvas strips and unroll like a rope ladder, making them easier to manage than the various individual components on another bed. And of the three beds we recommend, the CB2 has the smallest space (212 inches) between the slats, resulting in a very robust structure.
The finished mattress is a comfortable, silent, and an excellent platform for many beds, with equally distributed slat support—we didn’t experience any bumps or dips while sleeping on high. Because of the body’s weight (107 pounds for a queen) and low posture, this mannequin slides about easily when you get out of bed or change positions, so squeaks and creaks are kept to a minimum. Overall, the CB2 body should be capable of delivering the best attributes of any mattress. In 2021, one of our editors who had been long-term testing the mattress body reported that it was still holding up well, even after they had to disassemble and reassemble it twice due to a move.
Flaws, but not fatal flaws: The queen-size CB2, the most expensive of our three options, has been hovering around our price cap, but if you’re looking for a more large mattress, know that the king model is closer to $375. The body was also hefty to move about, whether assembled or in pieces. Our template also lacked a washer (the lone occasion of a lacking half out of all of the fashions we ordered for testing). That didn’t stop us from putting the mattress together, but the body is more likely to loosen over time without that washer. Before the meeting, make sure you check all of the “hardware” (one thing we advise doing with any mannequin).

Suppliesiron body, pine slats
Finishes/colorsmatte black
Sizes obtainabletwin, full, queen, king
Guarantee/returns30-day returns solely

KD Frames Nomad Plus Platform Mattress KD Frames Nomad Platform Natural Poplar Bed - Queen :  Everything Else

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Most OK for: Individuals who want a sturdy mattress body and DIY fans who need the choice of personalizing the uncooked wooden to match any model.

Why it’s excellent: The poplar hardwood KD Frames Nomad Plus Platform Bed is customizable (should you’re open to DIY). One of the most muscular wooden mattress frames we discovered may maintain 600 kilos. That’s probably a conservative determine contemplating that the Nomad Plus options two units of slats that type one thing like a rib cage. None of the different frames we examined supplied this weight-bearing design, though all of our picks have been almost as robust (the wooden Zinus we suggest under is rated for as much as 500 kilos). The KD Frames mattress additionally had two extra slats than the opposite frames, for a complete of 16 beefy, 2-by-1-inch hardwood planks. Between every bit, there’s only a 2.8-inch hole (second solely to the CB2 body’s 2.5-inch span), which contributes to the mattress’s energy. Add up these specs, and also, you’ve received a 68-pound platform mattress body that former Wirecutter tester Kevin Purdy mentioned may face up to “energetic jump-on and 190-pound physique slams” with assured indifference.

With its hardwood body and robust design, the Nomad Plus can support 600 kg. Kevin Purdy is the photographer for this image.
Because of its weight, the Nomad Plus takes longer and requires more care to put together than some of the lighter-weight softwood or veneer mattresses we tested in this price range. It also implies that there should be no wiggle or wobble when lying down on the bed. In comparison to our other recommendations, the Nomad Plus came with a lot of extra slats, sides, and hardware to keep track of, so even though the directions were clear and the assembly was simple, there were dozens of additional slats, sides, and hardware to keep track of.
The unfinished poplar looks beautiful on its own, but it’s also a perfect canvas for painting or staining. Kevin Purdy is the photographer for this image.
The Nomad Plus is the only unfinished mattress body we recommend, and it’s perfect for DIYers who want a unique design. The blond wood is attractive on its own, but it also takes stain or paints well, giving you the option of customizing your body. The straightforward silhouette also lends itself to whatever artistic design you may come up with. Without treatment, the body would eventually patina to the point where it can scarcely be seen in direct sunlight.

This mattress body can also be taller than another body we suggest: It’s 15 inches excessive, with 11½ inches of clearance. This implies you’ll have a little more cupboard space beneath it than with different beds we suggest right here, and KD Frames also sells an alternative set of 18-inch legs ($30), which can elevate the clearance to 14½ inches. There’s loads of room for storage bins at both peaks, which is a perk for anybody seeking to benefit from the house below the mattress. For matching under-bed storage, KD Frames sells rolling drawers outfitted with wheels for easy and quick access (and so they work with the Nomad). For those who repeatedly host visitors and generally want room for another, a Roll-Away Trundle Bed twin frame provides a further hideaway mattress beneath.

Flaws, however, not dealbreakers: The naked wooden of this mannequin is vulnerable to nicks, cuts, pen marks, cat claws, and different family brokers of destruction. We’ve additionally discovered this body’s availability to be considered inconsistent; however, the firm has at all times been communicative and trustworthy about timing, which is why we’ll proceed to suggest this mattress.

Supplieskiln-dried tulip poplar hardwood
Finishes/colorsunfinished wooden
Sizes obtainabletwin, twin XL, full, queen, king
Guarantee/returnsfive-year guarantee; limitless return window, so long as the field is unopened (delivery prices are the accountability of the client)

Zinus Moiz Wooden Platform Mattress Body (commonplace)

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Most acceptable for: Anybody on funds and people with steep stairs, lengthy hallways, or slender doorways.

Why it’s excellent: We predict the Zinus Moiz Wood Platform Bed Frame is a lovely and sensible selection for somebody shifting into their first condo or anybody who’s apt to vary addresses usually. Zinus makes two variations of this mattress: commonplace and deluxe. They’re almost similar in design; however, the usual has narrower rails (3.5 inches, versus the exclusive’s 5.75 inches) and is barely cheaper. We opted to check the deluxe model; however, we expect most individuals shall be as pleased with the usual. Both bodies are mild enough for one individual to maneuver (the queen-size commonplace Moiz weighs 58 kilos, and the deluxe weighs 65 kilos). Everyone assembles rapidly right into a secure and supportive platform for many mattresses.

The Most Affordable Platform Bed Frames Under $300

We’ve noticed that Zinus has a hard time keeping all sizes of each variant in stock, so if you find the right size within the model you require, don’t wait. A couple of these inventory points, we believe, are the result of supply-chain difficulties related to the Covid-19 epidemic. Throughout our future round of testing, we plan to maintain track of the availability of our recommendations and look for more consistently available alternatives.
Zinus designed this body with a primary concept meeting in mind. Despite having more components to put together than other models we looked at, the Moiz features the most straightforward, step-by-step instructions of any mattress we recommend, which is uncommon with most DIY furniture. There are also identifying stickers affixed to each of the major components. We took about 40 minutes to unpack and assemble the Moiz, which was about the same time as the CB2 model, and we were pleasantly surprised by several small particulars not often discovered at this value: individually sealed hardware packaging, the inclusion of additional components, a ratchet wrench, and pre-drilled parts.
We appreciate the Zinus Moiz’s Scandinavian-inspired design, and despite its veneer, the body appears more excellent than other cheap beds we considered. The deluxe variant, as seen above, has 534-inch rails, whereas individuals on the standard Moiz are 312 inches. Rozette Rago was the photographer for this image.
Despite its lightweight, the Moiz mattress body is highly durable. It has solid and 8-inch-long legs that lift the mattress body to a height of 14 inches (an inch shorter than the Nomad, but 6 inches taller than the CB2), and it has a metal heart rail with three legs for more center stability. The Moiz features two fewer assistance slats than the CB2, for a total of 12, but we didn’t notice any difference in support. They’re arranged with three inches between each piece, which is within the range we prefer to see. Velcro strips attached to the body’s facet rails hold the slats in place.
At this price, the body is veneer rather than solid wood is not surprising. The veneer grain is consistent, smooth, and matte, resulting in a good-looking Scandinavian platform that should appeal to anyone’s preferences, whether they are fashionable, traditional, or eclectic. However, like many softwood furnishings, the Moiz will be susceptible to dings and scratches over time, and it is unlikely to last as long as the CB2’s powder-coated metallic body.
Flaws, but not fatal flaws: One of the many Velcro strips used to secure the slats was twisted and glued wrongly. This does not affect efficiency, but we heard a slight crinkling sound caused by the Velcro strips changing as we jumped into bed.

Suppliespine body, plywood slats
Finishes/colorspure wooden (veneer)
Sizes obtainabletwin, full, queen, king
Guarantee/returnsfive-year guarantee; 100-day return coverage

Mellow 9″ Steel Platform Mattress Body (Gray) Mellow 9 Inch Ace of Base Rounded Metal Platform Bed Frame,  Heavy Duty Steel Slats, Champagne Grey, Full : Home & Kitchen

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Most acceptable for: Anybody on the lookout for a super-sturdy all-metal mattress body that one individual may assemble in about 30 minutes.

Why it’s excellent: There’s nothing fancy concerning the Mellow 9″ Metal Platform Bed Frame (Grey); however, this all-steel mattress body stands out for its mixtures of secure, supportive, and squeak-free construct offered at an affordable worth. One individual could assemble the complete body in about 30 minutes with solely a single hex software, and it’s obtainable in 4 sizes, two heights (9 inches and 12 inches), and two colors (black and gray). We suggest going for both of the 2 gray body choices. Although the gray and black fashions seem comparable at first, they’re not identical. Solely the 2 gray choices embrace the superior rounded nook legs that we expect not solely look extra glossy and fashionable, but additionally ought to scale back the possibilities of stubbing any toes whereas shuffling into a mattress. The gray body can also be listed for a 1,000-pound weight capability, whereas the black frames declare no particular determine; the gray body additionally requires fewer specific person components to piece collectively (and can also be barely heavier, by 7 kilos in its queen-size iteration, with thicker-gauge body bars including to the body’s whole 69-pound weight).

Reviewers praised the mattress body’s durable construction and responsive customer service, particularly among heavier customers who praised its ability to distribute weight over its 11 steel slats evenly; other, wood-slat mattress frames bent and eventually collapsed over time. Because these slats are made of metal rather than wood, we feel comfortable going over the “not more than Three inches apart” rule. Whether the sleeper is tossing and turning or getting out and in of bed, each metal slat is kept safe inside a narrow groove, preventing squeaks and motion from becoming a problem.
Mellow’s available inventory fluctuates week to week, as it does with a lot of furniture these days, which is almost definitely due to supply-chain concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 9-inch mannequin looks to be more frequently available than the 12-inch gray mannequin, although both are now available for delivery in two to three days if you’re an Amazon Prime member.
Flaws, but not fatal flaws: The twin-bar body structure restricts access beneath the mattress, particularly in the 9-inch-tall version, where there are just 5 inches of space between the two bars. Furthermore, there are no built-in holes or the option to connect a headboard. Most online reviews were positive, but two reviewers noted that the body tends to slip and harm hardwood flooring when placed directly on the ground; thus, we recommend setting this body on top of a mat.

Finishes/colorsgray or black
Sizes obtainabletwin, full, queen, king
Guarantee/returnsfive-year guarantee

Who is a good candidate for a platform mattress body?

Everyone should keep their mattress off the floor. On the other hand, a platform mattress body is a slat-based structure that works with spring, foam, or hybrid mattresses without the need for a foundation or field spring (however, you may add one should you want the next mattress floor). The slats provide support, keep the mattress from sagging, and allow the mattress to “breathe,” preventing mold and mildew from growing beneath it. Compared to traditional mattress frames, platform mattress frames are often lighter, easier to transport, and less difficult to install. They also tend to have a clean and modern appearance. It’s also easier to climb out of and into bed when you’re off the ground.
If you have a mattress body that you like but the slats are broken, torn, too thin, or set too far apart, A “bunkie board” that drops into the body should be purchased three inches away. Zinus makes a slat-replacement board for any of the frames we recommend: dual, full, queen, and king (not simply these made by Zinus). One Wirecutter contributor uses one of these inserts in his queen-size IKEA Malm mattress, and he said the assembly was simple and the fit was pleasant.

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Azura Ali, a writer who is dedicated to exploring the complexities of the human experience through my work. I believe that writing is not just about putting words on a page, but about exploring the human condition in all its forms and complexities. I strive to create stories that are both honest and authentic, that reveal the beauty and complexity of the human experience in all its forms. I believe that writing has the power to connect us with others, to bring us closer together, and to help us understand ourselves and the world around us.


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