The Most Defensive Pokemon In Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon battles have at all times strived to be entertaining, and consequently, defensive Pokemon are typically a few of the least thrilling within the collection. However, they’re obligatory for achievement on the ranked ladder. They assist disrupt opposing methods by enduring blows, offering help, and counter-attacking with unbelievable drive.

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These guardians can stall out opponents and open alternatives to reposition. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet haven’t solely launched new Pokemon, but in addition mechanics like Terastallization which give artistic methods to showcase the defensive viability of sure Pokemon. These partitions are nice for stalling and brawling, however a choose few stand out because the sturdiest.

Up to date October 1, 2023 by Jacob Whaling: Scarlet and Violet’s Teal Masks DLC has added to the already nice line-up of defensive Pokemon obtainable, so we have up to date this record with a number of new entries for a few of the tankiest Pokemon so as to add to your crew.

13 Arboliva

Arboliva's Pokedex image in Scarlet & Violet shows it in waving its fruit-covered arms about.

Like a positive wine, Arboliva grows much more highly effective the longer it stays round. It has improbable defensive stats and a transfer pool that is excellent for step by step draining opponents of HP whereas concurrently decreasing their harm output.

Its Seed Sower Potential additionally permits it to set grassy terrain when hit, and its Hidden Potential Harvest permits it to eat a Berry after it’s been used if it is in harsh daylight, each of which may drastically enhance its survivability. Its gradual Pace and highly effective Particular Assault make it improbable in a Trick Room, so there are many causes to imagine in Arboliva.

12 Kingambit

Kingambit sitting with a group of Pawniard and Bisharp in its Pokedex image for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Bisharp’s latest evolution is the king of defensive Pokemon. With a whopping base 120 Protection, this steel monarch not has to fret about being one-shot with a four-times super-effective Preventing-type transfer.

Its base 100 HP lets its reign final even longer, particularly when outfitted with an Assault Vest. It will get nice use out of each offensive and defensive Terastallization, and with its Sucker Punch being one of the highly effective within the sport, it definitely feels good to be king. In relation to defensive viability, Kingambit definitely leads the pack.

11 Abomasnow

Abomasnow Scarlet Violet Pokedex Image from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Abomasnow could be a drawback for any opponent, particularly in Technology 9. This frosty fern acquired an early Christmas current with the discharge of Scarlet & Violet when Hail was reworked. Beforehand Hail solely did harm to non-Ice-type Pokemon, and boosted particular strikes like Aurora Veil and Blizzard.

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In Paldea, this was modified to Snow, which not damages Pokemon however does present a 50 % buff to all Ice-type Pokemon — together with Abomasnow. Because it’s the one obtainable Pokemon with the Potential Snow Warning, it is extremely important to any Snow crew. Its added bulk makes it practically impenetrable with out a Fireplace-type transfer, and even that may be mitigated with a Water-type Terastallization. As a defensive Pokemon, Abomasnow is ideal for spreading some vacation worry.

10 Orthworm

Orthworm's Pokedex image shows it standing tall in a desert-like environment, next to a fence in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Metal-types are typically a few of the most defensive Pokemon round, and Orthworm is a first-rate instance. This iron invertebrate has an extremely excessive base Protection of 145, one of many highest obtainable within the sport.

Its distinctive Potential, Eartheater, not solely neutralizes its Floor-type weak point however heals it as effectively, making it an awesome associate for Earthquake customers like Garchomp. It additionally will get Physique Press, permitting it to make use of its Protection stat offensively, and the truth that it is one of many few Pokemon with to entry Shed Tail makes Orthworm an ominous risk — as an enormous sandworm ought to be.

9 Goodra

Goodra's Pokedex entry shows two of the Pokemon in a wooded environment, overshadowed by a mountain.

Whereas it will not be essentially the most intimidating pseudo-Legendary, Goodra is definitely able to placing its opponents in sticky conditions. It drives in opposition to Particular Assault-based Pokemon with its base 150 Particular Protection, the second-highest within the sport and tied with Probopass, who we’ll take a look at later.

With elevated resistance via Terastallization, it is practically inconceivable to take down earlier than it may counterattack with its base 110 Particular Assault. Its Hidden Potential, Gooey, punishes bodily attackers by dropping their Pace one stage when contact is made — turning any combat with Goodra right into a slugfest.

8 Blissey

Blissey's Pokedex image in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shows a Blissey, a Chansey, and a Happiny in a field of yellow flowers in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Blissey is just not solely a useful healer, however it’s additionally an unbelievable tank. This bubbly buddy is and can at all times be a strong wall within the aggressive meta, solely as a result of it has the best HP stat within the sport. Its base HP is 55 factors larger than the Legendary Regidrago, and 85 factors larger than the subsequent closest, Cetitan.

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This makes Blissey extremely laborious to take down, and whereas its Assault stat is disappointing, it has a improbable supportive transfer pool that features Life Dew, Attraction, and Serving to Hand. This enables it to take blow after blow whereas therapeutic and supporting its allies. Terastalization can enhance its viability even additional, as nobody desires to face a Metal-Kind Blissey.

7 Nice Tusk

Pokedex image of Great Tusk from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in front of waterfalls.

Paldea has loads of powerhouse Paradox Pokemon, however none are as defensively viable because the Nice Tusk. This ancestral Donphan has a improbable stat distribution, with 135 in each Assault and Protection. Since its Potential Protosynthesis boosts its strongest stat by 30 % in harsh daylight, Nice Tusk can immediately enhance its Protection on a sun-based crew.

As Floor and Preventing-type, it has six completely different weaknesses. This may be regarding, however simply remedied with a Metal or Water-type Terastalization. Plus, its base 115 HP can take a brilliant efficient hit if wanted, which is precisely why this historical elephant is so nice.

6 Garganacl

Garganacl striding forward in its Pokedex image.

One extremely defensive Pokemon that’s assured to depart opponents salty is Garganacl. With a base 90 Particular Protection and a staggering base 150 Protection, this rejected Minecraft character is a difficult impediment for any opponent.

It features resistance to Ghost-type strikes and immunity to standing circumstances with its distinctive Potential Purifying Salt, in addition to a formidable transfer pool of Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Physique Press, and Get well. Its distinctive transfer Salt Treatment does substantial harm over time as effectively, particularly to Metal and Water-types. It is essentially the most stable wall of the Technology 9 Pokemon, and it continues to see utilization within the highest ranges of play.

5 Avalugg

avalugg pokedex page

With a base Protection stat of 184, Avalugg laughs within the face of bodily assaults. Paired with Iron Protection to additional enhance its Protection, and Get well to revive any well being that’s misplaced, and you will not discover Avalugg fainting to bodily assaults anytime quickly. Plus, with its Icy Physique Potential, Avalugg suits in extraordinarily effectively in Snow-based groups, making it even tankier.

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Avalugg additionally has entry to Shield and Mirror Coat, Aurora Veil and Mist via Egg Strikes for extra defensive help. Simply do not anticipate Avalugg to be outspeeding something, and watch out in opposition to Particular Assaults, which this can be very weak to.

4 Cloyster

cloyster pokedex page

Simply beneath Avalugg, Cloyster has the second highest base Protection in Scarlet and Violet, sitting at a particularly excessive 180. Cloyster has been tanking bodily harm from the beginning, and has solely gotten stronger over time. Shell Armor is an extremely highly effective defensive Potential that makes the Pokemon fully proof against Essential Hits.

Alternatively, Overcoat can defend Cloyster from quite a lot of debilitating results like Climate and Powder-based strikes like Sleep or Poison Powder. Paired with a good 95 base Assault, Cloyster can dish out harm in addition to take it.

3 Probopass

probopass pokedex page

Do not let the nostril idiot you, Probopass’s defenses are nothing to smell at. With 145 base Protection and 150 base Particular Protection, Probopass has a few of the strongest defensive stats in Scarlet and Violet. Whereas its base HP is on the decrease aspect, that is enormously offset by its excellent help capabilities.

With its Hidden Potential Sand Power, Probopass suits in exceptionally effectively in Sandstorm-based groups. This Potential boosts the ability of Floor, Rock, and Metal-type assaults by 30 %. As if that wasn’t sufficient, Probopass additionally has an awesome typing in Rock and Metal-type, which means it resists eight differing kinds, is totally proof against Poison, and is just weak to a few sorts.

2 Toxapex

A pair of Toxapex in its Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pokedex image

Do not let its base 50 HP idiot you, Toxapex is a defensive wall within the Technology 9 meta, and for an excellent motive. Its base 152 Protection and 143 Particular Protection make it one of the statistically defensive within the collection — and Its transfer pool makes it even stronger!

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It might set discipline hazards, get well harm, and its signature transfer permits it to not solely defend itself but in addition poison attackers who make contact. With a Water-type Terastallization, it may drop a few of its most important weaknesses, and make use of its base 63 Assault in a significant method. Toxapex is a very intimidating barrier for any opponent.

1 Ting-Lu

Ting-Lu in front of a chained Poke Ball glyph in its Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pokedex image.

Of all of the defensive partitions in Paldea, none are thicker than Ting-Lu. This mysterious mountain moose has quite a bit longer self-life than you’d assume for an historical guacamole bowl. Its base 80 Particular Protection could appear insignificant, however its Potential, Vessel of Damage, lowers the Particular Assault of all Pokemon besides itself — growing not solely its personal survivability however that of its teammates as effectively.

With a base of 155 HP and 125 Protection, it may take repeated blows whatever the attacker’s desire, making it an distinctive pivot on this Particular Attacker-heavy meta. It is an ominous blockade worthy of its Legendary standing, and a really legendary defensive wall.

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