The Night’s Watch Vows, Explained


  • Jon Snow’s dedication to the Night time’s Watch is examined when he learns of his father’s dying, however his mates remind him of his lifelong oath.
  • The Night time’s Watch oath entails sacrificing private wishes and allegiances with a purpose to defend the realms of males.
  • Regardless of preventing in a number of conflicts and going through political struggles, Jon in the end fulfills his responsibility as a sworn brother of the Night time’s Watch.

In Recreation of Thrones season 1, episode 10 “Fireplace and Blood,” Jon learns that the boy king, Joffrey Baratheon has beheaded his father (uncle in actuality), and he briefly deserts the Night time’s Watch to trip South along with his half-brother, Robb to place a sword by the king’s throat. Although Jon has sworn the vow that he is aware of is a lifelong dedication, and solely to be damaged in dying, he would not perceive the burden behind the phrases.

Jon’s buddy, and a sworn brother, Samwell Tarly reminds him that desertion is punishable by dying. Sam fairly actually stands in Jon’s method, however he rides previous him along with his direwolf, Ghost behind him. Shortly after in Recreation of Thrones‘ “Fireplace and Blood” Sam alerts their mates Grenn, Pyp and they can meet up with Jon. They encompass him, repeat their vows, and hand him over his famed Valyrian metal sword, Longclaw.

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“However it would not matter. You took the oath, you’ll be able to’t depart,” says Grenn, reiterating, “You may’t. You stated the phrases.” At this level, Sam recites the Night time’s Watch oath, and Grenn and Pyp add to it. It is as if Jon simply wants a reminder as a result of all his life he is wished to serve the Watch and swear the oath like his uncle, Benjen Stark.

The Protect That Guards The Realms Of Males

Jon Snow standing in the Castle Black courtyard with Samwell Tarly as it snows in Game of Thrones.

Again in Recreation of Thrones season 1, episode 1 “Winter Is Coming,” when Jon insists that he trip for the Wall along with his uncle Benjen, the latter, wearing all-black, asks him to rethink his choice as males of the Watch haven’t any households. “None of us will ever father sons,” says Benjen, to which Jon replies, “I do not care about that.” Later, Ned’s beheading and Robb’s conflict have an evident bearing on Jon, however he continues to uphold the multifaceted oath he swore. Following the Battle of Winterfell, and the victory of the residing over the Useless; in Recreation of Thrones season 8, episode 4, “The Final of the Starks,” Jon recollects an impactful line from the Night time’s Watch vows whereas bidding farewell to those that died preventing.

“They had been the shields that guarded the realms of males. And we will by no means see their like once more,” he says because the gathered start to gentle the pyres.

Night time’s Watch or not, Jon stays sworn brother, lengthy after he declares, “My Watch has ended.” He leads the conflict towards the Night time King and the Military of the Useless, even whether it is Arya Stark who offers a deadly blow to the ice zombies. Jon rallies the residing behind him, courtesy of the Night time’s Watch oath. The phrases imply that fellow men and women put aside their variations to struggle and die collectively.

The Oath Of Responsibility

Jon Snow during the Attack on Castle Black in Game of Thrones.

The sworn brothers of the Night time’s Watch abide by the oath of responsibility that entails a fantastic many sacrifices. They provide up their birthright, marriage, household, and land possession, and stay loyal to the trigger(s) of the Watch. They surrender allegiances, which means that they’re absolved of their previous crimes. A contemporary recruit of the Night time’s Watch begins a brand new chapter, in that, the sentenced ones get a do-over of their lives. As for volunteers of the noble Homes resembling Jon Snow, Benjen Stark, and Jeor Mormont who aren’t sentenced to the Watch as a punishment however take it upon themselves to protect the Wall, they too swear an oath. Males of the Watch rise throughout the ranks, for instance, Jon Snow belonged to the order of the Stewards and went on to guide the Night time’s Watch as Lord Commander.

The Night time’s Watch Oath

Jon is stabbed by the Night's Watch traitors in Game of Thrones.

The Night time’s Watch, led from Fort Black is a sworn brotherhood, and males should attempt to dwell as much as their solemn oaths. Earlier than the unification of the Free People with the Northerners, the aim of the Watch was to protect the realm towards their threats, and lengthy earlier than that, the unique goal was to defend the realms of males towards the White Walkers.

Hear my phrases and bear witness to my vow. Night time gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not finish till my dying. I shall take no spouse, maintain no lands, father no youngsters. I shall put on no crowns and win no glory. I shall dwell and die at my publish. I’m the sword within the darkness. I’m the watcher on the partitions. I’m the defend that guards the realms of males. I pledge my life and honor to the Night time’s Watch, for this night time and all of the nights to come back.

The phrases, “put on no crowns and win no glory” are the rationale why Night time’s Watch tries to stay impartial ought to any battle come up within the Seven Kingdoms. It is why Jeor Mormont reveals sympathy however smirks when Jon says he abandoned to struggle alongside Robb. “Do you assume your brother’s conflict is extra vital than ours?” asks Jeor – who serves as Lord Commander earlier than Jon. “When lifeless males and worse come trying to find us within the night time, do you assume it issues who sits on the Iron Throne?” he provides. At that second, Jon realizes the worth of his vow, and the following day, in Recreation of Thrones‘ “Fireplace and Blood,” the Night time’s Watch rides out past the Wall to analyze odd studies.

Jon’s vow lasts till he’s killed in a mutiny by a few of his sworn brothers for bringing the Free People to the appropriate aspect of the Wall. When Melisandre brings him again to life in Recreation of Thrones season 6, episode 2 “Residence,” he executes the mutineers and declares the top of his Watch within the following Recreation of Thrones episode – “Oathbreaker.”

Although Jon fights within the Battle of Winterfell alongside the Wildlings to reunite the North towards the specter of the Useless, he partakes within the squabbles of the Seven Kingdoms. He finishes the final leg of his Recreation of Thrones journey as a real brother of the Night time’s Watch. “You shall take no spouse, maintain no lands, and father no youngsters,” Tyrion instructs Jon and he agrees.

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