The Outer Planets Alliance, Explained

The wonder about The Expanse is its relatability. Its themes that hit near residence, particularly political themes. Not like different sci-fi properties that see the way forward for Earth as a brilliant, egalitarian society, The Expanse exhibits the world scuffling with itself and different political opponents. In reality, it exhibits a future the place companies have much more energy and management than they do in fashionable occasions, portray a disturbing image for its viewers.

Earth contends with a number of different political opponents all through the collection. Whereas the Martian Republic has superior expertise to compete with Earth’s United Nations and an equal voice, the Outer Planets Alliance proves to be formidable because the collection progresses. The OPA began out as a labor union searching for rights for its individuals, however it progressively grew into one thing a lot larger.

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Folks Comprising the Outer Planets Alliance

The Expanse_Belter_Uprising

Not like Earth and Mars within the universe of The Expanse, no authorities entity manages those that reside within the asteroid belt (generally known as Belters) and past, together with completely different moons and house stations. As an alternative, giant companies management that portion of the Photo voltaic System. Companies are usually extra involved with their backside line than the well-being of individuals, and the Outer Planets Alliance hopes to alter that.

Nonetheless, the OPA is not a single entity. As a lot as many individuals need it to be one, they’re cut up into a number of factions with completely different leaders. Fred Johnson, for instance, leads these underneath the OPA banner on the Tycho station, whereas Anderson Dawes leads these on the Ceres station. Every faction has its personal agenda and beliefs, which causes frequent infighting. What unites this loosely affiliated community is the way in which the Internal Planets deal with the Belters.

The OPA is an unofficial group on the collection’ starting, and it grows right into a formidable pressure as time goes on. Earth, Mars, and numerous companies see the OPA as a terrorist group, whereas Belters view them as a gaggle combating for his or her rights. One man’s freedom fighter is one other’s terrorist.

Who’s Fred Johnson?

Fred Johnson, OPA leader

Probably the most distinguished characters within the collection additionally has one of the vital mundane names, which is refreshing. So many sci-fi creators give their characters unfamiliar names resembling Spike or Elektra to set them aside from strange folks. In the meantime, it is the on a regular basis individuals who find yourself committing probably the most jaw-dropping atrocities.

Fred Johnson is among the few individuals who needs to see the OPA unite underneath one banner and turn out to be a provisional authorities entity as a substitute of a splintered group. Working the biggest OPA faction offers him professional credence from the United Nations and the Martian Republic. Nonetheless, the occasion that earned him the nickname “The Butcher of Anderson Station” would not sit nicely with many Belters, giving him an uphill battle on prime of the politics he has to play with the opposite governmental our bodies.

Johnson was a former United Nations Marine for Earth with command over three missile frigates. It was due to him that piracy within the Belt noticed a drastic drop. Throughout his time as a Colonel charged with policing the Belt, insurgents took over Anderson Station. Johnson took swift motion, killing the 173 armed terrorists. Nonetheless, he killed over a thousand harmless civilians within the course of, prompting him to resign from the service and go into hiding. Clearly, he was not a well-liked individual amongst Belters, however that did not cease him from stumbling into bar after bar within the Belt as a method to deal with his self-loathing.

OPA chief Anderson Dawes ultimately discovered the disgraced Marine and recruited him into the OPA, giving Johnson a method to redeem himself. And redeem himself, he did. Throughout a revolt on the Pallas Colony, Johnson efficiently negotiated peace between the insurgents and the ruling physique. This gained him favor with Belters and OPA members alike, incomes him a management place. Extra importantly, it helped Johnson climb out of his drunken stupor and construct some vanity once more.

Essential Characters Within the OPA

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The Expanse primarily follows the crew of the Rocinante, which is a microcosm of the system they traverse. Every member comes from a unique area of house with vastly various backgrounds. Captain James Holden comes from Earth with a navy file, whereas the ship’s pilot flew for the Martian Congressional Republic Navy. Nonetheless, a couple of members had been born within the Belt, putting them in a singular place when the crew interacts with different factions.

Naomi Nagata, second-in-command and engineer of the Rocinante, grew up on prospecting ships within the Belt. Regardless of witnessing sufficient violence to final two lifetimes, Naomi grew to become the chief engineer aboard the Canterbury, a ship that equipped water to residents all through the Belt. She stored her previous a secret even from her closest buddies, however they ultimately discovered of Naomi’s connections to the OPA. She all the time noticed herself as a Belter first, and based mostly strategic selections on her loyalty to the individuals of the Belt.

Whereas not an official member of the Rocinante crew, Detective Josephus Miller spent loads of time with its crew and fashioned a bond with them. Miller grew up within the Belt on Ceres Station, however ultimately joined the ranks of Earth’s Star Helix Safety as a cop. Whereas it ceaselessly put him at odds with the pursuits of his fellow Belters, he took consolation within the data that he was not the two-bit prison on Ceres that he began as and survived one of the best ways he might.

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