The place Can You Purchase VALORANT Reward Playing cards

Are you planning to buy VALORANT gift cards? Rest assured, as we show you the most trusted sites for VALORANT gift cards.

VALORANT is a tactical 5v5 shooter developed by Riot Games. Riot Games is known for making loads of cosmetics for their games. After League of Legends, Riot makes the most from skins in VALORANT.

Players can buy in-game skins from their store using VP or Valorant Points. However, VP needs to be purchased using real money or gift cards. Most players opt for gift cards, as it is the safest and fastest option for buying VP without any hassle. If you’re planning to buy gift cards for VALORANT, we have the best sites for you.

Where Can You Buy VALORANT Gift Cards

According to Riot Games, prepaid gift cards for VALORANT are only available on Amazon in the United States. The gift cards are only usable in the United States, Canada, and LATAM. Here are the available options:

Amazon Gift Card
via u/callme-snow

Aside from Amazon, there are many third-party websites where these prepaid gift cards are available for reselling. However, the prices might vary depending on the reseller and the website policy.

How to Redeem Gift Card in VALORANT

After purchasing your prepaid gift card, head over to VALORANT to redeem the code. Here’s how to redeem the gift card codes in VALORANT:

  • Click on the VP logo beside the Store tab.
  • Now select the Prepaid Cards and Codes.
  • Enter the code from your gift card.
  • Click on Submit.
The place Can You Purchase VALORANT Reward Playing cardsvia u/callme-snow

After entering the code, you will receive the equivalent amount of the denomination of the gift card. If you’re not buying the gift card from Amazon, be careful, as third-party websites are not as trustworthy.

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