The Real Reason Gear 5 Luffy Beat Kaido Proves Who is Truly One Piece’s Strongest


  • Kaido misplaced his closing battle in opposition to Luffy in One Piece, however that doesn’t essentially imply he was weaker than his opponent.
  • Kaido bought to the ultimate combat with Luffy after taking up the Purple Scabbards, 5 pirates of the Worst Era, and his daughter Yamato, all highly effective opponents who sapped his energy.
  • Kaido was additionally utilizing his powers to help Onigashima within the sky throughout your complete battle. In a good combat, he may have probably crushed even Gear 5 Luffy.

The combat between Kaido and Luffy was the spotlight of One Piece‘s Wano Arc. The two clashed a number of occasions earlier than their closing combat in Onigashima, and every time Luffy confronted a devastating loss. With new methods, new techniques, and extra at stake, Luffy and the samurai headed off to Kaido’s domicile and after an extended and exhausting combat, Luffy got here out on high. Nevertheless, his victory is shadowed by the truth that, earlier than taking up Luffy in his overpowered Gear 5 type, Kaido had fought many arduous battles, and even then he solely barely misplaced.

Fairly probably the very best villain in One Piece, Kaido was a power of nature and was referred to as the King of Beasts and the World’s Strongest Creature. His sturdiness and insane energy propelled him to the standing of Emperor of Seas, so it was a real shock when a younger upstart pirate similar to Luffy beat him. Trying again on the battle, nonetheless, it was hardly a good combat.

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Kaido Confronted Too Many Challenges At As soon as

Earlier than the principle combat between Luffy and Kaido, the villain first took on all of Oden’s highly effective retainers. These samurai are very powerful and a few even journeyed with highly effective pirate crews. Though Kaido defeated them, they dealt some harm to him, or not less than made him exhaust some energy. After that combat, Kaido took on Luffy, Child, Regulation, Zoro, and Killer, 5 pirates of the Worst Era, together with three captains. Though he had Large Mother to assist him, it was apparent that the principle goal was Kaido. Kaido sustained some harm, largely from Zoro who slashed him in the identical spot Oden did 20 years prior.

Zoro's oni giri vs Kaido - On top of Onigashima - One Piece

After dealing with all these members of the Worst Era and the Akazaya 9 Samurai, Kaido’s daughter Yamato stepped into the ring. Yamato hated their father for chaining them in Onigashima and enslaving the individuals of Wano. Like their father, Yamato is extraordinarily highly effective and even as soon as took on Ace, a commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Yamato has not solely eaten a Legendary Zoan Satan Fruit, they will additionally use the ultra-rare Conqueror’s Haki, the one energy able to truly hurting Kaido. Yamato stood up in opposition to Kaido till Luffy arrived, additional weakening and exhausting him.

Yamato vs Kaido in One Piece.

As if all these battles and ambushes weren’t sufficient, Kaido was additionally supporting your complete Onigashima together with his cloud powers all through the entire warfare. He may have merely dropped his clouds at any level within the combat and let everybody drop to their deaths, however he did not, most likely as a result of he needed to protect his arsenal and military. Nonetheless, holding up Onigashima additional sapped Kaido’s energy. Lastly, even after Luffy woke up his Satan Fruit and unlocked Gear 5, Kaido fought him on par and solely misplaced within the closing, large conflict.

Kaido Might Have Gained A Honest Battle In opposition to Gear 5 Luffy


All through the entire battle, Kaido was distracted, attacked, exhausted, and always straining his powers, so it was no shock he misplaced. If it was a one-on-one combat, and he was in peak type, Luffy even in Gear 5 would have misplaced to Kaido. Contemplating how that battle went, Kaido ought to nonetheless be thought-about the top of energy in One Piece.

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