The Viltrumites’ Big Secret Redefines Omni-Man’s Mission on Earth


  • In Invincible #55, Omni-Man reveals that full-blooded Viltrumites are a dying species, with lower than fifty remaining, drastically altering their place of energy to certainly one of vulnerability.
  • Omni-Man’s survival is because of Viltrumite custom which requires two executioners, and after they had been referred to as away, his execution was delayed. This reveals the Viltrumites’ determined have to interbreed with conquered populations to keep away from extinction.
  • The revelation of the Viltrumite inhabitants disaster units the stage for a two-person assault by Omni-Man and Allen the Alien on the Viltrum Empire, resulting in the subsequent chapter within the Invincible saga and the downfall of the empire.

Over the course of almost 150 points, Invincible went from the story of a fledgling second-generation superhero to a galaxy-spanning epic detailing the downfall of an imperialist energy, and the rise of a brand new interstellar social order as a replacement. This story was informed via the angle of Mark Grayson, the hero Invincible, whose father Nolan, or Omni-Man, was revealed early on to be a Viltrumite conqueror – and later, reformer.

Invincible #55 – written by Robert Kirkman, with artwork by Ryan Ottley – catalyzed the subsequent main flip for the character of Omni-Man. By this level, his early position as a performer had begun to provide approach to a redemption arc.

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Set to be executed by the Viltrum Empire Omni-Man was saved by Allen the Alien, who revealed himself to be greater than able to taking on the highly effective conquerors in hand-to-hand fight. It was at this level that Omni-Man revealed a startling reality about his individuals: full-blooded Viltrumites are a dying species, with lower than fifty remaining.

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The Viltrumites Guard The Reality Of Their Inhabitants Disaster From The Galaxy

In a climactic motion scene, Invincible #55 delivered a gamechanging flip of occasions, as Allen the Alien saved the lifetime of the Viltrumite foe that he had come to see as a buddy. In certainly one of Invincible’s considerably uncommon situations of a difficulty the place the main focus is much from Mark Grayson – appearances by him and Atom Eve on the primary and final pages of Invincible #55 bookend the story of his father’s survival – Omni-Man is spared on the final second solely by the intervention of Allen, who causes a jailbreak, and within the chaos, liberates the condemned Viltrumite.

It’s within the wake of their escape, and a very horrifying team-up kill, with the blood of the Viltrumite executioners on their fingers, that Omni-Man drops a significant revelation on Allen. Up so far in Invincible, the Viltrumites had been introduced as a flourishing imperial energy; whereas their interstellar management extends far and huge, with most of the galaxy’s different races beneath their management, the reality of their motivations is rather more pressing. As Omni-Man explains, “there are lower than fifty pure-blooded Viltrumites left alive in the entire universe,” drastically altering their place from certainly one of may to vulnerability.

Viltrumite Custom Requires Two Executioners – And This Saved Omni-Man’s Life

Omni Man's execution is stopped by Allen the Alien at the very last moment

Omni-Man explains that his execution was delayed as a result of two executioners are “required by legislation,” and that when his executioners had been referred to as away on different pressing enterprise, it was not so simple as assigning two extra Viltrumites to finish the duty. The standing of full-blooded Viltrumites as a nearly-extinct inhabitants explains their coverage of interbreeding with conquered populations – usually, conquering powers in sci-fi and fantasy are depicted as wanting to guard their genetic make-up, to keep away from mixing with different species, however this isn’t an choice for the Viltrumites, whose drive for conquest is each pushed and sustained by mixing Viltrumite blood with different civilizations.

Had been the Viltrumites to not intermarry and generate offspring amongst their conquered populations, their individuals would quickly die out. Had been this data to grow to be well-known to their enemies all through the galaxy, it could mild a revolutionary spark like no different. Invincible #55 sends its characters off on a special path, as reasonably than elevate a military, Omni-Man and Allen the Alien subsequently go on to wage a two-person assault on the Viltrum Empire, setting the stage for the subsequent chapter within the historical past of the Viltrumites, and the subsequent grand chapter of the Invincible saga, because it moved steadily in the direction of its triumphant conclusion.

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