These 5 things we need to see and experience in Grand Theft Auto 6

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Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently under development, according to Rockstar. While there have been reports of such a game in the works for some time, it is no longer just hearsay.

So, now that GTA 6 has been officially confirmed as a real game that people will be able to play, we can finally start making our wish lists for what we want to see in the next chapter of one of the most well-known series in history. Here are five things we truly want from the new Grand Theft Auto, which will hopefully be the best yet.

1. Narrative content for after the launch

These 5 things we need to see and experience in Grand Theft Auto 6

People have been waiting for GTA V to provide something that either extended the storylines of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin in a meaningful way or gave us a fascinating look into the lives of a completely other Los Santos resident for years. Except for narrative material, we only got GTA Online DLC, microtransactions, updates, and… well, pretty much everything. We’re not looking for a lot of paid story DLC or anything that would detract from the core game’s value proposition of having a complete adventure (there is something noble about the entire story of GTA V being in the base game, no DLC required). However, something more substantive than Easter eggs concerning the major characters’ whereabouts after the story would be welcome.

2. Maintain a raunchy, satirical tone.

These 5 things we need to see and experience in Grand Theft Auto 6

Whether it’s Hillary Clinton’s outrage over the hot coffee incident or Grand Theft Auto V’s cruelly, frighteningly accurate picture of Californian life at its most depraved and sarcastic, Rockstar needs to keep the spice level in GTA 6 as high as possible. Many believe that Western consumers have become softer and more sensitive to humor and “hazardous issues” in art over the years, but those are the areas where GTA flourishes. In order to keep delivering us with its legendary brand of nerve-wracking storytelling, Rockstar needs to keep pushing the envelope as far as it will go.

3. Added features to the launch

These 5 things we need to see and experience in Grand Theft Auto 6

Remember when Rockstar added a first-person option to Grand Theft Auto V far after the game’s initial release, long after the majority of players had already completed the campaign and were unlikely to return? If Rockstar is going to put in the effort to have this kind of enlarged feature set, it would be fantastic to see it in the game from the start, so that as many people as possible are exposed to a wide range of gaming options.

4. Support for mods

With GTA 6, we need to see Rockstar accept mods. Grand Theft Auto is a modder’s dream, and seeing that dream smashed by lawyers and banhammers is, to put it mildly, revolting. So, perhaps, Rockstar will see the value in not just tolerating but embracing mods, as long as player-made additions don’t jeopardize the ever-profitable Shark Card ecology.

5. Additional interiors

These 5 things we need to see and experience in Grand Theft Auto 6

This is practically certain to happen because it’s a fundamental part of open-world game design, but ideally GTA 6’s open world will have more detailed, involved interior places. Given the limitations of the Xbox 360 and PS3, GTA V was excellent in this regard, but it’s been a long time, and seeing just how fully alive and breathing a Rockstar-created open world can be on today’s hardware is something to look forward to. Even with the finest Game Pass games pushing the Xbox Series X, a detailed world from Rockstar that really exploits the console’s capabilities would be nice.

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