Those are the best yokes to use with Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Microsoft Flight Simulator has returned with a global revival, combining mapping data, artificial intelligence, and the company’s cloud empire for a genre-defying entry. When compared to piloting with a regular joystick, picking up a yoke provides a significant advantage, especially when trying to mimic your average light aircraft. The Honeycomb Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel is our best pick in 2022, ready for Microsoft Flight Simulator with a leading design at a reasonable price.

Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel Flight Controls in Honeycomb

Honeycomb’s Alpha Flight Controls yoke is the newest on the scene, and it’s immediately our favorite flight accessory. It improves on the foundations of popular yokes, making them more useful and well-built while keeping the price low. The yoke moves smoothly feels solid in the hand and has an integrated switch panel that adds value beyond roll and pitch control.

Out of the box, high-quality materials indicate its first-rate design and durability. With a rubberized, sleek matte black surface throughout the yoke and outer housing, the ergonomic grips feel premium in the hand. The steel shaft is also solid, with smooth 180-degree rotation and push/pull actions, as well as sufficient tension. As a result, the aircraft control is noticeably improved over the entry-level version.

Those are the best yokes to use with Microsoft Flight Simulator

Various buttons and switches litter the yoke, all of which provide a firm, pleasant click when activated. A joystick, two-way rocker switches, push-to-talk, and other assignable buttons are among the features. Below that is an integrated panel with nine more labeled switches on the left and a five-stage ignition switch on the right. The button-mapping features make it easier to get to the necessities without having to search for a keyboard in the middle of a trip. It also has a red LED backlight that shines through its prismatic honeycomb panel if you like your lights.

Mounting this yoke offers flexibility, depending on your simulation arrangement. The plate that comes with the device locks into place and is secured by two bundled steel clamps and two knobs. The optional suction pad also allows you to remove the clamps and replace them with a 3M micro-suction pad. Both keep the device stable, with the latter being particularly useful when dealing with a thick or delicate desk.

Honeycomb commands a modest premium above entry-level yokes, but the $250 price tag includes those long-term benefits. The extra switches and attention to detail repay consumers much beyond the five-year warranty, and it feels excellent to use. Without going into the overkill (and pricey) enthusiast area, this is the best flight simulator yoke available.

Unlike competitors with the modular instrument and panel lineups, the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel Flight Controls do not offer an obvious upgrade route. An integrated switch panel is included as standard, which would cost an extra $100 from Logitech. Honeycomb has a throttle quadrant that starts at $280, or you can balance a keyboard on the side.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for Xbox One X and Xbox One S, and while accessory support is limited at the moment, additional options are on the way. In 2022, Honeycomb hopes to reintroduce its Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel Flight Controls for consoles, which will be updated to work with both Xbox and Windows 10. When used with the new Alpha yoke, the manufacturer’s current Bravo throttle quadrant and Charlie pedals will operate with Xbox consoles. When we get our hands on it for a complete review, we expect it to join the finest Microsoft Flight Simulator accessories for Xbox.


  • High-end construction
  • Pitch and roll control are both smooth.
  • At this price, the value is unrivaled


  • There aren’t any simple upgrades available
Those are the best yokes to use with Microsoft Flight Simulator

Honeycomb Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel

Honeycomb provides a well-made yoke and switch panel combination that operates smoothly and feels fantastic in the hand. While less expensive competitors meet the same needs, additional pleasures and minor premiums set this peripheral apart from the competition.

G Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System by Logitech

While diving into yokes isn’t as inexpensive as traditional entry-level gear, Logitech’s Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System offers the best price-to-product ratio. The full functionality of a yoke and throttle is included in a considerably more affordable package, giving you everything you need to take your virtual adventures to the next level. You’re looking at the go-to for all prospective Flight Simulator pilots with Saitek, an established manufacturer in the realm of flight simulator equipment, currently under the Logitech family.

This yoke is one of the most popular on the market, which comes as no surprise. To manage your aircraft’s attitude, Logitech’s latest yoke features a strong plastic structure with a premium stainless-steel shaft. With over two dozen assignable buttons and switches, as well as three throttle knobs, the set gives the granular control that an enthusiast configuration requires. A useful LED display is also included in the design, which may be used to show flight timings. The yoke is held in place on your desk by two rubberized screw-in clamps.

Those are the best yokes to use with Microsoft Flight Simulator

While a higher-end yoke may provide a smoother ride with added amenities, Logitech offers a massive improvement over a plain flight stick. When it comes to keeping expenses down without losing reliability and construction quality, there’s a lot to choose from. Given that its product category is dominated by more expensive, enthusiast-oriented alternatives, that argument carries a lot of weight.

You’ll also be looking at a modular configuration, as this bundle serves as a gateway to the entire Saitek lineup. The company also sells extra throttle quadrants, pedals, and interchangeable components for building a bespoke instrument panel – our favorites are the Logitech G Aircraft Switch Panel and Instrument Panel. While more expensive options will improve functionality, what’s on offer here impresses, focusing on the necessities at a reasonable price.


  • When compared to the prices of several competitors, this is an incredible deal.
  • The yoke and throttle are fully working.
  • Construction is generally strong


  • Pitch control isn’t always as seamless as it should be.
  • There is better quality somewhere else

Those are the best yokes to use with Microsoft Flight Simulator

Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System

When it comes to getting the entire flight experience on a budget, the sheer value is unbeatable. Logitech offers everything you need to get started at a fair price, as well as a plethora of upgrade choices.

VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System by Turtle Beach

The extension of Microsoft Flight Simulator to consoles has inspired new Xbox-compatible accessories, including Turtle Beach’s all-in-one VelocityOne Flight system. While the company is best known for gaming headphones, it recently unveiled its first Flight Simulator-ready peripheral, which is compatible with Xbox consoles and Windows PCs.

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System, despite its ostentatious moniker, offers a straightforward but complete setup for both novice and experienced pilots. From vital flight surfaces to lights and landing gear, the yoke, matching throttle quadrant, and a plethora of ancillary switches and inputs ensure comprehensive control.

With strong emotions, 180-degree rotation, and responsive control over virtual aircraft, the yoke alone exhibits attention to quality. The hall-effect sensor that was chosen also adds to the device’s long-term reliability. To simulate rudder pedals, you get rocker switches, joysticks, numerous assignable buttons, and rear-mounted triggers. The Flying Management Display, an integrated 1.5-inch LCD with rapid access to control settings and critical flight information, is the cherry on top.

Those are the best yokes to use with Microsoft Flight Simulator

More inputs, from throttle levels to vernier controls, as well as a specialized trim wheel, are thrown into the mix in the accompanying throttle quadrant. A status panel with different switches and LEDs, all connected to the game, is also included. While the throttle lacks the refinement of the yoke, it is unfailing in terms of functionality.

The VelocityOne Flight package includes everything you’ll need to enjoy a full Flight Simulator experience on your console or PC. In 2022, though, Xbox compatibility stands out among the few manufacturers devoted to console gamers. It’s currently the only Xbox yoke available, and while additional companies have promised future support, it’s still the greatest option to play Flight Simulator on a console.

When compared to normal Xbox gamepads, the VelocityOne Flight system isn’t affordable. It’s an all-in-one system that, while more expensive than other yokes, is less expensive than competitors that sell individual components. It’s a simple plug-and-play solution that’s easy to store between sessions while still allowing you to dive right in. Turtle Beach crammed everything you need into one product, and there’s nothing else like it for Xbox owners.


  • Setup of the Flight Simulator
  • The yoke and throttle are fully working.
  • High-quality construction


  •  On the PC, there are cheaper options.
  • The throttle quadrant may be better
Those are the best yokes to use with Microsoft Flight Simulator

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight System

While console virtual pilots can’t use all of the Flight Simulator add-ons, this Xbox-compatible yoke covers more than the basics. It’s a full package with a simple plug-and-play configuration that makes getting started and stowing away between flights a breeze.

Flight Sim Yoke from CH Products

Few yokes strike the point with execution like the CH Products Flight Sim Yoke when it comes to an entry-level yoke at the lowest accessible price. The tried-and-true design hasn’t changed much in recent years, but it’s still a cost-effective, reliable one-piece solution for your flying essentials. The all-plastic design, which includes a yoke, integrated throttle, and even a few switches, comes in for just over $100.

The entire Microsoft Flight Simulator experience will not be available if you choose this budget-friendly peripheral. It’s simple, but it’s not horrible. If you take up a yoke but keep an eye on your bank account, it will get you through your voyage with stable handling and the basic trademarks.

Those are the best yokes to use with Microsoft Flight Simulator

The design is made of lightweight plastic and lacks the comfort and extra features found in other variants. Two rocker switches, four buttons, and an eight-way joystick are included on the yoke, along with two flip switches on the housing. Up top, CH Products merged the throttle, prop, and mixture levers, combining a formerly distinct throttle quadrant into a single device. Two clamps secure this to your flight station, just like any other suggested yoke.

You get exactly what you see. It’s a great value for someone just getting started with Microsoft Flight Simulator or learning the ropes of virtual flight. There are certain restrictions, and professional pilots will almost certainly upgrade over time, but it’s all you’ll need to make the transition from a controller or joystick.


  • Cheap
  • All of the essentials are covered.
  • For the price, smooth handling is essential


  • Build quality is average.
  • There are no distinguishing thrills or comforts
Those are the best yokes to use with Microsoft Flight Simulator

CH Products Flight Sim Yoke

While CH Products’ PC yokes aren’t the best in terms of quality or performance, they’re ideal for first-time flyers.

More Flight Simulator yokes are on the way

Additional Flight Simulator yokes are on the road Microsoft Flight Simulator initially launched in 2020, and while existing yoke makers have supported the new title, more options are still on the way. Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X and Series S, on the other hand, has welcomed several new accessory makers to the arena. We currently have a number of new Xbox and PC-compatible goods on the horizon.

In late 2021, Turtle Beach, a company known for headsets and gaming equipment, released its first Flight Simulator-compatible yoke. This all-in-one-package costs $350 and is the only one available for Xbox platforms. The price includes a yoke and throttle quadrant, as well as all of the controls you’d expect for advanced flight plus an onboard display with various stats. It is the only option available to Xbox console users.

The Honeycomb Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel Flight Controls, our recommendation for the best yoke for Microsoft Flight Simulator, is also scheduled for an Xbox released in early 2022. The updated model will most likely retain everything that made the previous PC version so good, with small adjustments to account for Xbox and PC compatibility.

Bottom line

 Yokes are the next step beyond the best PC joysticks for civilian aircraft, and some are even economical. Using a yoke simulates a real-world experience from the comfort of your workstation, with fine control over attitude, which is especially useful when doing more difficult maneuvers.

These are just the entry-level models for Microsoft Flight Simulator; there are also enthusiast-oriented models that cost significantly more than $1,000. However, if you’re spending that much money on hyper-specialized technology at that tier, you probably don’t need our help figuring out which yoke is right for you.

However, if you’re looking for new accessories for the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke & Switch Panel Flight Controls offer one of the most realistic experiences available at that price point. The device is slightly more expensive than alternatives for significant quality-of-life improvements, such as the comfort of its high-quality design or its ease of use. However, if you want to get the most out of your setup in the long run, this yoke ensures a smooth ride during any virtual flight.

With the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator and current international events driving up demand for home entertainment, availability is currently the most pressing issue. Many PC-compatible yokes are still in short supply, with units frequently reselling for more than their original retail price. While we can still recommend these accessories at a slight premium, keep in mind how each one compares to its RRP.

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