Twitch has implemented a new policy that prohibits the use of “harmful disinformation superspreaders”

Twitch announced on Thursday that individuals who frequently propagate damaging disinformation on the platform would be banned. The new rules will not apply to users who make “individual statements or discussions” on a channel, but rather to people “whose online presence is dedicated to (1) consistently publishing (2) extensively disproven and widely disseminated (3) harmful disinformation themes,” according to the new policy. Such people are labeled as “harmful disinformation superspreaders” by Twitch.

According to a blog post describing the new policy, the business chose those three criteria because when gathered together, they “present the highest potential of harm, including instigating real-world harm.”

In a blog post, Twitch stated that the update “will likely have no impact on you or the streamers you enjoy,” and that individuals who disseminate disinformation are not common on the platform. However, the corporation realizes the potential for such individuals to create harm if left unchecked.

Twitch’s misinformation ban covers false information about COVID-19 vaccines or other harmful health misinformation, election fraud or other content that “undermines the integrity of a civic or political process,” any misinformation “promoted by conspiracy networks tied to violence and/or promoting violence,” and misinformation that targets protected groups, which the company notes is already prohibited under its Hateful Conduct & Harassment Policy.

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