Valorant: All Vandal Skins And Their Costs

Skins purchasing for avid gamers is like garments purchasing for different folks. Which Vandal pores and skin is your favourite considered one of these?

The Vandal is probably the most used weapon in Valorant, and having a pores and skin for it’s virtually vital. Some assume that skins really enhance the way in which you play, what do you assume ?

All Vandal Skins With Costs

Rating the Vandal skins might be completed in one other article that might be linked to this one as soon as it is printed. We’ll break up the Skins by their Version (Tiers) which will even affect the value.

Choose Tier Vandal Skins

Immortalized Vandal GB
Immortalized Vandal might be the best-looking Choose Tier Vandal pores and skin | © Riot Video games
  • Luxe (875 VP)
  • .EXE (Battle Go Ignition: Act 1 Degree 45)
  • Sensation (875 VP)
  • Prism II (875 VP)
  • Depths (Battlepass: Formation: Act 3 Degree 45)
  • Nitro (Battlepass: Reflection: Act 2 Degree 35)
  • Schema (Battlepass: Disruption: Act 1 Degree 45)
  • Endeavour (875 VP)
  • Starlit Odyssey – Twilight, Sundown & Midnight (Battlepass: Dimension: Act 3 Degree 25)
  • Immortalized – Orange, Blue, Inexperienced (Battlepass: Dimension: Act 2 Degree 45)

Deluxe Tier Vandal Skins

No Limits Vandal2
The No Limits Vandal seems a bit too good for the value | © Riot Video games
  • Avalanche (Value: 1,275 VP)
  • Altitude (Value: 1,275 VP)
  • Avalanche (Value: 1,275 VP)
  • Sakura (Value: 1,275 VP)
  • Hivemind (Battlepass: Ignition: Act 2 Degree 20)
  • Destroy (Battlepass: Ignition: Act 3 Degree 45)
  • Wasteland (Value: 1,275 VP)
  • Winter Wonderland (Value: 1,275 VP)
  • Horizon (Value: 1,275 VP)
  • Cavalier (Battlepass: Formation: Act 2 Degree 25)
  • Silvanus (Value: 1,275 VP)
  • KTAC (Battlepass: Reflection: Act 1 Degree 25)
  • Lycans Bane (Battlepass: Disruption: Act 2 Degree 25)
  • .SYS (Battlepass: Disruption: Act 3 Degree 45)
  • Group Ace (Value: 1,275 VP)
  • Titanmail (Value: 1,275 VP)
  • Sarmad (Value: 1,275 VP)
  • Luna (Value: 1,275 VP)
  • Venturi (Battlepass: Revelation: Act 1 Degree 45)
  • NO LIMITS (Value: 1,275 VP)
  • Nunca Olvidados – Residing & Everlasting (Value: 1,275 VP)
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Premium Tier Vandal Skins

Prime Vandal1
Prime Vandal appears to be the commonest weapon pores and skin discovered on this tier | © Riot Video games
  • Valorant GO! Vol. 2 (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Crimsonbeast (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Cryostasis (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Black.Market (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Tethered Realms (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Prime – Orange, Blue & Yellow (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Ion – Inexperienced, Yellow & Blue (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Ego – Pink, Tan & Pink (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Gaias Vengeance – Blue, Inexperienced & Orange (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Magepunk – Inexperienced, Black/Pink & Yellow (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Reaver – Black, Pink & White (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Forsaken – Fundamental & Gold (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Neptune – White & Black (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Oni – Kumo, Hana & Tsubame (Value: 1,775 VP)
  • Origin – Inexperienced, Pink & White (Value: 1,775 VP)

Extremely Tier Vandal Skins

Elderflame V1
This dragon is so good it made positive it is put in a separate pores and skin tier with the pores and skin alone in it | © Riot Video games
  • Elderflame (Value 2,475 VP)

Unique Tier Vandal Skins

Champions2021 Finisher1
The Champions 2021 Vandal Pores and skin Finisher has a fairly upbeat rhythm with it | © Riot Video games
  • Prelude to Chaos – Inexperienced, White & Blue (Value: 2,175 VP)
  • RGX 11z Professional – Pink, Blue & Yellow (Value: 2,175 VP)
  • Glitchpop 2.0 – Blue, Pink & Gold (Value: 2,175 VP)
  • Sentinels of Gentle – Pink, Inexperienced & Purple (Value: 2,175 VP)
  • ChronoVoid – Purple, Pink & Black (Value: 2,175 VP)
  • Araxys – Purple, Black & Silver (Value: 2,175 VP)
  • Champions 2021 (Value: 2,675 VP)

Most Costly Pores and skin Bundles In Valorant

That is the complete record of Vandal skins out there proper now. Which one did you resolve to purchase? In the event you’re into skins, make certain to go to our Valorfeed Skins Section the place we received all tons of content material about Valorant Cosmetics solely.

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