Valorant Redeem Codes – June 2023

Everyone loves free stuff, right? Here we have all the up-to-date and usable Valorant redeem codes available for June 2023.

Valorant offers plenty of cosmetics for players to enjoy and show off when they’re out and about clicking heads on the many modes the game currently offers.

Are you trying to climb the competitive ladder, racking up XP fast to complete your Battle Pass? Maybe try your luck in a more organized setting with the debut of the Premier Mode Open Beta?

In any case, some form of reward usually awaits you. But what if you didn’t have to do anything at all and still get some amazing loot? Well, in that case, redeem codes are for you!

Valorant May 2023 Free Codes

These codes are handed out by Riot Games through various methods, although the most common is via their social media channels. Their expiry dates vary heavily so we’ll be updating you constantly regarding their availability.

With that said, the codes available for June 2023 are:

  • YTILAUD: Duality Player Card

Just one this time around but fret not, more are to come soon! At least we hope…

In case you want to look at previous now useless codes, here are some that you might have missed, maybe you want to confirm whether they’re still active or not:

  • JUBILANT02: Use this redeem code and get a Proud Player Title
  • SUNSET: Use this redeem code and get Pride Player Card
  • COTTON CANDY: Use this redeem code and get Pride Player Card
  • SHERBERT: Use this redeem code and get Pride Player Card
  • PRISMATIC: Use this redeem code and get Pride Player Card
  • GALACTIC: Use this redemption code and get Pride Player Card
  • PRIMARY: Use this redemption code and get Pride Player Card
  • TWILIGHT: Use this redeem code and get Pride Player Card
  • JUBILANT01: Use this redeem code and get Ally Player Title
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How To Redeem Valorant Codes

Simply follow these steps to get your own free loot:

Usually, you can redeem them from the official Valorant website, but the redeem code page seems to be down at the moment. So try to redeem in-game:

  • Login to Valorant with your account
  • Select the Valorant icon next to the Store tab.
  • Choose “Prepaid Cards and Codes”
  • Enter the code in the small pop-up window
  • That’s it!

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