VALORANT’s 23rd Agent Deadlock: Every thing We Know So Far

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming VALORANT Agent, Deadlock. Discover the Agent’s captivating backstory, unique abilities, and how they could potentially reshape the competitive meta.

VALORANT revolutionizes the world of competitive gaming with its fast-paced tactical gameplay and stunning visuals. Players engage in intense matches, strategically outmaneuvering opponents in a team-based shooter environment. The game offers a diverse range of agents, each equipped with unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

To keep the excitement alive, VALORANT regularly introduces new agents to its ever-expanding roster. With each release, players eagerly anticipate the arrival of a fresh playstyle and unique set of abilities. These new agents often bring a fresh strategic perspective to the game, requiring players to adapt their tactics and discover innovative ways to gain an advantage.

The introduction of new agents not only adds depth to the gameplay but also ensures a constantly evolving meta, keeping players engaged and striving for mastery. Get ready to uncover the details of VALORANT’s 23rd Agent, Deadlock. In this exciting update, we delve into everything we know so far about this intriguing addition to the game, from a comprehensive breakdown of Deadlock’s abilities to insights into their lore and potential strategies.

New Agent: Deadlock

VALORANT's 23rd Agent Deadlock: Every thing We Know So Far
Image Source: Riot

The recent teaser revealed that Deadlock is a female agent and she is from Norway region. Deadlock’s journey is one of resilience and determination. With her silver-gold hair, captivating beauty, and four unique moles adorning her face, she possesses a distinct allure that sets her apart.

During a difficult mission, Deadlock and her comrade encountered a fearsome creature, a formidable fighter. Leading the charge, she fought bravely but tragically lost her arm during the battle. Undeterred by this setback, Deadlock embraced an advanced prosthetic arm crafted with precision to elevate her abilities to new heights.

This high-tech arm bestows upon her many capabilities, granting her enhanced control on the battlefield. With her empowering arm, Deadlock stands as a Sentinel agent who defies conventions. Unlike other agents in her class, she brings a dynamic and mobile playstyle to the table.


VALORANT's 23rd Agent Deadlock: Every thing We Know So Far
Image Source: Riot

Hailing from Norway, Deadlock is a Sentinel who utilizes cutting-edge nanowires to control choke points and secure kills with ease. Her kit is packed with unique abilities that promise to bring a new level of gameplay to the tactical shooter.

Deadlock’s C ability is the Grab Net Grenade, which can be thrown or lobbed underhand. Upon detonation, any enemies caught within its radius are forced to crouch and move slowly, making them easy targets. Her Q ability, Sonic Sensor, is truly one-of-a-kind. When fired at a wall, it remains hidden until an enemy makes significant noise nearby, causing it to detonate and concuss everything in its radius.

The E ability, Barrier Mesh, involves Deadlock throwing a disc forward that activates a series of barriers, blocking enemy movement while allowing projectiles to pass through. Lastly, her ultimate ability, Annihilation, unleash a pulse of nanowires that captures the first enemy it touches, dragging them back along its path. If fully cocooned, the enemy is instantly killed unless the cocoon is destroyed, requiring team coordination to save them.


VALORANT's 23rd Agent Deadlock: Every thing We Know So Far
Image Source: Riot

Deadlock’s origin story is one of resilience and determination, hailing from the snowy landscapes of Norway. Born into a world of challenges and adversity, she developed a relentless spirit to shape her journey in VALORANT. Growing up amidst the harsh conditions of her homeland, Deadlock learned to navigate treacherous terrains, forging her strength and survival instincts along the way.

During a crucial mission, Deadlock and her trusted comrade faced a formidable creature that tested their abilities to the limit. In a display of unwavering courage, Deadlock led the charge, fighting with unwavering resolve. However, tragedy struck as she lost her arm in the battle, a devastating setback that could have shattered her spirit. Instead, Deadlock embraced her fate and underwent a transformative journey, emerging with a cutting-edge prosthetic arm that would enhance her abilities beyond imagination.

Now armed with her high-tech prosthetic, Deadlock’s unique journey and transformation resonate within the VALORANT universe. Her backstory is a testament to her unwavering determination and the lengths she went to overcome adversity. With her newfound power and resilience, Deadlock becomes a force to be reckoned with, ready to make her mark as a formidable agent in the ongoing conflicts within VALORANT’s world.

Release Date

VALORANT's 23rd Agent Deadlock: Every thing We Know So Far
Image Source: Riot

Riot Games has officially announced the release date for Deadlock, VALORANT’s 23rd Agent. Fans and players can mark their calendars for the highly anticipated arrival of Deadlock in Episode 7, Act 1. The release is scheduled for June 27, 2023, promising an exciting addition to the ever-expanding roster of playable characters in VALORANT.

As the release date approaches, players can prepare themselves for the new strategies and gameplay possibilities that Deadlock will bring to the table. With her unique abilities and playstyle, Deadlock is expected to leave a lasting impact on the meta and shake up the competitive landscape of VALORANT.

In conclusion, Deadlock has generated significant excitement among players and the community. With her unique backstory, including losing her arm and adopting an advanced prosthetic limb, Deadlock brings a compelling narrative to the game. Her empowering capabilities and focus on map control as a Sentinel agent provide an intriguing twist compared to other Sentinels.

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