Vampire Survivor’s Director cut Seemingly Confirmed With 10 New Characters and 300 Chickens

It appears there is a director’s cut of Vampire Survivors featuring ten new characters and 300 chickens.

The story broke on X when user Laura Kate “@LaurakBuzz” Dale shared a screenshot of the title screen for Vampire Survivors with the words “Director’s Cut” just below it. Dale notes in her Twitter thread that the game is apparently “drastically different” from the base game.

According to Dale, she was at an event dedicated to having people test an upcoming co-op mode being added, but she was “pulled aside” to check out the game’s Director’s Cut. Dale’s thread continues to reveal a ton of information, including apparent confirmation that there is a new level featuring 300 chickens, ten new characters, and alleged video proof of the game’s existence.

A spokesperson for Vampire Survivors developer Story Kitchen declined to comment.

Vampire Survivors was released in 2022 originally for Mac and Windows before making its way onto Xbox, mobile devices, and, more recently, the Nintendo Switch. Its first paid DLC launched in December, with a second expansion launching last April. Shortly after its release, Vampire Survivors quickly became an indie darling and at one point it was the most-played Steam Deck game in August and September 2022.

Additionally, Story Kitchen and Vampire Survivors creator Luca Galante announced in April that it was adapting Vampire Survivors for the small screen.

In our review of Vampire Survivors, which we gave a 7, with reviewer Dan Stapleton writing, “It may look extremely basic, but if you give Vampire Survivors’ clever one-stick shooter idea a chance to sink its teeth into you it might not let go for a while.”

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