VCT Ascension Pacific 2023 official music video revealed that includes Okay-Pop artist

The VCT Pacific Pacific 2023 is in full swing. The recently concluded group stage witnessed the elimination of four teams. Meanwhile, six teams have successfully made it into the playoffs stage starting the 7th of July. During a pre-playoff press conference, Riot Games unveiled the official VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific song, titled ‘You Already Know’ by Sorn, exciting fans and setting the stage for the upcoming playoffs.

‘You Already Know’: Riot releases music video for VCT Pacific Ascension 2023

The 2 minutes 43 seconds video titled as “You Already Know”  featured Sorn (Chonnasorn Sajakul). She is a Thai singer and internet celebrity based in South Korea. With her triumph in the first season of K-Pop Star Hunt in 2011, she earned a spot in the South Korean girl group, CLC. Today, she continues to captivate fans with her talent and charm. You can watch the embedded music video below:

Riot Games has a history of having an official music video for the Valorant Champions Tour events. Although Riot Games has released many music videos, the most recent one was “Making Waves” during the VCT Pacific League. However, their all-time favorite song in Valorant has emerged as “Die For You” by Grabbitz. That video has already garnered over 68 million views. Talking about the current music video, at the time of writing, the video has crossed 5k views.

This year’s VCT song, ‘You Already Know’ by Sorn, continues the tradition with an energetic style that will make any gamer groove. It features a catchy beat, a thrilling drop, and Sorn’s mesmerizing vocals.

How fans reacted?

The Pacific region is an unrivaled powerhouse when it comes to music videos during tournaments! Brace yourself for the awe-inspiring “Making Waves” video from the VCT Pacific League, featuring the incomparable Minnie. She is not just a Thai singer, lyricist, and actress, but also a member of the extraordinary South Korean girl group (G)I-dle. The audience was utterly spellbound, completely smitten by the captivating song and Minnie’s extraordinary talent!

Fans were left wondering if other regions could match the spectacle of VCT Pacific’s mind-blowing tracks. The sheer magnitude of their bangers was unparalleled, leaving fans craving more such music videos.

The playoffs stage for VCT Ascension Pacific 2023 will commence on July 7 and will end on July 9 on grand finals. The following teams will be in action on July 7:

  • Fancy United vs Scarz
  • BOOM Esports vs Bonkers

The thrilling VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific Playoffs will be broadcasted live in English and Hindi, along with 9 other languages, on Riot Games’ official YouTube channels. Fans worldwide can tune in to witness the epic showdown and immerse themselves in the electrifying action.

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