What God of War Ragnarok’s Half-Sequel Could Learn From Marvel’s Miles Morales


  • The rumored half-sequel to God of War Ragnarok ought to study from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and make extra vital modifications to gameplay to distinguish itself and supply a worthwhile expertise.
  • Atreus, the speculated protagonist of the half-sequel, ought to have distinct fight and traversal talents, comparable to ranged fight, magic, and shapeshifting, to make him really feel totally different from Kratos and encourage a brand new playstyle.
  • The half-sequel ought to have a lower-stakes story that challenges Atreus however would not require him to workforce up with Kratos, much like how Miles Morales had a major risk for the protagonist to deal with independently.

There are a variety of totally different instructions Sony Santa Monica can take on the subject of the rumored half-sequel to God of War Ragnarok. Whereas many gamers are excited by the thought of the God of War Ragnarok half-sequel, and the franchise appears to be doing higher than ever, its builders ought to nonetheless deal with this hypothetical, smaller-scale recreation with the care it deserves. Taking some notes from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales might be a great way to make sure that the sport seems in one of the best ways doable.

Assuming that the rumors and leaks in regards to the God of War Ragnarok half-sequel are true, it is fascinating to notice the similarities between the present God of War franchise and the Marvel’s Spider-Man video games. Ragnarok and Spider-Man 2 share many qualities, from the video games’ use of twin protagonists to their concentrate on constructing for the long run, and it looks like this half-sequel can be yet one more parallel between the 2 sequence. Releasing at a barely cheaper price in 2020, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was a narrative centered on the titular younger hero, with a brand new solid of characters and solely minor modifications to gameplay. It seems like Ragnarok‘s half-sequel could also be serving an identical objective throughout the broader plotting of the franchise, so it can hopefully study from each the successes and shortcomings of Miles Morales.

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Classes From Miles Morales That God of War Ragnarok’s Half-Sequel Ought to Comply with

God of War Ragnarok’s Half-Sequel Ought to Make Extra Important Modifications to Gameplay

Whereas the half-sequel to Ragnarok will seemingly have new gear, areas to discover, and options to work together with, it ought to take steps to distinguish its gameplay from the earlier recreation. One of essentially the most generally criticized components of Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the truth that the sport performs very equally to its predecessor, with Miles solely having a couple of particular talents to distinguish himself from Peter. This was nice for gamers who wished extra of the identical gameplay they acquired in 2018’s Spider-Man, however disappointing for these hoping for a bigger leap ahead.

Ragnarok‘s half-sequel ought to take this criticism of Miles Morales into consideration, serving up extra significant and substantial gameplay modifications to make its half-sequel really feel worthwhile. The concept of a half-sequel to Ragnarok is already considerably contentious, with gamers lamenting the overall idea as underwhelming and never definitely worth the value of admission. Fortunately, Ragnarok‘s half-sequel is in a great place to supply distinct gameplay. If the sport follows Atreus, as many have speculated, then Sony Santa Monica can take a number of steps to make him really feel distinct from Kratos, with new fight and traversal talents.

How Atreus Can Really feel Completely different From Kratos

  • Larger concentrate on ranged fight
  • Magic and shapeshifting talents
  • Much less sturdy than Kratos, thus encouraging a special playstyle
  • Extra agile, with extra choices for vertical motion

The Ragnarok Half-Sequel Ought to Have a Decrease-Stakes Story

Because the half-sequel to Ragnarok will seemingly observe Atreus, will probably be vital for it to strike the proper stability on the subject of the load of its narrative. That is an space the place the sport can study from the Miles Morales spin-off, because it served as an vital step towards making Miles a much bigger character within the Spider-Man video games. In Miles’s half-sequel, he was charged with stopping the Tinkerer from destroying a big half of Harlem. This was a major risk, and plenty of lives had been on the road, but it surely wasn’t so massive that it Miles and Peter Parker needed to workforce up. Ragnarok‘s half-sequel ought to take an identical route, giving Atreus a problem that may take a look at him, however that’s sufficient for him to deal with on his personal, with out his mentor determine.

The stage is ready for God of War Ragnarok‘s half-sequel, and the thought appears promising. Primarily based on the accessible data and hypothesis, it looks like the sport can have loads in frequent with the Miles Morales half-sequel, so by following the template that recreation set again in 2020 whereas sprucing the place it is wanted, the God of War Ragnarok half-sequel can notice its potential.


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