Where To Find A Rainbow Trout In Palia

One of many few fish named after meteorological phenomena.

With all of the water in and round Palia‘s Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay areas, it isn’t stunning that most of the residents of Kilima are huge followers of fishing and consuming fish on the whole. Many villagers may request a fish for his or her weekly need, corresponding to Ashura or Hekla on Jina’s behalf, or take pleasure in them as a favored merchandise at any time like Einar.

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Considered one of these fish is the Rainbow Trout, a vivid blue fish with a scale sample that resembles a rainbow, as said in its lore description. On this information, we’ll present you simply the place to search out this good-looking fish so you’ll find a star-quality one for your home, use it for cooking, or discover one for a villager’s weekly need.

How To Discover A Rainbow Trout

Player character holding up a blue Rainbow Trout in one hand and their fishing rod in the other at the edge of a river next to Kilima Village in Palia.

The Rainbow Trout is an Unusual rarity fish that lives within the rivers of Kilima Valley. Commonplace-quality ones promote for 47 Gold, whereas star-quality ones promote for 70 Gold.

It may be present in:

  • The small water pool north of Whispering Banks
  • Phoenix Falls
  • Whispering Banks
  • The river operating subsequent to Reflection Fields and Kilima Village
  • The water north of Maji Hole
  • The water northeast of Leafhopper Hills

Rainbow Trout will be caught at any time of day and don’t require bait.

What To Use Rainbow Trout For

Player character in the Stove cooking menu with the Trout Dinner recipe showing a Rainbow Trout, potatoes, spices, and garlic ingredients in Palia.

Rainbow Trout counts as a usable ingredient within the Trout Dinner recipe, which is present in Einar’s house after reaching friendship degree three with him.

It’s also a weekly need of Ashura’s, and Zeki will settle for it as a favored merchandise.

Catching one can also be required for each the Kilima and Bahari Fish Collector and Grasp Kilima and Bahari Fish Collector accomplishments. It additionally counts in direction of the Catching Fish accomplishment.

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