Where to Get All Crystal Tears

In Elden Ring, gamers must cope with the Lands Between’s numerous risks, and make use of a wide range of instruments to take action. These are available many kinds, together with weapons, armor, and spells. One useful instrument in any participant’s arsenal, no matter their most popular construct, is the Physik Flask.

Elden Ring‘s Physik Flask is a particular potion that’s refilled at any time when gamers relaxation at a Website of Grace, however not like the Flasks of Crimson and Cerulean Tears, this flask’s impact isn’t set in stone. The Physik Flask as a substitute permits gamers to customise its results by inserting as much as two “Crystal Tears” inside it. Every of those Tears provides a special impact, permitting gamers to create a flask that fits their playstyle and offers no matter advantages they discover Most worthy.

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The Physik Flask and Crimson Crystal Tears

Elden Ring_Third Church of Marika Location_Physik Flask

The Physik Flask itself will be discovered alongside the Crimson Crystal Tear on the Third Church of Marika, in Limgrave. The Crimson Crystal Tear restores 50% of the participant’s HP when the Physik is used, making it a potent therapeutic possibility. A second Crimson Crystal Tear will be acquired within the Capital Outskirts, guarded by some enemies beneath a Minor Erdtree.

The Crimson Crystal Tears stack, and can be utilized to create a Physik Flask that at all times absolutely heals the participant when used, if desired. This makes for a implausible panic button if gamers are venturing into significantly harmful locales.

Greenspill Crystal Tear and Spiked Cracked Tear

Elden Ring_East Limgrave Minor Erdtree

This pair of Crystal Tears will be acquired by heading south from the Third Church of Marika in Limgrave, into the Mistwood area. A Minor Erdtree towers right here, and a basin on the foot of the tree will yield each Tears when discovered.

The Greenspill Crystal Tear boosts the participant’s most stamina, which is extremely helpful for stamina-hungry builds, reminiscent of builds utilizing heavy weapons. The Greenspill Crystal Tear can also be helpful to offer some additional wiggle room for gamers who discover themselves overextending and burning by means of their stamina too rapidly.

The Spiked Cracked Tear is a fantastically highly effective instrument that enhances the efficiency of charged assaults. Since Charged Assaults are practically universally useful when preventing robust foes, permitting gamers to stagger enemies and open them as much as crucial assaults, this Tear can show tremendously useful. It’s significantly helpful when utilizing heavy weapons to offer them additional kick.

Crimsonburst Crystal Tear and Opaline Bubbletear

Elden Ring_Weeping Peninsula Minor Erdtree

This pair of Crystal Tears is discovered by touring to the Minor Erdtree within the Weeping Peninsula and slaying the Erdtree Avatar that guards it. Erdtree Avatars are extremely weak to fireplace, which can be utilized to tear by means of their well being at unimaginable pace. As such, gamers with the requisite religion may wish to use incantations like Catch Flame to defeat the Erdtree Avatar extra simply.

The Crimsonburst Crystal Tear offers the participant with a well being regen impact, restoring 7HP per second for 3 minutes. Whereas this appears like a small quantity, it might make an enormous distinction throughout longer fight encounters and in addition helps to reactivate the Ritual Sword and Ritual Defend Talismans after taking a success.

The Opaline Bubbletear is one other wonderful instrument for enhancing participant survivability, making a protecting protect that can take in a single hit earlier than breaking. The bubble will not break if the assault was blocked with a protect that has 100% injury negation, permitting gamers to make use of guard counters with out risking their emergency protect.

Cerulean Crystal Tears

The Cerulean Crystal Tear is the FP restoring equal of the Crimson Crystal Tear, immediately restoring 50% of the Participant’s FP when the Physik Flask is used. Two Cerulean Crystal Tears will be discovered within the sport, permitting gamers to combine a 100% FP restoring Physik Flask if desired.

The primary is acquired from the Erdtree Avatar within the southwest of Liurnia of the Lakes, guarding the Minor Erdtree. As soon as once more gamers ought to make use of fireplace to defeat this boss rapidly and simply. The second Cerulean Crystal Tear will be discovered within the Mountaintops of the Giants, dropped by one other Erdtree Avatar guarding a Minor Erdtree within the Jap Mountaintops.

Ruptured Crystal Tears

The Ruptured Crystal Tears trigger an explosion of Holy Injury moments after the Flask is used, damaging every little thing in proximity together with the participant. A single Ruptured Crystal Tear has a base injury of 800, a variety of two meters, and offers 300 injury to the participant. Placing two Ruptured Crystal Tears within the flask creates an explosion with a base injury of 1750, a variety of 4 meters, and which offers 700 injury to the participant.

The primary Ruptured Crystal Tear is discovered alongside the Cerulean Crystal Tear within the southwest of Liurnia of the lakes, whereas the second is dropped by the Putrid Avatar within the Consecrated Snowfield alongside the Thorny Cracked Tear, on the Minor Erdtree.

Energy-Knot Crystal Tear

Elden Ring_Strength-Knot Crystal Tear location

This Crystal Tear, discovered by heading Northeast from Stormhill Shack in Limgrave and finding a Basin close to a troll, offers +10 energy whereas lively. This may be very potent for reinforcing injury and assembly the stat necessities for heavy weapons, particularly early within the sport.

This Crystal Tear turns into much less helpful within the late-game as soon as the energy softcap is reached, however it might nonetheless be an efficient technique of enhancing injury output in energy or high quality builds.

Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear

Elden Ring_Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear Location

This Crystal Tear, positioned atop an island to the southwest of Boilprawn Shack, in Liurnia of the Lakes, capabilities identically to the Energy-Knot Crystal Tear however boosts the Dexterity Stat as a substitute. Helpful for builds that make use of dex weapons, and particularly for assembly a few of the larger stat necessities earlier in a playthrough, the Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear can present tons of additional injury earlier than the softcap is hit.

Intelligence-Knot Crystal Tear

Elden Ring_Intelligence-Knot Crystal Tear location_Adjusted

This Crystal Tear is discovered close to the “Highway to the Manor” Website of Grace in Liurnia of the Lakes, by heading southeast down a slope after which looping again north alongside a decrease path. This path results in a basin containing the tear which is guarded by some freaky palms. This Crystal Tear grants +10 Intelligence whereas lively, making it helpful for reinforcing the injury of Sorceries and assembly the necessities for a few of the extra stat-hungry Sorceries. Because the softcap for intelligence, when figuring out Sorcery injury, is far larger than the softcaps for energy and dexterity, this Tear stays helpful for rather more of the sport than the earlier two tears.

Religion-Knot Crystal Tear

Elden Ring_Weeping Peninsula_Faith-Knot Crystal Tear Location

The ultimate stat increase Crystal Tear will be discovered by heading to the Weeping Peninsula and discovering the Demi-Human Forest Ruins, that are down within the forest beneath (and east from) the Church of Pilgrimage. After discovering the ruins gamers can search north of the ruins to discover a bowl containing this Crystal Tear, a brief approach down the cliff and guarded by poison flowers. Gamers can use this Tear for Incantations in a lot the identical approach the Intelligence-Knot Tear can be utilized for Sorceries.

Greenburst Crystal Tear and Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear

Elden Ring_West Caelid Minor Erdtree

This pair of Crystal Tears will be acquired by taking down the Putrid Avatar that guards a Minor Erdtree in Caelid. Particularly, the Minor Erdtree discovered simply to the northeast of the Smouldering Church, which will be discovered by taking the trail from Limgrave into Caelid. Fireplace will damage their day and make this struggle approach simpler.

The Greenburst Crystal Tear enhances stamina restoration pace, offering gamers with extra environment friendly stamina restoration throughout fight encounters and serving to gamers to recuperate when overextending and utilizing an excessive amount of stamina.

The Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear is probably top-of-the-line Tears for reinforcing offensive energy, boosting fireplace injury by 20% (12.5% in PVP). This makes it a must have for any construct that makes use of fireplace injury and makes Erdtree Avatars and their Putrid counterparts even simpler to annihilate.

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Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear, Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear, and Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear

Elden Ring_Minor Erdtree_Northeast Liurnia

This trio of Crystal Tears is dropped by the Erdtree Avatar guarding the Minor Erdtree in northeast Liurnia, close to the Mausoleum Compound Website of Grace. These three respectively increase holy, lightning, and magic injury by 20% for 3 minutes. These are a implausible addition to any construct using one in all these three injury varieties and are effectively definitely worth the hassle of searching down.

Opaline Hardtear and Stonebarb Cracked Tear

Elden Ring_Eastern Caelid Minor Erdtree_Dragonbarrow

These two Crystal Tears are dropped by the Putrid Avatar discovered at Caelid’s easternmost Minor Erdtree (within the Dragonbarrow space.) Very like Erdtree Avatars, Putrid Avatars are tremendously weak to fireplace and might simply be killed utilizing fireplace injury. The Opaline Hardtear buffs all injury negation by 15% for 3 minutes, making it a implausible survivability increase within the palms of a tanky character. In the meantime, the Stonebarb Cracked Tear enhances poise injury for 30 seconds whereas additionally boosting stamina injury towards blocking enemies, permitting gamers to extra successfully stagger their foes and take care of enemies that carry shields.

Windy Crystal Tear

Elden Ring_Caelid_Windy Crystal Tear Location

The Windy Crystal Tear will be discovered by searching for out the Nomadic Service provider close to the Southern Aeonia Swamp Financial institution Website of Grace. From there, gamers ought to head southeast and search for a pit containing the Crystal Tear, with one in all Caelid’s notorious large birds watching it. This Crystal Tear boosts the invulnerability length of dodge rolls, with gentle and medium rolls receiving a 19% increase and heavy (fats) rolls receiving a 25% increase. It is a large benefit when coping with a few of the sport’s most harmful assaults, however the tear additionally reduces injury negation by 15%. Because of this any assaults the participant does take whereas utilizing this Tear will deal extra injury than regular.

Crimsonspill Crystal Tear and Speckled Hardtear

Elden Ring_Central Altus Minor Erdtree

These two are dropped by the Wormface Boss, discovered on the Minor Erdtree in Altus Plateau (within the woods beneath the damaged bridge.) The Crimsonspill Crystal Tear will increase most well being by 10% for 3 minutes, whereas the Speckled Hardtear removes Standing buildup and grants +90 resistance to all standing results for 3 minutes.

Purifying Crystal Tear

Elden Ring_Second Church of Marika Location

This Tear is dropped by the invader “Bloody Finger Eleonora” after they invade the participant on the Second Church of Marika in Altus Plateau, as a part of Yura’s questline. This Crystal Tear removes Mohg, Lord of Blood’s curse and prevents him from damaging the participant along with his Nihil assault throughout the transition into his second section. It serves no different goal.

Twiggy Cracked Tear

Elden Ring_Capital Outskirts Minor Erdtree

This Tear is present in a basin beneath the Minor Erdtree on the japanese aspect of Altus Plateau (the Capital Outskirts), alongside the second Crimson Crystal Tear, and prevents rune loss on loss of life for 3 minutes. This makes it a helpful panic button if the participant goes right into a scenario the place they’re more likely to die.

Winged Crystal Tear

Elden Ring_Winged Crystal Tear Location

Gamers searching for this crystal tear ought to start on the Hermit Product owner’s Shack Website of Grace. Gamers ought to then head northeast by means of the graveyard, on the lookout for a basin close to the far aspect of the graveyard close to a cliff (simply earlier than the Minor Erdtree talked about within the earlier entry.) The Winged Crystal Tear’s impact is worded considerably confusingly, however what it truly does is elevate the characters most equip load by 450% for 3 minutes. That is normally sufficient to permit the participant to hold just about something until they completely equip all of the heaviest objects within the sport directly.

Leaden Hardtear and Cerulean Hidden Tear

Elden Ring_Minor Erdtree_Mt Gelmir

These two are dropped by an Ulcerated Tree Spirit, on the Minor Erdtree in Mt. Gelmir. Like Erdtree Avatars and Putrid Avatars, Ulcerated Tree Spirits are particularly weak to fireplace injury. The Leaden Hardtear boosts poise for 10 seconds, functionally granting the participant resistance to stagger from practically all assaults throughout that point. The Cerulean Hidden Tear, nonetheless, reduces all FP consumption to zero for 15 seconds. This permits gamers to freely solid magic and use weapon expertise with out expending FP for 15 seconds and is a large a part of many builds designed for maximizing spell injury over a brief interval (normally by utilizing Comet Azur.)

Crimson Bubbletear

Elden Ring_East Mountaintops Minor Erdtree

The Crimson Bubbletear is dropped by the Erdtree Avatar guarding the Minor Erdtree within the Mountaintops of the Giants (the identical one which drops a Cerulean Crystal Tear.) This Tear causes the participant to heal 30% of their most HP the subsequent time they drop beneath 21% HP, throughout the subsequent three minutes. This may not forestall the participant from being killed in the event that they took sufficient injury to kill them outright, however is usually a very helpful security web if an assault offers extra injury than anticipated.

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Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear

Elden Ring_Crimsonwhorl Tear Location

This very fascinating Tear is discovered within the Mountaintops of the Giants. Gamers searching for it out ought to head for the Foot of the Forge Website of Grace and head Northeast, following the cliff edge till they discover a path resulting in a ledge above the Large’s Gravepost. This Tear will convert all non-physical injury the participant takes into therapeutic for the subsequent 15 seconds, making it an efficient approach of coping with foes that largely deal elemental injury and even permitting gamers to face within the Magma Pool surrounding Rykard.

Thorny Cracked Tear

Elden Ring_Consecrated Snowfield Minor Erdtree

The Thorny Cracked Tear will be discovered on the Minor Erdtree within the Consecrated Snowfield, by defeating the strongest Putrid Avatar within the sport. Regardless of being scaled for the damaging endgame space the place it’s discovered, the Putrid Avatar stays straightforward to defeat utilizing fireplace injury. The Thorny Cracked Tear grants a stacking injury bonus on successive assaults, which is able to deplete if the participant doesn’t land an assault for some time. It goes from a 9% injury increase to 13% after which lastly to twenty%, and stacks with the Winged Sword Insignia and Rotten Winged Sword Insignia (which have the same impact.)

Elden Ring is accessible for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Collection X/S.

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