Where To Get Ytterbium In Starfield

As you embark on the interstellar journey in Starfield, you will discover that the Settled Programs are stuffed to the brim with varied sources. These sources can exist in varied rarities, and you’ve got alternative ways to find them relying on this rarity. Ytterbium is without doubt one of the three-star sources within the sport.

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You will want this merchandise for crafting varied weapon mods and doing a few analysis. When you get to the late sport and unlock sure abilities, it turns into a lot simpler to farm Ytterbium with out having to spend hours searching for it in all places.

How To Discover Ytterbium

Starfield Ytterbium On Planet When Scanned

Through the early sport, your solely possibility to seek out Ytterbium is by going to completely different star techniques and looking for planets or moons which have its ore deposits. When you enter a sure star system, you’ll be able to click on on any planet to seek out the sources on it, and if Ytterbium is offered, you will see “Yb” as one in every of these sources.

The very best planet to seek out Ytterbium throughout the early sport is Tau Ceti V within the Tau Ceti star system, which could be positioned on the far left facet of the map. Nonetheless, this planet has Excessive Circumstances, so you’ll be able to’t arrange an Extractor right here until you might have the Planetary Habitation ability.

Ytterbium cannot be seen on the planet’s floor if you scan it whilst you’re on the map since it is a three-star useful resource.

When you discover a planet that has Ytterbium availability, merely land wherever on the floor and begin utilizing your Scanner on all of the ore deposits. You even have an opportunity of discovering Ytterbium in random caves even on planets that do not present the useful resource on the map.

Harvesting Ytterbium

Starfield Scanning Ytterbium

After finding Ytterbium ore on a planet, you will must convey out your Cutter and maintain it on the ore to interrupt it. As quickly as you break the ore, it’s going to routinely develop into part of your stock. Nonetheless, a neater technique to farm Ytterbium is by discovering varied distributors which have it in inventory, so long as you might have the Credit.

Mining League, Jemison Mercantile, and Commerce Authority are a number of the greatest distributors for this goal.

Lastly, you can even make a Ytterbium Extractor if you happen to discover a vein for the useful resource on the floor. This may be positioned utilizing the Scanner mode, however you will must construct an Outpost close by earlier than you can begin Extracting Ytterbium. The Extractor can even want 5 Energy, which could be offered by constructing varied constructions within the Energy part.

You will want 4 Aluminum, 5 Iron, and two Tungsten to make the Extractor. Join the Extractor to a Stable Storage or Switch Container in order that the Extractor can maintain working for some time even after you permit.

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