Who is Gohan’s real father? Goku or Piccolo

When discussing the beloved Dragon Ball series, one of the most intriguing questions is about Gohan’s real father. Goku and Piccolo both played significant roles in Gohan’s life, leaving fans wondering about the true paternal figure. This article delves into the relationships between Gohan and both Goku and Piccolo, exploring the impact each had on Gohan’s upbringing and character development.

1. Introduction

Gohan, the firstborn son of Goku and Chi-Chi, possesses a unique combination of Saiyan and human bloodlines. As a hybrid, Gohan exhibits tremendous potential and power. However, in addition to his biological father Goku, Gohan’s life has been profoundly influenced by Piccolo, one of Goku’s former enemies turned mentor and ally.

2. Gohan’s Parents – Goku and Piccolo

Goku’s relationship with Gohan

Goku, the legendary Saiyan warrior, has a special bond with Gohan. Despite being absent for crucial periods due to training or otherworldly battles, Goku deeply cares for his son. Goku’s joyous and adventurous spirit is evident in Gohan, as they share a passion for martial arts and exploration.

Piccolo’s relationship with Gohan

Initially, Piccolo was Goku’s formidable enemy, but as time passed, he became Gohan’s mentor and protector. Surprisingly, Piccolo played a crucial role in Gohan’s upbringing, instilling discipline and guiding him in harnessing his potential.

3. Gohan’s Birth and Early Life

Gohan’s birth marked a new chapter in the lives of Goku and Chi-Chi. From an early age, it was clear that Gohan possessed extraordinary powers, even surpassing his father’s potential. This realization prompted Goku to ensure Gohan’s training and safety, setting the foundation for their relationship.

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4. Goku as Gohan’s Father

Bond with Gohan

Goku’s love for Gohan is undeniable. He may not have been present during some pivotal moments, but he always held a special place in his heart for his son. Their interactions are filled with warmth, laughter, and shared adventures, strengthening their father-son bond.

Training and Adventures

Goku’s training with Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and their participation in various martial arts tournaments showcased their growth as a team. Goku’s belief in Gohan’s potential was unwavering, pushing him to overcome challenges and become a true warrior.

Sacrifices for Gohan

Goku’s willingness to sacrifice himself to protect Gohan and others is a testament to his love and sense of responsibility as a father. These sacrifices left a lasting impact on Gohan, shaping his understanding of selflessness and bravery.

5. Piccolo as Gohan’s Father

Unexpected Mentorship

Piccolo’s journey from villain to ally is marked by his connection with Gohan. He takes on the role of mentor and protector, recognizing the young Saiyan’s potential. Piccolo’s tough training instilled discipline and a sense of duty in Gohan.

Friendship and Protection

Piccolo’s presence in Gohan’s life not only taught him combat skills but also provided emotional support. Their friendship and camaraderie blossomed over time, and Piccolo became a guardian for Gohan, defending him against formidable adversaries.

Influence on Gohan’s Development

Piccolo’s influence on Gohan’s development went beyond physical training. He encouraged Gohan to embrace his compassionate nature, finding strength in empathy rather than aggression.

6. Gohan’s Perspective

Conflicting Emotions

Growing up with two fathers, Gohan experienced conflicting emotions. He admired Goku’s adventurous spirit, yet he was also grateful for Piccolo’s guidance and protection. This internal struggle shaped Gohan’s character as he learned to balance his Saiyan heritage with his human upbringing.

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Importance of Both Fathers

Ultimately, Gohan realizes the importance of both Goku and Piccolo in his life. Each contributed to his growth, teaching him valuable life lessons that would guide him on his journey.

7. The Truth about Gohan’s Real Father

Gohan’s real father is undoubtedly Goku. Despite Piccolo’s significant influence, Goku’s blood runs through Gohan’s veins, making him his biological father. However, it is essential to acknowledge that being a father is more than just biology. Both Goku and Piccolo played vital roles in shaping Gohan’s identity.

8. Conclusion

In the world of Dragon Ball, Gohan’s life was shaped by two influential figures—Goku and Piccolo. While Goku is his biological father, Piccolo’s mentorship and protection were equally instrumental in his growth as a warrior and a compassionate individual. The combination of both paternal figures made Gohan the unique and beloved character he is today.


  1. Was Piccolo Gohan’s biological father?

    No, Piccolo was not Gohan’s biological father. Goku is Gohan’s biological father.

  2. How did Goku and Piccolo’s relationship evolve over time?

    Initially enemies, Goku and Piccolo’s relationship evolved into a mentorship and deep friendship as they fought side by side to protect Earth.

  3. Who trained Gohan to become a powerful warrior?

    Both Goku and Piccolo played significant roles in training Gohan to become a powerful warrior.

  4. Did Gohan inherit any traits from Piccolo?

    While Gohan inherited Saiyan traits from Goku, his strong moral compass and sense of duty were influenced by Piccolo.

  5. Did Gohan ever surpass Goku’s power?

    Yes, during certain periods in the Dragon Ball series, Gohan’s power exceeded that of Goku, showcasing his incredible potential as a hybrid Saiyan.

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