Will Saint Jaygarcia Saturn Join The Egghead War?


  • The Egghead Arc in One Piece has led to main modifications on the earth order, with the 5 Elders venturing outdoors Mary Geoise and Luffy changing into a serious menace to the World Authorities’s authority.
  • The battle on Egghead Island includes the Straw Hats preventing Admiral Kizaru and CP0 brokers to guard Vegapunk and escape. The presence of Saint Jaygarcia Saturn additional provides to the menace to the established order.
  • The end result of the battle is unsure, with potential for the 5 Elders’ involvement, Luffy’s battle with an Admiral, and the awakening of the mysterious Iron Big. New twists proceed to develop, making the Egghead Arc unpredictable.

Previous to the Egghead Arc in One Piece, the prospect of one of many 5 Elders venturing past the sheltered confines of Mary Geoise was unprecedented. The considered Celestial Dragons of such excessive standing exposing themselves to hazard was completely unprecedented. For a category of people who refuse to even breathe the identical air as a median citizen of the world in One Piece, Mary Geoise was the one place worthy of their presence. This all modified after the occasions of the Wano Nation Arc, the place Luffy Woke up the legendary Hito Hito no Mi: Mannequin, Nika.

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Within the course of, he revealed himself to be Pleasure Boy’s successor, and a serious menace to the World Authorities’s authority. Because the world order underwent a serious reshuffle as a result of disbandment of the Seven Warlords system and the rise of the brand new 4 Emperors, issues that after appeared not possible are actually nigh on inevitable. The battle on Egghead Island is one more instance of this, with Luffy now preventing Admiral Kizaru to permit the Straw Hats to flee with Vegapunk and his satellites in tow. Alternatively, the presence of Saint Jaygarcia Saturn is a menacing menace to the established order, which might change at any second.

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Why Is Saint Jaygarcia Saturn On Egghead?

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When York first contacted the 5 Elders with claims of Vegapunk conducting analysis into the Void Century, the World Authorities dispatched a cohort of CP5 brokers dispatched to find out the veracity of her statements. Sadly, the ship carrying the brokers didn’t return from their project, and neither did subsequent ones carrying CP7 and CP8 brokers who traveled to Egghead to establish the state of affairs there.

This all however confirmed the 5 Elders’ suspicions that Vegapunk had betrayed them, regardless that York was the one chargeable for the disappearances. Shortly after, York was additionally in a position to ship a replica of the Mom Flame to the 5 Elders, which they used to destroy the Lulusia Kingdom. In alternate for her cooperation in arresting Vegapunk, in addition to her help in replicating the Mom Flame, York made a cope with the 5 Elders that might have seen her turn out to be a Celestial Dragon.

Since their preliminary makes an attempt at figuring out the state of affairs on Egghead had failed, and so they had grown cautious of Vegapunk’s deception, the 5 Elders despatched CP0 brokers Rob Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy to remove Vegapunk. Nevertheless, the trio might do little to enhance the state of affairs, because the ill-timed arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates on Egghead Island made it tough for them to assault Vegapunk instantly, which was compounded by Stussy’s betrayal. On seeing the chaos unfolding on the island of the long run, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, the Warrior God of Science and Protection determined to accompany Admiral Kizaru to personally oversee Vegapunk’s assassination and the retrieval of York.

A Tumultuous State Of Affairs

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The battle between the Marines, the Straw Hats, and CP0 heated up with the arrival of Admiral Kizaru, who had been secretly guided there by Rob Lucci. After simply defeating Sentomaru, Kizaru gained management of each the Pacifista and Seraphim who have been halting the Marines’ assault on the island. This allowed the Marines to start storming the island to dam off the Straw Hat Pirates escaping with Vegapunk aboard the Thousand Sunny.

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Subsequent, Lucci critically injured Stussy and tried to kill Vegapunk once more, solely to be stopped by Zoro. Concurrently, Luffy was compelled to face off in opposition to Kizaru, who had slipped by way of the island’s laser protection system together with his Pika Pika no Mi skills. There isn’t a telling how both of those match ups will pan out, particularly since Kizaru and Lucci’s essential goal right here is killing Vegapunk, whereas participating with the Straw Hat Pirates just isn’t a precedence.

Unraveling The Egghead Incident

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Contemplating the chain of authorization for the Pacifista and the Seraphim reverted to Kizaru as soon as he defeated Sentomaru, there may be at all times the prospect that he would possibly use them as distractions to create a gap to assassinate Vegapunk. That being mentioned, the one one above him within the hierarchy moreover Vegapunk is Saturn himself. In the meanwhile, the possibilities of the Elder leaving his vessel to confront the pirates is slim, however it’s rising extra believable because the chaos develops, as he should remove Vegapunk in any respect prices. Letting Vegapunk reside with the information he possesses in regards to the Void Century is just unacceptable to the 5 Elders, which is why Saturn would possibly simply take issues into his personal palms. It has additionally been said that the Egghead Incident will shake the world to its core, and the prospect of Luffy defeating an Admiral, or no less than escaping after preventing Kizaru to a stalemate just isn’t essentially the most surprising factor that would occur on the island.

The occasions within the throne room of Mary Geoise which resulted within the dying of Nefertari Cobra have additionally proven that Saturn is able to remodeling right into a bovine beast of kinds, hinting in the direction of a Legendary Zoan fruit. Since it’s identified that he might most likely conduct himself pretty properly in a battle, a brand new, extra attention-grabbing proposition emerges. If one of many 5 Elders have been to be defeated or captured by pirates, the newspapers would have precisely the form of revolutionary headline that was prophesied. This is able to successfully deal a fair larger blow to the already diminishing fame of the World Authorities, and arrange the following part of battle, the place Luffy goes up in opposition to every of the 5 Elders, earlier than lastly battling Imu.

Moreover, the considered Luffy utilizing Gear 5 in opposition to one of many 5 Elders is an attention-grabbing thought, because it has lengthy been rumored that they’ve been in energy because the Void Century. They might even have extra information about Pleasure Boy, the earlier consumer of the Hito Hito no Mi, Mannequin: Nika, which might show very important to Luffy’s personal understanding of his powers. Sadly, the awakening of the mysterious Iron Big is one other unknown variable on this equation, and as issues stand, additionally it is fairly probably that it’s going to present the mandatory distraction for the Straw Hats to flee Egghead and start the following chapter of One Piece’s Remaining Saga on Elbaf. Then again, in the intervening time, there may be nothing that may be taken with no consideration within the Egghead Arc, with new twists looming at each nook.

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